16 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars!

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In our today's humorous video you'll find the cool, fresh and funny prank ideas! Choose the ones you'll like the most and play tricks on your friends.

Supplies and tools
• Pants 
• Double sided tape
• Scissors
• Face towel
• Dry food coloring
• Glow in the dark cream
• Empty face cream container
• Seed beads
• Sprinkles
• Liquorice stick
• Wooden stick or toothpick
• Wax cord
• Rubber cockroach
• Thin fishing line
• Rubber fly
• Shaving cream
• Masking tape
• Spray paint
• Paper
• Deodorant label
• Glue
• Solid deodorant
• White ice cream bar
• Knife
• Sugar
• Hot water
• Empty body spray bottle
• Jelly powder of rainbow colors
• Gelatin
• Salt
• Cayenne pepper
• Sugar paste
• Modeling knife
• Drinking straw
• Pen
• Dull thick needle
• Lip shaped ice mold
• Fridge
• Orbeez balls
• Big thick balloon
• Big water bottle
• Melon
• Table spoon

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Question of the Day: what prank you liked the most? Comment Below!

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Antonio Pompa
That is funny
Alexa's World
Sweet Cherry
bardzo fajne
Sweet Cherry
bardzo fajne
Vanessa's World
I like all your pranks
Kelieah Wilson
the last one
spEdy challengerZ
So cool!
Putri Aulia
I like this video
Robloxian Kat
2:24 "Hellooooo!" xD
Amber Wood vlogs
Amber Wood vlogs
The balloon one
Bug in cup
?whats app no do shahod shona
What a Melon
dinesh vatwani
melon one I loved it
Anna Emila K
I like🐈
Cherry Brewer
jellitton prank was so successful
Lucía Romero
Troom troom is the best
Amina Begum
I like the pepper, jelly lip, ballon and rainbow mellon prankes!!! Who else like this prankes???
?whats app no do shahod shona
?whats app no do shahod shona
The girl who apply the cream doesn't her face look like alien in dark
?whats app no do shahod shona
What edible button
?whats app no do shahod shona
Doesn't she thank you for the lovely and soft pillow
?whats app no do shahod shona
I like the orbeez pillow prank
?whats app no do shahod shona
Eew rubber flies in lemonade
?whats app no do shahod shona
Do you love sandwiches
?whats app no do shahod shona
What a chewing pepper
Ikran Caday
Please do another 15 ways to sneak food in class plz
Kate The Vloger
All pranks i liked
Rose Acloqur
hey guys it's me mawuina do you need a Thanksgiving ham last if you do God 305-491-8160 you will go to the website which is down below in the description box we will be going to Orlando and other places like that just for one day and then we'll come back if a child gets lost that's not a problem cuz we told him to stay with us and they were but it will kind of be our fault because we are losing your child. We will find them we will take great care of them and thank you very much
Sarahi Ayala
I like the one the fly in it
David Bailey
do a prank called ketchup cupcake
Alexandra Cecanau
I love jimin
James Kociaj
Wow is so beautiful i love your troom troom!😍 I love your prenk
5:16 the face you make when you realise they weren't waving to you
Erwin Macato
please make some house video
Ash C
shayna merry
i love the water melon
Lakessa Shontay
Temmie the savage gamer
I love your channel
Sang Pengemar Mobile Legend's
I love your sound troom troom😊😁
The first one is so funny and I love you so much
Feazara Kadeja
Yo troom, can u pliz cut ur NAILS?!
Lhyiene Shane Peji
The balloon prank
The candle prank
Amine Yesilyurt
I love yo prank Troom Troom😘😛
Tortona Mariel
Renee Vactor
I like the watermelon prank her :D
cats101/ pets101
I have no friends I get bullied every school day and no one cares
dad is dumb
Nivia Fernández
Where do you get the orbis
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