Trump Keeps Stacking EPA With Fossil Fuel Stooges

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Trump’s war on the environment is going well. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Trump’s budget slashes the EPA’s main science programs by 47 percent, according to the former staffers’ analysis. “This area would be the most severely cut, contrary to verbiage in the Budget document acknowledging the important role of science in carrying out EPA’s regulatory, permitting and enforcement responsibilities,” says the report. “The damage is not only to EPA but to scientists across the country.” The budget includes an additional 7.9 percent cut to the Science Advisory Board, which provides expert guidance on the science that underlies EPA rulemaking.

The report from the former EPA staffers also provides some figures that call into question one of Pruitt’s oft-stated talking points that the Trump administration’s changes will allow the agency to refocus on its core responsibilities—clean air and water—and return environmental responsibilities to the states. Pruitt likes to call thisa “back-to-basics agenda.””*

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson

Cast: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson


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Hey Republicans/Tea Party ...Rich and poor share the same environment keep destroying it ..JACKASSES ...#IMPEACHDONALDTRUMP2017
dudekool 888
Gas all science deniers
Nelson Evora
Some people just want to see the world burn.
TYT, Again you've missed the point. Steve Bannon has told us twice that he's here to "deconstruct" (destroy) our "administrative state" (government). He has also admitted that all these appointees who are enemies of their offices/departments is also a part of this deconstructionism.

He has made a "documentary" where he explains his idea of the "Fourth Turning", which he believes he can bring about through the destruction, or at the very least, the complete and utter rendering of the government as incapable of functioning. At that point he thinks that the failure of the system will allow him (and assumedly his white supremacists and/or Leninist - his word - friends will introduce the next order).

He has stated all this publicly. I do not understand why TYT and other news outlets seem to forget this stated agenda and act bewildered by these awful choices for all these positions each and every time.

If we ignore the overarching strategy here, then you'll just be adding noise to the buffoon-mystique of Trump, instead of clarifying the conniving actions of Bannon who is certainly an enemy of the U.S. government.

Trump himself is an excellent example, indeed the first example, of this deconstructionist vision in play. Bannon found a man who was the enemy of his office, the presidency, and he put him into it. Now they'll fill the rest of the administration with amateurs, foreign agents, and generally enemies of those positions. Once this is complete, the government will become dysfunctional, and I'm sure Mr. Bannon would hope for a utter failure or collapse.

Of course, all this is only phase one of his openly stated goals.

I think we all, TYT included, need to reinspect this announced "deconstruction" philosophy, and we need to stop forgetting about it. We need to use it as a reference point with which to understand what is actually happening in this country. Failure to do so, will most likely result in missing the point, not realizing what the problem is, and therefore not addressing or fixing the problem at all.

Come on TYT, if you can't keep up with Bannon's chess, then most likely neither can the other news outlets.
Jennifer McDonald
Let's face it, we can no longer rely on the EPA to protect our environment. The agency has been tainted by Trump and his administration.
Mark Lapworth
What are you thinking?!! "Maybe you get to drive through a nice neighbourhood and look at the fancy houses"? What? You KNOW you would never be allowed into their gated communities. Get real!
Low testosterone John is a true young turd.
The GOP don't care about life or lives. If that asshole republican shot dies in the ICU I couldn't fuckn care less, they don't care about anyone else life
sean fast
all the other contries are starting to hate us more than they already do, why do these conservatives hate the planet/environment this isn't a political thing ,it's not something to have opinions on .
it's a serious thing
Tyler Brock
Drain the swamp and fill it with oil. The naivety of the trump sloths is amazing.
Patricia MacLeod
Why would a lawyer be better informed than a climate scientist? Trump is obviously working with ISIS. Orange Asshole is doing all he can to destroy the country from within.
Hillary and Trump are the same... right? No of course not, only a brain damaged imbecile would say that.
the mercers own t'rump and their family first death cult has a goal of destroying the federal government.
sask squatch
the whole world hates USA more then ever
Feels like America will go first.
Melly Kidd
When you put starved foxes in charge of the henhouse...
he'll be prosecuting photon runoff from solar farms and letting the oil companies drill in the gulf without safety precautions. Get rid of those regulations as shitty trumpfucktard says.
Nick Wolf
Of course he is. Who didn't think he would? All the YouTube pundits who thought he wouldn't be that bad, perhaps even be a closet liberal, were either so insanely bitter from the primary that they couldn't think clearly, or they were unbelievably naive.

