Top 10 Funniest Ways TV Shows Hid Pregnancies

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Top 10 Funniest Ways TV Shows Hid Pregnancies 

Ah the magic of television. Did you know that Alyson Hannigan, Jane Krakowski, Melissa Fumero, Jane Leeves, Chyler Leigh, and Jane Leeves had to cover up their pregnancies when they were on tv? The shows did such a good job! In this countdown we take a look at the 10 funniest ways tv shows covered up pregnancies! We’ve included shows like The Office, The King of Queens, The Nanny, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Frasier, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

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PugLover 44
angela kinsy is on haters back off, she plays bethany, miranda's mom
Mamashe 4
Why wasn't Kerry Washington from Scandal on here? Hers were hilarious
Hanna Hullabaloo
They forgot about Bree from Desperate Housewives
Victoria Ureno
Season 1 One Three Hill
sharni johnson
You forgot Robin in how I met your mother
Ashley Lynne
Kerry Washington, and Mariska Hargitay were both pregnant under cover in their shows as well.
Summer O'Neal
I'd add Traylor Howard on "Monk." On one episode, she "pretends" to be pregnant, claiming that she used a pillow to make a baby bump, to thwart off a guy she knew who gave her the creep who Monk was investigating.
Caty Mations
Oscar Galvan
khai nickey
Gina Bellman was pregnant during Leverage season 3
I've always thought Fraiser was downright offensive about Daphine's "Weight gain." The fat jokes were downright disgusting and cruel.
LOL The Grey's Anatomy one is funny, because I didn't realize she was pregnant... They did the same with Ellen Pompeo during her pregnancy at the beginning of Season 6.

Also, where's Courtney Cox at? She was pregnant in the final season of Friends.
Maaike van der Peijl
How I met your mother is #1 in everything! 💪
LowKey Madness
I didnt watch it yet but on the walkin dead the one bkack hair lesbian lady was pregnant
N F95
Julie Bowen on the first season of Modern Family?
Amanda Moskal
The only one I knew out of all of these was Chyler Leigh I’m obsessed with her she’s amazing
Kay Kay Awesome
"Little preg?" I hate it when people say "prego" "pregger" and is just as stupid
Mer Brebner
How is Gillian Anderson's first pregnancy during season 2 of X-Files not on this list. THEY BLEW UP HER BELLY WITH ALIEN STUFF!!!
I just lost 9:14 of my life that I will never get back.
Lois from Malcolm in the Middle!? No?
Audrée Adam
Kerry Washington in Scandal and how they put lamps and literally any, anything between Olivia and the camera... Also, there's Betty in Mad Men, they make her look just fat, but she was pregnant. And in X-Files, Gillian Anderson, Anyway, so many pregnant ladies, so little time...
Keira Davis
Leticia Martinez
What about leverage
No Glee?
Lev Myskin
Why is the voice over lady shouting at me?
Robert Maher
I know it wasn't a comedy per se, but Roxann Dawson in Star Trek: Voyager Season 4 had some really creative methods to hide her pregnancy. Including a two-parter "The Killing Game' where she was had a holographic pregnancy written into those episodes where she was fighting alien space Nazis (literally).
Ariadna PD
I was expecting to find Nana Visitor's pregnancy when she was in Star Trek Deep Space 9. I thought it was an incredibly original way to openly show the character pregnant without having her own child (the child get transferred to her from his real mother after a shuttlecraft accident). It was quite well done, I did not even realise it had been added to the plot to "cover" her pregnancy.
Catherine Smith
Barbara eden was pregnant in i dream of Jeanie. They covered her belly with long scarves. And for scenes were she had to lay on the bed, they cut a hole in the bed, and she laid on it with her belly in the hole cut into the bed.
zomz evo
What about modern family???
Lori Strout
they missed Kate And Allie but it is old. Trivia who was the first real pregnant woman on a tv show? Lucille Ball
alex thelizardking
Honorable mentions:

Charisma carpenter on Angel.

Cynthia Watross on Titus.

Holly Marie Combs on Charmed.

Sarah Shahi on Life and Person of Interest.
Patricia McQuillan
fast show
Amy Dodds
Debra Messing on Will & Grace
Alexandra Blanco González
You putted Chyler Leigh, but you didn't put Ellen Pompeo. On SEASON 6, (I think that it was this season) she get pregnant and they ocult it with her being in bed, I don't remember what happened on the show to putted her on a bed.😂😂

PD.: Sorry, if I've had any misspelling, I'm Spanish.
Ginny Clarke
Marcia Cross in Desperate Housewives ?
Paper Flowers
I am starting a two week Halloween series on my channel
Eოἶlყ Sհმղ
Is the first one April from Grey's?
Alice Lolita
Heather Morris from Glee??
Tickles Mv
0:13 (Wreck It Ralph) fix it Felix?
June Hatter
Just call it a wedding.
emily koonce
listen the "maximum security" arc on brooklyn 99 was one of my favorites??? both as an actual plot thing and as a way to cover up the baby bump. melissa filmed all throughout her pregnancy, i think they even wrapped production five days before she gave birth.
Eman k
I knew How I Met Your Mother would be number 1. I just knew it.
Patricia Ellis Ricafort
Sofie's Leverage wasn't here. The character took a "soul searching" break and was usually had screen time through video calls. It was a way to keep the actress from stunts and the running they do.
Justine Funk
How did they not talk about the fact that Lily and Robin were hiding pregnancies at the same time?!?
Becky Kim
You forgot Robin from HIMYM. She was pregnant too!
Brenda Ferreira
What about Cobie Smulders from How I met your mother? Alyson Hannigan wasn't the only one pregnant.
Moya Lyons
What about Kerry Washington on Scandal?
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