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Help by spreading this information, and facts they don't want you to know.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous - Message to president Donald Trump:
Haydn Fennessy
the countries threatened by nuclear bomb it is never going to happen what country always say and there's always say that and people always say that and people keep saying World War 3 is coming but won't happen World War 3 it is expensive all countries not ready for war 3 might won't happen war 3 some countries only showing official some countries cutting army that really did going to happen if World War 3 happened country won't have cutting in the army or War 3 is not going to happen
sans the skeleton
._. me recordo a death note pork hackean
Anonymous Frozen
i really doubt a ww3 because i use bible based teachings i may be wrong at interpreting the scriptures tho
wtf will raising awareness do, we raised awareness about illumunati like mad between 2007 and 2012 especially during London Olympics awareness was raised now it's just a joke you see all these illumunati confirmed bullshit! why dont you guys hack the BBC and CNN and all news channels and do a live stream exposing these cunts!!! It's possible since you guys know about hacking and shit
Rick Quinlan
please do a video on the Phoenix lights
Ali Walizada
Im Fuckin any bitch I see in the streets when that day comes ..
kevin mycroft
I liked ur video and im not trying to troll or be mean but this is really scary. now im kinda scared
TheStev004 Stephen
Yeah anonymous is probably set up by the government.
TheRedGaMeR guy
all haters of anonymous fuck off
I want to link everyone to a reddit post about this channel it is all FAKE this is a wannabe child
We're all on borrowed time. The normals can't do anything about it. Enjoy your life and family.
paul dunn
Truth hurts but truth matters governments keep secrets in u k we have zero nuclear public shelters talk about war it's greed purely
whatever happened to the original anonymous voice
ZoZu m8
If the 400M People Will Exist But Will Asian , South Africa Will It Exist? It Might Be More Than 500M Kids Not Only Young And Old 500M Kids And What Are You Gunna Do With These Kids? Are The Arabian In The Problem???
Marianne Gordon
Look up the Depopulation Agenda or the Georgia Guide Stones!!! The food, water, air, and medicine is poisoned every day!!!! They are slowly killing us off and we are inadvertently paying them to do so!!! They love their Psychological Warfare!! Biochemical Warfare!!! Vaccines that are administered to our children are filled with aborted babies and Monkey Feces!! Poison every where!! Antidepressants, Nerve pills, sleeping pills all to dumb down mankind so we won't be able to pay attention to what they are really doing!! They are trying to legalize pedophilia and in some countries they have made Beastiality legal!!!!
Marianne Gordon
Our Government will create the chaos/problem, then shove their solution down our throats as they always have!!! They want total control!! Dear Father in heaven please help us!!!!
Bushido Hawkeye
Are you ready to have a responsibility for millions of human lives. Calling for unity is a big step forward,but every pact needs a leader,someone who will control that unity. Being a part of revolution is one thing,doing the actual work for it is another. What will happen if we start to unite,since we never really expirience such state of society. Are we ready to look at one another without jealousy,greed, differences.We want to explore but we are waiting for someone else to make the step. Want to overthrow the secret society and free the world of money slavery. We care more for a piece of paper than we are caring for the forests that the paper was made of. Sit down and THINK about it.Do you want to live in a world were you live to work till you die for paper that are made of wood that supplies your most important resource. If we want to explore the universe,that will not be able if we are still controlled by the "need" of money,every individual must work for a greather good for all of us. Remember Ideas are bulletproof.
Joan Casey
rare earths tantalum without it there is nothing high tech no fighter jets no jets period china controls most of it in africa where people will die to protect the mines yes i agree with u 100 percent wars are over oil gas and rare earths or land water ways because our LEADERS are LEADERS sending us into nuclear proliferation by design and greed
So I am curious is this the real anonymous? I do look up to anonymous but I want to make sure this isn't the fake one
tell me if some one like you take control over nuclear weapon can start III world war how protect from that's?
