10 Things That Will Happen When Humans Go Extinct

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Bilal Qadir
every one will die but the love for Richest in our heat will never die
Ricardo Robledo
I'm scared I'm only ten I can die and my family too I don't wanna die:( ((((((
Cyndel Richardson
sorry for that
Cyndel Richardson
This was really great since people who do these types of videos only usually go up to 5 years!!
Terry I
The jungle gonna take over.
Nina Unicorns
Hmmm Now I Think Humans Are More Important Now. The Pne About Pets!!! Why Why Why I Love The Pets!!
lost moon souls pack
I would love to be able to live through all of this its buetifull and never die
Ashley LovesCabesona
Avinesh Pillay
Legend27 will survive
Lisa Filimon
The earth has not been around for billions of years guys lol. We did not evolve from monkeys, and this earth ends when God decides it ends. Hope you all find the truth in all the lies.

I encourage you all to look up testimonies of various people that died and experienced the after life on youtube. (Hell/ Heaven)

Donny Kiles
people in the comment section are hoping for a creature to evolve into something of our intelligence level. i doubt that would happen. obviously if we died out then we were not competent enough for our environment.
Ain't your Bae
Still not sure that there will be a time that is gonna exist after our extinction
It's funneh number 1 fan 2017
No it won't cause the sun will die in 10000000 years so actually every thing will dead then it's the end I'm afraid
Tyson Fox
That was awesome to learn
Xamse Boodhle
down with america becouse America the world it is collopsed many country
Benjamin Rogers
tipping point y
the squdlings
It will be good when we leve the world because the wild life will return which will be good.
Freddy Pedraza
Maurice: Caesar, we are in deep shit
Caesar: no human's around, and few of us, we are dying of cancer
Geez even if the apes became smart, they couldn't maintain the mess human made
Braybrays Games
This video was scary
Even though 7 billion people continue to live, just thinking about humans going extinct will literately make me cry and make a mountain of tissues
M4s0n Alon
There will be aliens and lots of mutants
GTA Online Thug Zurax
10 Things that will happen if all men disappeared? plz i need an answer
We can't let ourselves die when we have pets!!! IF OUR ANIMALS DIE THATS NOT OKAY WE MUST AHwait jendhk
Isabela Gatewood
First thoughts: good things.

Second thoughts: bad things.
Satellite will NOT fall from the sky, they are in the orbit of the earth and are not affected by the gravitational pull. I've done little research but it takes at least a tad bit of common sense and knowledge to know that Satellites are there forever.
Harold Edward Styles
The world would be better basically
Carolyn Gimera
I'm so happy tat I now
Southern Acrobat
Basically the world will become the world it was before humans came
Jeremy Sainsbury
Sylveongamer lin
Hayden Kim
Aviann A.
Maybe it's good for us to be to be extinct for the sake of the animals lol
Sophia Blackhall
Wait turtles will take over
Now I'm hella depressed before bed
Pretty sure the earths only been here for only about 6-7 thousand years .
Anahi Villarreal
U will know when the humans exint... When the moon and stars fall(U might not know cuz it might be day:×
Just to think that in 3017 all hums that lived in 2017 would be old and the people in 1917 would be ancient
Reba Daniel
Yes how do you no you don't no untill were dead so stop trying to git views
Dalila Davis
I wish that didn't have to happen
Florence Stephan
Alians are fack
Umbreons Yoshi
If human went extinct god will create more xd
How about all the pieces of shit that profit off of the power plants just fucking roll over and die.... We'd all be better off.
Guinevere Scott
The animals will steak our houses lol
Christian Pooplorrd
this scares me alot but it is a good video
Raul Mejia
How are we going to be gone
Jian Wen
How do they know all this????
Arianna Brennan
I'm not subscribing to you because you're the one who creepy my sister's out 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
Sophia Moise
awsome and interesting
Toaster Burns
Bunch of retards down below be warned.
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