10 Things That Will Happen When Humans Go Extinct

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top 10 things that will happen if humans disappeared
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Wow I can't imagine the world without humans although I don't want animals to be in harm I still want humans and no aliens 👽 by the way how would we become extinct?
Hannah Patel
This should happen, animals deserve this. After all they have sacraficed for us. :(
Rudy Diaz
I subscribed and hit the bell
kiwi jurgenson
I hope this doesn't happen when I'm alive
Niels Claeys
Isaac Parker
Cool vid. But Earth is no more than 8000 years old.
Miriam Rogers
This is plain incorrect. A nuclear powerplant will automatically shut down. If the plant DID fail then ocean life would be f*cked. Look at fukoshima. They are still pumping contaminated water into tanks. Also wind turbines last a lot longrr than you give them credit for. Also as cities collapse they don't just vanish. Even after 10,000 years massive amounts of rusted metal structures and concrete will remain.
dont worry
the title should be, "aftermath of earth if humans disappeared instantly"
Zakir Wazar
What if humans existed in the past and they all went extinct and the animals bounced back as the rulers of this world and then humans came back (somehow) and there is no evidence of previous human life...MIND BLOWN
Zakir Wazar
So...The Walking Dead is inaccurate about the nuclear explosion part hey.
Jeff Saving
humans will not vanish because when one human dies there kids or grandchildren will proboly have more kids and that prograss will keep on repeting over and over
Derrick jones
It'zKatty 2
Mother nature is idek
Jerico Roi Dela Cruz
i already know this.
Busting Dash
how do you know the richest
Enigma Xtreme
beautiful,majestic we may die but if ,only if we are incarnated as animals it will be a golden age,except for other
human left wastes which will be soon gone and also except for predators it will be beutiful seeing mothernature at its own beauty
Hunter Brown Vlogs
I don't think humans will go extinct
T Ochoa
sewage backup? where would the sewage come from if mankind is extinct ?
That voice makes me sick.
i actually started crying the second she started talking about the pets
Minoxidil Beard products
what about when the earth drifts into the sun?
Adrian Grigorian
Where is the evidence for all of this bullshit they are saying
Spicy Memes
But how long would it take for humans to come back into existence?
Trinton Mcdannel
I think the people who made this episode is the most artistic people ever
i kinda want the animals to be how they were before, its sad to see what would happen :(
haha half of this is complete horseshit
Justin Munger
If humans went extinct the world would be a better place :)
Kap Toys
I am crying it is so 😭
Molon Labe!
Loads of liberal crap...
NimRod Players
Natalia Foster
I think everything will be gone destroyed. The humans, animals, plants, and the earth. But no one knows.
Daisy Perez
someone should make a movie or TV show where there are only little people and they try to survive. I would watch this lol
Brandon Johns
Isn't it weird to think that all humans do, all the human race has done, is completely pointless, the human race will not exist, we're just another era, and everything we know and have created will be lost and completely forgotten, all history, countries, cities, languages, trillions of dollars worth of structures and industry, just gone.. Give it another 100 million years and the human race will be just another forgotten era on Earth
Vincent T Wu
Selena Kat
I don't care about anything except
Quincy Dailey
Nice vid
Sad and Happy
Gursween Padda
Honestly am I the only one scared of these videos shitless.
nyabor pal
Humans should be the one's going extinct instead of the animals.
Life Inspiration HD
the anmails and pets make me wannna adapt one sooo cute
Angus Duncan
look! humans WILL NOT go extinct!
complete crap
Nekill Woods
i am scared that will happen
Miljana Đukic
this makes me wanna kill myself
I subscribed
Good to know that humans are actually useful to the world in a way: Taking care of pets. Other than that, we just fuck up the whole ecosystem
shaun Jaundrill
Them poor animals 😭😭
Inez Rodriguez
super cool
James Parker
Even in death man destroys the earth.
Nationalism Rising!
I dont know why but your robot voice is fucking annoying.
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