Top 10 Funniest Ways TV Shows Hid Pregnancies

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Top 10 Funniest Ways TV Shows Hid Pregnancies 

Ah the magic of television. Did you know that Alyson Hannigan, Jane Krakowski, Melissa Fumero, Jane Leeves, Chyler Leigh, and Jane Leeves had to cover up their pregnancies when they were on tv? The shows did such a good job! In this countdown we take a look at the 10 funniest ways tv shows covered up pregnancies! We’ve included shows like The Office, The King of Queens, The Nanny, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Frasier, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

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emily koonce
listen the "maximum security" arc on brooklyn 99 was one of my favorites??? both as an actual plot thing and as a way to cover up the baby bump. melissa filmed all throughout her pregnancy, i think they even wrapped production five days before she gave birth.
Eman k
I knew How I Met Your Mother would be number 1. I just knew it.
Patricia Ellis Ricafort
Sofie's Leverage wasn't here. The character took a "soul searching" break and was usually had screen time through video calls. It was a way to keep the actress from stunts and the running they do.
Justine Funk
How did they not talk about the fact that Lily and Robin were hiding pregnancies at the same time?!?
Becky Kim
You forgot Robin from HIMYM. She was pregnant too!
Brenda Ferreira
What about Cobie Smulders from How I met your mother? Alyson Hannigan wasn't the only one pregnant.
Moya Lyons
What about Kerry Washington on Scandal?
The whole pregnancy = fat thing isn't ingenious, it's annoying as hell.
Rachel Merrill
Angela's was terrible. She put in so much weight in her face that it didn't matter how much upper body filming they did, it was obvious
Rachael Carroll
Sarah Jessica Parker in sex and the city had to hide too.
Janette Cottrell
I liked some of these, but "genius ways" saying she's not pregnant, she just ate too much and is now fat!!! Ahahahaha! Seriously?
Where is Wynonna Earp ?
I am surprised they didn't include Daniela Ruah's pregnancy in this top 10. First she was fighting in Afganistan and in her second pregnancy she was in coma, this absolutely has to be in this rank!
CeLeStE !
I clicked cause New Girl was the thumbnail💕🤷🏽‍♀️
Carold Kotie
Kerry Washington on Scandal... Hers was so obvious
what about Tammin Sursok in pretty little liars? Or Tia Mowry Hardrict on the Game?
Legend-wait for it-dary!
Kaira Kaneki
The most cutest Watch mojo video ever!
Louise Perrot
Hi peeps ! ! ! Darnass change really love iu unique :‑(
Sisi Charriere
If they don't talk about the way Frasier hid "daphne's" pregnancy I will be very disappointed.
What about Cobie? She was also pregnant at the same time as Alyson in himym
You do now you coulda just said wedding, right?
Natasha Brighton
What the fuck even is this video title.
Lilac Lizard
Why are there no scifi shows on the list? There's SO many examples if unusual strategies they used on those! Maybe you should do another video in the most unusual ways pregnancy was hidden! X-files, Star Trek & apparently various vampire shows have had some classics!
Harvey Charles
Holly Marie Combs in charmed played a severed head to hide her baby bump
Brian Johnson
In Star Trek Deep Space Nine they resolve a pregnancy by concocting a transporter malfuction which requires transporting the baby from Keiko who's pregnant in the show, to the actress Nana Visitor who was actually pregnant, but her character Kira wasn't. I know that is tecnically working a pregnancy into the show. But that one is done in a really creative way.
Liz James
"Humongous butt or not, the Greys are as close as ever"

Well, they've obviously never seen the show...
Meridth and arizona was also pregant during the show and they hid both...Meridth was by having her give her father a part of her liver and having her stay in bed during allot of episodes, and arizona left to go to africa when she had her baby
Heather Diane
Sarah Jessica Parker in season 5 of sex and the city.
Robin & Yolanda
They did a great job on Scandal too.
Milkshake 123
Pam form The Office was actually pregnant in season 8 and they wrote that into the show as her second pregnancy while it was her first in real life
Dean The Smøl Bean
They didn't put Monica or Phoebe from friends in here. The last season, Monica, is pregnant, but in the show, she and Chandler cannot have children. Phoebe, was actually pregnant with one child, but they wrote in triplets to have some fun with the show.
Kathiravan Ganesh
I thought number 1 Lisa cudrow
Ooooh i didn't even knew Chyler was pregnant!! They hid it well 😛
Black Knight 675
This so boring
How was the Frazier was "genious"? seriously Msmojo fuck off with this bullshit. That was the worst sexist plot lines I ever seen in a show
Jupiter Wolf
Holly Marie Combs (piper) charmed.
Emily Anderson
Distinction heritage concert salmon intervention for crop wash monitor delicate.
Valeri Nicole
I'm surprised they didn't put Bree from Desperate Housewives in season 3.. she was pregnant through that season, then came back in season 4 faking a pregnancy for her daughter. But they would constantly cut out her body, have it behind someone or a prop. Maybe I'm one of the few who noticed hahahaha
Rizza Espina
Rizza Espina
I love how all of them are ..

Ducky Plays
Jessa from Girls
Nicky Elena
What about Olivia Pope in Scandal?
Meg N
Dee in it's always sunny in Philadelphia was the funniest. Her "mysterious" pregnancy and no one knew who it was. It was very clever.
Susan Burris
Of all the people..I was glad they never made Elaine a mom. I liked a show full.of child free people.
Pardon Me
Am I the only one that finds that "leged... wait for it... dary" thing soooo annoying?
Sarah Rodriguez
There were so many more pregnancies on greys
Arianna Townsend
Meredith from Greys Anatomy, they just made her donate part of her liver and then be stuck in bed.
Phylicia Rashad as Clair Huxtable in "The Cosby Show." Why weren't there any honorable mentions?
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