Jetson - the Family of the Future

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A short documentary featuring the history of the Jetsons with rare commentary clips from Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera. This documentary is from the excellent Jetsons season 1 DVD box set. Highly recommended. We did not make this nor claim to own any part of it. We just love cartoons!

Ralph Sendur
I will be 109 years old he he he .
Terri Thompson
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Lorenzo Abad
{(<>)They need to modify the Jetsons and add a cougar mom that takes her boy crazy daughters boyfriends ha ha.They should name her GG!(<>)}
Josephine Short
I decided after 50 years... to stop counting.... and just live!!!!! trust me.... I'm an accountant!!!!
stop the 're-cord' keeping and just LIVE you and only the ones you *LOVE*!!!!!
xxx xxx
These are not full episodes as advertised. Such a disappointment.
3 hour work days? jeez The future is good.
Tess Loucka
Can y'all sign this petition please?
I also made this website! Check it out!
Floyd Pacquiao
90 y.o. lol
Kurt Thompson
I just remastered this song in HQ digital clarity. I brought up the trumpets, added a new jazz trumpet solo plus brought out the bass bones!
Please check it out and tell me what you think.
It's the first video on my channel
Michelle Georgeson
I guess The Jetsons is our future......😉
robert sammernegg
Heroes of my childhood.
I see this video was posted a while back (this is my first time seeing it) but I was just talking about the Jetsons recently. I loved watching this as a kid. I was fascinated to come back and see an old show, showing the types of technology that we currently use. that was predicted in this show. A smart watch, computers, Skype or face time or whatever you call it. Hover boards kind of exist we are still light years away from them truly being true hover boards but at least people are working on them. Wireless telecommunications. Hanna and Barbera were truly visionaries.
Lawear Smith
Lawear Smith
What a vision
Steven Nunnally
To suggest to children that male and female parents should have exactly the same type of hair and skin color is rather odd. A child might infer that he should have children with his sister . A child might infer that she should have children with her brother. A brother and sister who share the same biological mother and father might think that they should reproduce together.
Ole Larsen
Future without negroes. NICE !
Willie Daniel
Bill Gates we are teaching computers to read and listen Rosie the Robot Astro-Boy incredible my vacuum cleaner is spying on my home and family
Did You Know That The Jetsns is called Super Sonics In Mexico?
I heard this took place in 2010. It gives H.B. more of a chance to be right if it really is 2062. I think they'd know.
Lyron Aguiar
I'm watching this in 2017😭
What's interesting is not only how much of this has or hasn't come to pass, but also how much of it can realistically be expected anyway. Flying cars will probably never be a real thing, and certainly not pills for food (we like to taste real food and a pill would have to be about as big as a chair to hold sufficient calories.)
pooja agarwal
I'm guess The Jetsons never touched the ground because it will be so polluted by then. No sign of nature. No trees, not even a blade of grass. :(
It's 2017, and just think we're 45 years ahead of the times! 1962 was the year that this cartoon came to tv, fast-forward 55 years from that, on into additional 45 years ahead...whoa!!
"Those 3-hour work days are killing me."

LOL Priceless! I'd love to work only three hours and keep the same salary.
Reynaldo Ocasio
we ne movie 🎥
Ednam Mansfield
Really loved the Hanna Barbera cartoons. Here in the UK the Flintstones was very popular and also the Jetsons, they were awesome and far better than the British produced ones of that era. They are still as popular today.
the 60's, past and future.... TopCat, the most effectual TopCat.. Whose intellectual close friends call him TC provided it's with dignity... TopCat, the undisputable leader of the Gang... he's the boss, he's the pip, he's the championship... TopCat...
Pretty acccurate, except for the come back of the commies, the crappy social justice whiners and the terrorists. . . Oh my All@h!! And let's not forget the multiculturalist daze destroying every possibility of a real Jetsons style future. By the looks of it, in pretty much less than a century, we'll all be living like the Flintstones, if we're ever so lucky, for, at least, The Flintstones were free!! A few of us just might be allowed to chauffeur our globalist masters around in their wood and stone cars and maybe operate their, camel, I mean, elephant powered dishwashers while most of our civilization slaves away in mines and farms. That's the future folks!!
mischief managed
jesus, i love this guy
Dustin James
was she fine did she have a big chest
It's strange to see that today, we have no more new Hanna-barbara cartoons...
The good old days. Before cartoon characters were all smirking assholes.
Meth Is Vegetarian
Queen TwilightSparkle
Well it's the 21st century and since 2001 the Middle East decided to cause a second crusades against the Western Countries. No flying cars yet, perhaps when we are all retired or when our Grandkids start to retire from work.
Rose Supreme
If they say it's the 21st century, then it'll have to be somewhere like 2096 or something because I feel we'll have quiiiiiiite a while before we'll be living in the sky...

EDIT: Huh, they said it took place in 2062? Now that is really an unbelievable year to predict all of this stuff happening. I know it's (science) fiction, but what's wrong with imagining how accurate the future would be like? It's fun seeing how people of the past saw the future!
Brent Castro
Check out Funko pop pebbles bamm bamm the flintstones funko shop exclusive via @eBay
Lucille Green
we're the robots come in they look like people
Greg inConway
One of the best cartoons as a kid. Those cartoons in the 1970s were classics and hard to beat with the ones airing now. I remember the Saturday morning cartoons were what kids woke up early for.... with only 12 channels on the TV.
0:47 what's with the mosaic on that guy's face?
Samuel Kosch
Norbert Artur Schek
Richard Peralez
no black people in the future. ever noticed that?
That was my Dad's favourite show in the 60s. Rest in Peace Judy Jetsons.
C. Lassard
Wow, I feel 10 again!
im still waiting for cars that fold into suit cases, parking lots are a pain
Shruti Alex
i want to see this again....
James Dooling
I once loved a man simply because he loved his son, Elroy, and his grey great Dane, Astro... The man -- not named George -- was a brute, but both the boy and the dog were geniuses. I still have pangs of regret for leaving them with their dad. I bet Elroy went to a community college and became an undertaker. I am sorry. I should have kept up. If you're out there watching Jetson's clips, find me. It was our show -- as 30-year-old reruns during breakfast. I miss you both though I am sure Astro didn't even see 2000. Love, Jamie.
Jack Riley
i 💘 cartoon we grow ☝ with hope they make more Joe Hana and Bill Bara vvv 👍 ☺
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