Paintballer 4
I wish I could hack and show the truth
What passes me off, in American news they show the north Korea missile flight path, don't worry Americas fine, Europe's not though( they don't say the last bit)
Anonymous, unite us, protect us. We need your help. If WW3 happens, secure us. Protect us. Disable those missiles. Disable those propaganda. Disable anything that will harm humanity and INNOCENT CITIZENS. I dont want my dad to go to the army as he is in the reserves of the polish army (If poland will) STAY NEUTRAL Unfortunatly NATO. God...Protect us Anonymous,
I won't forget you,
I will expect you,
I won't forgive the agressors,
I will join you.
I cannot wear the clothes or mask..
But I will spread the news.
You say we all are anonymous already, and we are.
Lets save the world. Lets save humanity. Lets save OUR LIVES.
The Gaming Creeper Boy
hopefully nothing will happen to my country
United States Of America
The number of Nuclear Missiles in the world isn't enough to destroy it, but cause a break in the food chain caused by a huge Nuclear winter. This Nuclear winter will cause all except the toughest plant life to die, and so there would be a mass extinction and we might be one of the many species that die in it.
ZoZu m8
Music intro ?? XDD
Snow Quinn
You know im 14 and i watch all of their videos on occasion. And let me just say...... Donald Trump just couldn't fucking take the deal he had to go the hard way. And now the U.S and the rest of us have to suffer cause he wants to he fucking unlogical and a stupid mf. like wow. Now my Future and other Babies and kids teenagers and unborn babies having yet a future to with hold might be out of the damn window cause he wants all mighty power like damn He-Man... like really dies he ever take other people lives and futures especially kids and babies in to matter...... I guess not..... i guess we the people will have to see wont we
Jeremy Cox
ok. so what videos are real and what are fake?
Karma XG
I've always loved you Anonymous, I wish I could join when I reached age, but I am not merely as good a hacker, or a good one at all compared to all of your loyal people. I will stay on the sideline and be a supporter. You are heroes no matter, thank you Anonymous.
GamerWithMasonZ 2017-20??
Hey (Please Do Not Take This The Wrong Way)
Im all for you guys however, if you have something important to say, why do you not hack into a mainstream media service like you did with fox news, to spread it?
1. it would get your point across
2. it would show that you guys have power
3. words been going around that you guys have died down, as in you spread news rather than act on the matter
Fuse Jedi 360
Do you know how many people say that we're all dead every single year on YouTube someone says it's the end and nope like 2016 someone Said were done on October 30 we're still here it might happen one day but not for a very very long time like in 10:0000000000 years for example and yeah 😀
Sarah Ellis
I spread this word as often as I can. but what else can I do. I want to be more than just my words. I just don't know where to start.
[AFN] Fluffy
what i say is Europe would stay peace full american allies that are loyal to america like THE UK France Germany and a few other will help america but not right away The fist to help will be the UK and France special forces SAS & COS will be supplied behind the lines of North Korea Australia who helped america in Vietnam will enter the war later Other European Australia will use gorilla warfare UK civilians and most of Europe should be OK as for Russia Russia will either help US or North Korea i say that Russia will team with the US South Korea will have there own war with Korea
maria Perez
I need help
Charles Bukowski
They have money for wars, but they can't feed the poor.
Miguel Lopes
i will pray for world
Miguel Lopes
Portugal will be neutral , right?
vitoria pereira
corre berg
Hamzah Farooq
Now the United States can pick on a country that's advanced than them
Bullshit no country in the world will start war to lose money, shut up, no metal mine can pay that. Specially USA that need to be on top of everything, they just won't pay for it unless is absolutely needed.
I`am brazilian good luck for yourself :)
Joel Coelho 2.0
Ass legend um portugues Brazil plese.
ngm liga
im going to die virgin? fml
Galina TalĂ­kina
please give US + information
Galina TalĂ­kina
I I'm scanning
Seok Hye-Jin
Parece um italiano falando
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