This is what Republicans do. They are the antihuman party.
This administration is just all too eager to turn the US, nay, THE WORLD, into a boiling cesspool.
William Ng
the swamp is gradually turning into an ocean.....
And nothing will change in the 8 years Trump is in office.
Chad Austin
Can we at least start a list of climate change deniers and sell outs so that we know who to exile after we're actually hit with climate change disasters?
There is so much wrong with the way trump is running the country, it is impossible to rectify. This chaos, typically, is the tool autocrats use to manipulate and weaken and dissension. Perfect modern day example is putin's Russia. trump is using the same play book, with the help of repubs and Koch brothers.
jack johnson
On the road to ENERGY INDEPENDENCE....Trump...MAGA.
If someone would have written a fictional book about all that this administration has done so far, before this election, nobody would have printed it. Not believable enough!
Owen Oulton
What, you mean the letters EPA don't mean Environmental Predation Agency?
Antonio Cusato
I honestly just cannot believe that Trumps still alive! 🤦🏼‍♂️
tom ashton
can i piss in the stream up from your house
DO NOT CONFUSE corporate sociopaths who are PAID to create an argument w/people that are interested in reality....
Lonely Wolf
this made me thought that post apocaliptic movies like mad max are based on the posible future of the united states but not the rest of the world . just this huge wasteland of desert and people fighting over for any leftover while the other continents keep normal as they are now
BlackMasamune X
Why is this even allowed?
Honda Man
It has already happened in LA the refineries were polluting so much they would tell us not to do exercise and avoid going outside when they would release toxic chemicals In the air.
Gary Witherspoon
Fighting back in the streets and at fossil fuel reservoir locations is our right and duty to end the fossil fuel era. ESPECIALLY when we are faced with fascist military insurgents who attack us promoting green energy not protecting fossil fuel energy. Death to Fascism
Some very rich and very powerful people have invested a lot of money in fossil fuel. Now, via Trump (who is one of them), they are seeing to it that their investment is not threatened by any better alternatives. The world be damned...
They WILL introduce the rules THEY want and get rid of ALL the regulations that stand in their way. (The regulations that happen to protect the planet and the people living on it...)
They WILL have their profit, whatever the cost may be to the rest of the world. A short-term gain for the few and a disastrous long-term loss for everybody else. It's happening right now. Before our very eyes.

The fossil fuel tycoons are some of the worst tyrants of our present day. They are not only the enemies of the current world but of generations to come. History will judge them harshly.
Morhy Soumahoro
No, the environment isn't screwed... (-_-) You're fear-mongering for political brownie points. Fossil fuels are our best source of energy, why are you guys making them as egregious? That doesn't make sense.
it's funny I thought I was the only one that never says trumps name. when I type it always small caps like his hands. He has become Sauron of lord of the rings .He who we do not name
Melissa K
Trump supporters are SO stupid..I mean most politicians try to hide their corruption trump just flat out exposes his own corruption and his supporters are STILL too stupid to see it!! like the Goldman Sachs thing...him and his supporters bitched and bitched about Hilary giving speeches to Goldman Sachs then trump turns around and hires 6 ex employees (3 ex ceos) of GOLDMAN SACHS and it's OK to his supporters...I mean they were too "corrupt" for hilary to give speeches to but not too "corrupt" for trump to hire for high ranking government positions.go figure lmao!! .
The role of Ron Burgundy is being played by Johnnie Pie today.
Duane Locsin
Trump is for the environment!
he obviously cares for the wetlands and wants to see it grow (aka swamps)
pheoix natl
This is the biggest Trojan Horse ever in most people are falling for it
Martin Kortner
They've changed "defense against the dark arts" into just "dark arts". Cheers if you get the reference.
Tommy T
Oh' please Fat Boy Cenk your climate change is an money scam operation for your scum EU. It's amazing China, and India are the major pollutions out there as poisoning the air, and water, dumbasses. ha ha
I don't get why Trump is purposely trying to destroy the environment. I mean, its obvious that is what he is doing. What is the point? Just to piss off people who love nature? Maybe he is too dumb to realize it but the rednecks who support him are big outdoors men. Hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. Trump is fucking retarded.
Plutot Crever
TYT are shoveling as much anti-Trump clickbait bs as they can.
You guys are now way worse than even Rachel Maddow. You are ridiculous.
Oh, btw, Trump's job approval rating is now 50% I guess you won't cover that.
TYT is low on funds, Qatar their sugar daddy is in trouble. What's next the janitor is gonna give his opinion on Trump and climate change?
what a piece of shit STOP CORPORATE WELFARE
the obvious cliche " putting the wolf in charge of the chicken coop".
Progressive Logic
Fossil fuel stooges? More like realists. We aren't at the point where we can have 100% clean energy, and we won't be there for a while. There's no point in shutting down every fossil fuel based source of energy production until we actually reach the point where clean energy is a viable option. But the communists at TYT would have you believe we're all going to melt next year if we don't shut down fossil fuels and invest infinite money in China's "clean energy" sector immediately. Yeah, how are those IPCC predictions turning out? Oh, that's right, statistically, there hasn't been any warming for almost 2 decades now, but don't let those pesky facts get in the way of your communist agenda to tax the hell out of everyone.
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