10 Things That Will Happen When Humans Go Extinct

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top 10 things that will happen if humans disappeared
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Alien 69
that was depressing
Kraftee e
I subscribed
Kraftee e
Sandra Estrada
The humans fucked up everything
Kai Skinner
I have
Megan Cuccherini
y put data on youtube
Cooper Day
Humans fucked up but imagine time travelling into the future with all this happening
Ok why
Ok why
Ashley_Sunrise 36
So you want us to believe without human animals are better off cause they repopulate
Pat Wendigo
Hold on, how would lions and elephants walk on water from Africa to Manhattan?
The one 1
Thousands of years later...

Dinosaurs come back
i started crying for the pets
What about time capsules
Eiffel Tower would collapse way before 300 years
also Life After People is nice series that talks about this just more educational
Mohamed Esmail
i am very sad about what will happen
Georgia Conway
This makes me happy, with all the animals and stuff
Winged Gaming

Time go to on pornhub
Cluba Squirrel
When Nuclear Power Plants explode, it isn't a "Nuclear Explosion", it would more than likely be a Steam Explosion, the Uranium core itself would meltdown into the ground. Also you aren't taking into the fact at all that animals kill each other, without humans certain predators could thrive, killing off other animals.
Donald J Trump
If a nuke gone off humans will mutate and other parts of wildlife will.
Yolo No Account
Actually, The water wheels at Amsterdam could go for years without technicians checking in them
HoloPhantasia HoweltersHere
I was fine with everything till the wildlife stuffs
Tung Dang
there might be another evolution of humans
Epix Cole
i know that the world would be better without us, but damn...
Gamer GamerForLife
I'll never sub they scared me
The maddy and lily SHOW!!!!!
Hey guys I just started a YouTube channel today and I would really appreciate it if you go watch them and subscribe
Egg Heads
The world actually looks so beautiful and peaceful without us..
Mike j
Thats pretty amzing
Clexic The forgotten nobody
This goes to show that humans aren't needed in this world.
Paris Madrid
So if we die, we kill everything else with us until 300 years later? Wow, we really messed up this world...
Doggo Cate
if I had a button that would immediately kill every human on earth, I would press it without a doubt
Protronix Gaming
So basically we all need to die for earth to thrive once again
After watching this means we should go to Mars!

Can jump higher
2 Moons every night
Too cold
No magnetosphere
No Water
Getting protein-rich food (meat and beans) and Earth-related supplies will take 4 years to gather as it will take 2 years to go back to Earth and another 2 years back
Only food are vegetables planted on Martian soil
Requires global warming for at least a few months or even years
Seashia Johnson
this sounds nice😏
Katherine Dupoise
Oh my god, this video is disturbing, I watched a movie called Life After People and it probably gave me nightmares.
crazy kins
Allyson Carrier
At least animals would have there time in the world
Daniel Rittegar
2050 thiere Will be 2 new islands on the ocean Florida will be under water
RawrKawaii X3
Am I the only one that had an existential crisis after watching this? XD seriously though.
Taylor Dotson
Is it bad I cheered when the animals would have made a comeback
TheBlackWolf Galaxy
Wow that's a lot of changes if there was just a few people left there probably gonna die
Erik Bakker
amazing conference critic team mixture generally portfolio trade stare spokesman promising.
Jun Ping Wen
yesterday I saw Orion in the sky
Jun Ping Wen
Cool vid
Jun Ping Wen
people would be died by then
Almighty Cat
Not gonna lie but, this sound scary too me for some reason.
AmazinBacon Gaming
The Hoover dam would supply Las Vegas and a few other places with power for several years after humans are gone, not to mention all of the other hydroelectric dams.
Kingdubh 27
Good to know what would happen.
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