10 Things That Will Happen When Humans Go Extinct

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top 10 things that will happen if humans disappeared
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Natale Raisin
Without humans, we would have peace, sanity and a profound joy. We would have a huge celebration knowing we will never see or hear a human ever again...never πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜. P.s. Nothing will die anymore and we will be forever young πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜
Happywife Taylor
The history channel did this years ago. Life after people series.
Eun Garcia
is it me or does the format of this video is too similar to mind warehouse's video "what if humans dissappered?"
Jigs Chowdri
well that sucks πŸ˜…
Seema Halim
The white bunny was my bunny his name was Puchku!
Mateja Ivanov
TheRichest if you want to know about that,look the series called Life After People
Himanshu Jaiswal
It's true that the world will become a better place without humans. We're the only reason for making this earth so bad. We can only give pollution to our mother nature!!! So sad. It's because of us that even our extinction the world will face problem by chemicals. We should think something over it...
Charlie McNally
fuck u
JA Vlogs
nice aliens can do bottle flips now!
Larissa Carranza
Please support this artist who's making a short film about the origin of violence in humanity
Madam Moth
Zoo animals would have just as much chance of escaping as house pets would. Not to mention- Zoo animals are also dependent on humans and have never needed to gather their own food before, and would therefore would also be at a disadvantage. With the limited number of Zoos, and animals within them. I find it unlikely any Zoo animals would be able to repopulate themselves.
Connor Beckett
This is trueπŸ‘
Am I the only one that noticed they wrote "affect" instead of "effect"
Darin Wagner
Um, no. The reactors would scram and shut down. Even if they didn't, they wouldn't "explode"... they would melt down.
Rahmat Oriakhel
1 Thing will happen after the humans leave this world.

The humans won't know what is happening in this world since they will not be here , so they can't make guesses. .
Angelatine Noble
this would be possible. Even zombies are possible. I know There are some Scientist that secretly investigates and creating injectable diseases that can cause human to infect. I dont know if that infected person will eat human kinds but who knows. And the sun, it can explode hundred years from now. According to our topic in Science class, the sun, which is a medium size star has reach its middle stage. After hundreds of years, it'll become supernova or red giant and begin to lose its particles so we should expect some explotions on some of its part. After of that, it'll become a white dwarf star, then turn into black or the stage where a star can't produce energy anymore. When the right time comes, sun will completely explode and creates black hole or the gravitational force that no one would survive if you enter that thing.
Rufus T. Firefly
They lost me at "Lions & elephants will roam Manhattan.
You guys stole this
daryl gallacher
nope!!!!!!!4.6 billion years!!!!!!!!!
El Chapo Jr
i fufking hate humans
Al Rainer
I'm 😱 scared is this real I'm a kid
Mike Peace
only the creator of the world knows what's going to happen when we all gone !!!!!
Rachel Westaby
that would be good for the animals and plants
Shayan Ramautar
world would be better without humans
Milagros Rizo
the only thing I don't get is how zoo animals would escape n y would satellites fall?
If we had a nuclear meltdown of all the nuke plants in the world. End game!
Star Fighter311
Here's one thing that will happen if me go,

We go
Dustin Nuttall
You people are fucking idiots. You claim theory to be a fact, when it's nothing more than a mere idea.
Ryan Nanase
crysis 3.. that is all
fukqyou asszhole
Pardon me for being smart...unlike this video, but the land on Earth will be completely submerged in water long before that. There will only be aqautic life.
ML Callahan
dis cool
Joseph Gabriel
damn the future will be beautiful without humans.
vanessa Proscelle
Are you shure about that
MLG dragonslayer
My dogs (pit bulls) would thrive
Paul H.
humans cause such pain in the world 😱
YoloPug The III
how bout Styrofoam, it never decomposes...
Spectacular Trick shots
So when will humans go extinct
Warlock Monster
These are just theories, not what "WILL" happen.
Jennifer McMahon
If you're interested in this more you should watch the History Channel series from a few years back called; LIFE AFTER PEOPLE. There were two seasons and both seasons as well as each episode per season are all really fascinating .
Robert Harris
are there really that many people that dont understand that if just 1% of stars have planets around them and 1% of thoes planets develop life. and 1% of thoes lifeforms become inteligent that would still mean theirs 100,000 inteligent lifeforms in the galaxy...
Robert Harris
oh for fucks sake. a nuclear powerplant can NOT buclearly explode.
Robert Harris
you know. the science (history?) channel had a show literaly over just this subject. wxcept each episode took a detailed look into something specific.
Branden Ian
So I'll be waiting and survive from r 300 years to see the wildlife it would be worth it
Owl Man
Humans won't go extinct
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