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Tahlasia Allen
Half if not all of this sh*t ain't true
Chris Mohrbacher
... "in 48 hours, without proper maintenance, solar panels would shut down." .... they generally don't require any maintenance for a decade or so at a time.
The Lazy Panda
I'm scared lol
diys with Evelyn
how so you know
Gracie Bringing the Crazy
Luckily this will never happen because humans will NOT go extinct and we have been here since the beginning
Erica Boone
Erica Boone
I think these people are robots!!
Wholemeal Bread
it makes me happy that endangered animals won't be in danger of extinction anymore
excellent video
Charles Miracle
I'm fucking happy
Lioness paradise
okeeii, but tell me why the electricity would not just go out in a "few hours"
Karthik Manchikanti
nice video
she sounds so happy when she says that all of these animals would die
Melody Townzel
the world would be soo much better when out humans
Shahrezad Razavi
how do you know from a video
Deon K
i can't wait to the world end
Ariel Garcia
I wanna be born 300 years later
Im a weeb Nuff said
if the world apocalypse started happening I would book my children to the moon and let them live there for as long as it takes will endless amounts of food
Simba L
at least it won't be polluted to shit anymore.
James Bongiorno
ya microscopic humans .
fun, squishies and more
whatches till end of video

what the 😱😨
Chris Callos
this video hurt me badly =( knowing that us humans will go extinct😫goodbye fellow humans who I never met
Gary Regalado
I don't want to die I'm only 5
Jason Buhariwala
I wish we become extinct soon
Doodle Noodle
I thought humans were a problem
aaron hollis
how do you know all of this stuff you might just say this stuff to scare people and its not working
potating potato
'nobody would be there to feed the pets'
no shit sherlock.
Jacob Garate
I don't think we'll die off
Rynell Mcgillivary
jesus crist forgive me its almost time you come love you Amen
Ethan Akai
The earth would be a better place.
Jordansavageking Garcia
How do y'all know ahhhhh ur time traverlors
Jordansavageking Garcia
I wish the world never ended 😭😭
MissParrotWoman G
Earth would have a party.
PROJECT: Joza100
let the nature take oveeer!!!! that would save the world
we should never live heree i always told it to my friends but they told me im crazy now im sharin dis video thank you the richest
Neal Demelo
That is probably not true
Wouter Denys
Conclusion: Without people the earth is beautiful :/
It's crazy to think that of all the greatest architects with all their hi-tech equipment, the best of them lived thousands of years ago before modern tools, computers and other new equipment. Whoever built the pyramids sure did a fine job.
_Momo Kirin_
human should all be extinct :)
Tutos de Cicitron
Maybe the world is better without humans...
Josh Powell
So basically watch the 100!
Laura Hovland
This really makes you wonder if there was an intelligent human species millions of years ago similar to ours that we just don't know about......
Pip Smith
We have been here since beginning of time dingus, anything that was small enough to take refuge when the asteroid hit. Is here today, only difference is that our population exploaded!
Crippling Deppresion
1 billion years later half life 3 will be released
cameron gaming elephant
ahhhhhhhhh soooooo scary
This is ever gonna happen
Jake Heller
Let humans die off
Daphne Q
so let's say maybe a hundred or a thousand years after we're gone and something somehow created the Internet again, would all our websites and shows be restored? or will that be long gone?
Tyga Steele
Is it bad I cried
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