Anonymous - You have The Right To Know The Truth! (WW3 2017-2018)

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Anonymous - You have The Right To Know The Truth WW3 2017 2018 Message
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Anonymous Message Donald Trump Korea WW3 World News Current Events

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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Anonymous - Message to president Donald Trump:


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Anonymous Official
Help by spreading this information, and facts they don't want you to know.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous - Message to president Donald Trump:
K/ Kosen
is this real ?
@anonymous please follow me on IG squishyface710 as I take off my mask
C.J. Sparrow
عاش الاختراق
From IRAQ 🙃
I.A Gaming
you are from ilumination
Matt Cox
Matt Cox
Matt Cox
Isolation of the weathy, they will attack themselves ,
Matt Cox
My account needs to go up,,
Read through you'll get the picture
Philip Torrance
news.pol/purges/wwIII/Anonymous` #wwIII 2017-2018:
summary of video:
. usa knows it is doomed to failure
(obviously because it depends on debt
and it will run out of borrowers eventually);
so it will likely start wwIII
to stay in control of the world.
. N.Korea said they would be less threatening
if usa and S.Korea would stop their military drills;
usa responded by installing a missile defense shield
that threatens China's and Russia's nuclear strategy.
. just as usa had oil interests in the middle east;
(in addition to defending Zionism)
and this was the basis for many usa wars;
usa is now concerned with rare earth metals,
essential to high tech, and thus national security.
. major new sources include Afghanistan and
-- bet you can't guess -- N.Korea.
. recently Russia has been accused of
helping the resistance in Afghanistan,
working against usa.
lordgamer 122
lets go anonymous time to bring down kim jong un

they dont forgive
they dont forget
Brin Swe
Is ww3 happen
Mihai Andrei
fake all are idiots lol.......the real anonymous will never sell masks or t-shirts or other shits like your eyes guys ....who make this chanel is an idiot ....and btw i will delete your fake website ;)
İphone Dünyası
Aynen aynen katılıyorum (bir bok anlamadım) evt aynen anonymus aynen doğru söylüyorsun (hala anlamıyorum ) TÜRK varmı len
Dakota Drone
Please God in heaven help us!
ty amirez
I want to know how to join anonymous if u would get back with me please
Anonymous has no leaders it has no official youtube channells only individuals.This is not truth.Some elements of the story are factual but the reasons given are not.
so what we have to do??
odrpgiod awdiondiawond
how could the government not know who you are
five teen
48 65 20 69 73 20 68 65 72 65 20 20 34 30 2e 33 39 34 37 30 30 2c 20 31 32 37 2e 32 37 33 37 30 33
Anonymous The Killer
can anonymous hack US nuclear missil's?
Gakbanyak Bacot
Someone... Name philips joeng call you onanimous...
mohdimtiyaz siddique
sir all the torrent sites are going offline please do something
M7MD Gamer
السلام عليكم انا حمزه بن دلاج ذي كليماتي الخيره راح انعدم
Neo Angels
cicada the disuse antediluvian do planet's aguenta
Uncommon Idea
Sir pl.........he.................. J. O. Me.
alone contry
you real anonymous hack me 8 ball poll coins chlenge
Jaelyn Taken Alive
our best hope is making this a religious war or be crushed by our government and executed
Team Epiphany Tye
thanks guys
Gheorghe Vlăduț
Anonynous vocea lumii !
Guest Eight
What will happen to youtube and all it's people? Not trying to be funny
iskender gulsular
fck you anonymous
Ya Hak
Anonymous is just a TV show but in Real life , they just want to gain money from it selling shirts masks All of their bullshit , I still have friends who thinks Anonymous is dangerous LOL
mighty baman38
winter is coming boys!
Its because of the greedy nations trying to control the world
Tanner Stevens
Yay the end of the world. Well time to get in the cryogenic freezer for 200years. who's with me? I'm ready for fallout.
Dat Beast Robloxian
Player = game.Players.LocalPlayerfunction Give(x)
H ="HopperBin", Player.Backpack)
H.BinType = x
endfor i = 2, 4 do
Andrei Leșan
I don't need to know only... I need to feel what I am and what can I do. So...
As soon as north korea will get the bombs to reach america,ww3 will start.
The main countries that will be in there: North korea,south korea, japan,china,america,maybe syria or iran or smtn like that,OFFC russia cuz it wants all the land.And anything else
Jessica Evans
President Trump please
doreen shepard
This guy is a part of the propaganda problem. All we know is what we are told by the completely controlled media. For all we know North Korea has been blowing us kisses all this time.
Dorknight 83
whats with the guy fawkes mask. just asking
Red Reaper
can I join you
Alejandra Benitez
what happens if I join
Muh Albani Rey Rey
bro i want to go in anonymous groud .....but i do not know how
I dont stay behind a monitor and be anon. I fuck em all
Well im scared now
Jake Maitland
NK sits between 2 wolves. If you play chess you'd set one up to fall leaving US open to retaliation. Waiting for US to take the bate. Minerals aren't worth anything if there was no population to deplete it. It's a well orchestrated plan designed cull 7 billion people made to look like an accident in order to re write history to suit the NWO. Its too late even if you do survive you'll be subjected to slavery for the rest of your lives. Not that you aren't already.
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