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Hard Well
you are awesome jaby love you achar and this thing is going to be the next big bad ass thing by Disney
Ernesto de la cruz is reference of "Pedro Infante"
Aayush Manandhar
Yeah the other movie is called book of life. Achara really knows her movies
Teddy Deep
book of life..
Oscar Tapia
Actually she got a good description about Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead); it's about those close to you but that already passed out to have a time to "come back" to be with their families; this is represented by offerings with elements like, for starters, that orange flower seen at the teaser: cempasúchil, that actually is a Nahuatl word for twenty flowers, since it was a flower that was already used way before Aztecs for rituals for the dead, but it was a yellow and not that complex flower, then the Mexica (the correct name for the group of people usually called Aztecs; the cultural group they belong to, modified the flower and it became this bright orange one with many petals, like twenty flowers in one.
Also the dog breed is important; that's the original Mexican breed with the biggest place at Mexican culture, and not the Chihuahua breed; the xoloizcuintle, or just xolo, and actually is called that way since Xolotl was the Nahuatl god of life and dead; therefore: his importance as a representation of a companion for the journey to the world of the dead.
Also the skeleton woman he ran into is a representation created by a very popular Mexican artist called José Guadalupe Posada, and named by another important artist: Diego Rivera. He called it La Catrina, a popular way to call fancy elegant and rich women those days, back at the early 10's from the past century; it was originally used for political satires, but since those satires were verses, and since she was a skeleton it evolved to become a representation for Día de Muertos and verses related to create funny word games to make references to the dead of the people, using elements like their characteristics, what they do for living, those things they like, etc., and with those elements to create some verses and a supposed way for them to die (of course intended just as a funny word game, not for scaring people); actually it's like a way earlier kind of rapping. It's called calavera literaria ("literary skull").
comment on #Phir hera pheri . the most comedy movie in bollywood till now
Venkatesh Reddy
watch this video of bahubali....Prabhas Mindblowing Entry @ Baahubali2 Pre Release Function || NTV
Yaikhomba Mangsatabam XP Channel
pliz react bollywood movie ajab prem ki ghazab kahani
Aadil Gilhotra
please review behka song from movie ghajini
mayur kudale
please react Billu movie
Pankaj Kumar
Review Gandhi Movie ( 1982 )
chetnahrishab surana
hey jaby i like u to taste indian foods
Elizabeth Schrader
wow looks amazing!
Yass Azn
Hey Jaby ... please react to priyanka chopra seeeeeexxxxy song (Ram Chahe leela )
Abhishrey Saxena
Jaby please watch this
(Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se Mulakat Ho Gai Full Song || Valentine day Special)
Briza Von Luna
Those yellow petals that the kid grabs in the road are from a flower that is called Cempasúchil (FLOR DE CEMPASÚCHIL) and it supposed to guide the dead to their families.
I'm mexican, i don't belive in this, but it is really interesting that Disney is making this film
blesson thomas
I can't wait for this.
David alexander ortega monzon
me encanto la reaccion de ambos!!!
kingofYouTube ok
Do tere naam
Utsav Mewada
initially felt like Ratatouille.... kindo plot n colors
Diya Ghosh
When you come for Bollywood but stay for Jaby's smile ❤️
Nataly Gomez
bay of the died is to remember the people that have died and to honor them
Carina Rosas
Well for those who don't know... Nov the 1st is the day we Mexicans honor our children who passed away, Nov. 2 is the Day of death (día de los muertos), the day we celebrate our love ones who passed away, we do it to remember them every year, we visit their graves and placed flores de cempasúchil (wich are the ones the bridge in the trailer is made off),or any kind of flowers, candles, music, papel picado, is kind of a banner... lots of people bring the favorite food or drink of his love one. It may sound creepy, but I guess that we are used to it. Since elementary school, we build every year an "altar de muertos" inside the school. And everyone brings photos of their loved ones (the ones who passed) to place them on the altar. Actually, I think one year in my school they placed a photo of Elvis haha.
Engimá 2.0
i wonder y u haven't reacted to any "BB ki vines" videos....???
Could you react to the hillywood ?
durai prasanth
pls do bahuBali 2 trailer reaction...... Pls pls
Jen Grebke
That's not the city. It's the cemetery
David B
Why did you Delete all your old videos with you and your ex and child?

Did your ex make you do it to get back at you for something?
Enrique Huerta
Hi, I'm Mexican, I love your reaction. It is an honor that pixar makes a film based on our beautiful tradition (Day of the Dead). It seems to have an interesting story and I hope it will be a success.In addition, I think it is a love letter to us Mexicans for all the problematic that exists with Donald Trump and his wall. America
n brothers mexico also loves them!🇲🇽💕
juan cabarcas
Achara es divina me encanta ver las recciones de estos son muy buenas y muy naturales!!!!
Akshay Vibhute
hey jaby please react to hritiks fire kites dance video
I know you don't know much about the Dia De Muertos but it a little offensive to call it Halloween seen this is a Pre-Columbian tradition. Dia De Muertos is multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey back to the world of the living. Its just a celebration of the person life, rather than remembering someone death as a sad and scary thing, its a celebration happy thing.
Eduardo Martínez
In the day of the death we remember those who have left, and celebrate the good times we had together! The candles, bright colors and smelly flowers, are there to guide ur deceased relatives to join us in the celebration (we even cook their favorite meals for their arrival)
Gaming Guruji
The book of life is based on sort of same theme or we can say the celebration of dead... at first I thought it was part 2 of that animation movie...That movie was amazing.
Zach Dixon
What is her accent? That with the face givin' me those tingles and jingles
Pankaj Singha
Achara is so ugly
lovelydevil basheer
rebal movie fights are super crazy
tejas naidu
please watch shuddhi
Alex D
Yehh its with the concept of afterlife like on ---Book of life(movie)-
but its really a complete different story....
Would be great to watch....
And I do get Goosebumps ...... Disney Pixar movies Always does that....
Doris Vargas
Halloween is on October 30 and this celebration is on November 2, Day of the dead😁
priyanshu sharma
hey jay please watch trapped trailer
Aaron Dellinger
his name maguel rivera
Neelima Joseph
I am tired of disney doing the same kind of stories over and over again..the visuals get better every time though
nishat eqbal
Jabys tshirt <3
Raashi Mudholkar
I thought he sold his soul to the devil. Pixar why you gotta go so dark!
yes achara kirk, it's the book of life
it does look like the Book Of Life rip off...
Omkar Kulkarni
love Pixar. It really seems exciting. This should release in India man...
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