10 Things That Will Happen When Humans Go Extinct

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Lightning Spirit
austin chaney
I enjoyed that very much
RR Moyer
7.1 billion people???... don't see us going exstint
Kristain Hervieux
this creepy and u don't know this u not god
Beast Mode24
So... Basically, humans ruined everything and are the only thing halting the complete destruction and changing of the earth?

Humans are awesome
craft blurr
humans will not be extinct
AbiTheLPSLover :3
I'm scared
Rasse virtanen
Finally all the top 10 channels will be gone when humans go missing
Karen W
Retarded video
2:19 NO. Just no.
Iina Anniina
What if Titans would appear and Colossal Titan would come and destroy everything? lmao
Deathcoln's World
What if when we're gone, animals develop intelligence on our level and will be able to understand us through the presidents on the long surviving Mt. Rushmore. They'd probably be suprised when they learn that they were leaders of a country.
roberto Esquivel Nava
am so scare shakes*
Wendy Santiago
how do you know so
Wendy Santiago
Do you know chong jujun balsa?
I wish I could be alive to see all this happen
paola xhelaj
what animals pray for ... a world without humans XD
Tara Pritchett
the eirth loves us
i have been watching this all day three hours later IM STILL WATCHING
Tomasz Wawruszko
Because of global warming, atmosphere of Earth is already stretching up. Upper layers of atmosphere are under lower influence of Earth's gravity, and under pressure of Solar wind, they are escaping into space. Earth is already loosing an atmospheric pressure, what will cause extinction of humans because lack of air. Average human from the street, requires at least 900 hPa of air-pressure to breathing.
Mask Hero
and how do you know this
Would Wall-e survive?
Dylan Friend
Played splatoon
kezia ward
Nicola Kent
how do you know dis
Oƒƒícεɾ Jαкє Aωєѕσмє
" When Humans Go Extinct"
Landon Burr
You won't know what would happen everyone would be dead
the world will be a better place
DJ pigeon
why are we even a life?
Tarik Fretes
we should gone XD
House pets will be dead before us, dumbass...
Le Qian Ong
Why does she sound so positive?
It makes me scared I am still 8
Cheyanne Vlogs& Fun with friends
I'm scared now
Amy Cregger
Earth will no be 50 million after humans die GOD said he will sent a great ball of fire to the earth to kill us (learn you religious )😐
Cutie bubblegum
The world will be better without humans..srsly
Dj Blazer
To be honest only god knows and what might happen when the day we all die only god knows
wont be long
MineMeme Gaming
This video gave me crippling depression
golden Freddys channel
I Know
you are lying becouse in those fow days exstinshens will not happen the exstinshen will happen in 618383168283717128398170000000000000 or more 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
rapture of church will mean world ends and a new world will be created and a new heaven with no pain only eternal joys for all who love Jesus, but wicked unbelieving darkness sadly waits eternal.one day = a year see ezekiel ch.4.v6.hence 70 weeks in dan 9.v27 for Jesus predicted death for all who will believe in him.hence 1260 days or years in revelation is time 325 constantine to luther and freedom to read bible in our language.hence rev.ch9 5 mounths is 150 days or years of flying bombers described as spitting out fire brimstone smoke on humans...hence first world war to now, hence end time soon.and no accident that sun is right distance for us to live [ not too hot or cold.moon right colour to reflect the sun, earth right shape to fit distance 400x 400 in an ecclipse ring effect shows Gods engagement ring to his bride the church he died on a cross for us.purpose of eclipse shows order to time ie 24 hour clock via north star fixed in position to set calender.design in universe shows order for us to live
dragon 2000
how do you no
5:18 Uhmmm what about Stonehenge mate
Deniz Ea
Durga Basu
let's go for 25 yrs
the world will live happily ever after,if we are gone,
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