Cottonmouth vs Water Snake!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is back in the swamp to show you the differences between a Water Moccasin and a Banded Water Snake! 

Easily confused for one another, these two snakes are worlds apart in terms of their danger factor toward humans. However in order to show you how to tell the deadly viper apart from the harmless Colubridae Coyote must catch one of each which is going to be a whole lot easier said, than done…good thing our wildlife biologist Mario Aldecoa is back in the field to help with the search! 

Get ready…this is Cottonmouth vs Water Snake! 

HUGE THANKS to Dr. Jimmy Smith and Wyatt Smith for hosting the crew at The Retreat at Artesian Lakes - please visit their website to book a relaxing vacation in South Texas

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Rosa Negrete
they look clool
Guys make sure to go to my channel @THE MENDEZABLES I just made my first video!!!
Kendal Stroble
Out here in Missouri, we got water mocasins chilling in the crick.
Harvey Acevedo
Might as well be sweating bullet ants
Sharron Thornton
i luv snakes
Erica Kline
Coyote: what you do not want to do is step on a venomous snake

Me: youuu want to put that in a news article with Thomas Pane it's called "Common Sense"
Juleigh Daly
I love snakes
coyote has a great grip on snakes lol
Rodrigo Ortega
good click bate
Christina M.
Coyote: hey I'm looking for a swamp filled with snakes
Texans: uhh yea take a left turn you'll see it
Coyote: thanks
Texans: picks up phone to call his boys y'all better come over here some crazy man is going in the swamp so bring some cold ones
Boys: damn city folks 😂

It's a joke don't take it serious
Alex Rodriguez
jump scare 0:16
Teneishia Coleman
So coote <3
Cooler guy Bro
how does the snakes feel?
Coyote I'm from Mississippi and I love catching snakes, wether poisonous or not I still catch them just for fun
pdm roblox
Oh that's the snake my dad got bit bye it was the cottonmouth
Matthew Vaughn
My younger sister almost stepped on a four and a half foot long cotton mouth I just let it slowly slither away
gAviN IhHHhHhHhHgHhHhHhHhHhh
Souls Fanatic
I always wonder how people get out of that snake head grip without getting bit.
I love any snakes I only leave them were they are but if its near a populated area I get my bag and relocate it killing them seems wrong would you kill a dog because it was thretened
At first I thought the snake spermed on his hand
i’ve been bitten by a brown recluse when i was 10
Nisha Winfrey
They do the stupidest things
Love Queenly
um, clickbait much?
Gregory Green
the eses
Gregory Green
yes my mom told me
Melissa Felix
find a dusty snake and get it and throw it in the water for it could die
That video time guy.
Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?
theredbred joe
brave wildness this snakes are making a deal on you the deal is that you are the breakfast of the snaks
Dean Corless
Should have killed the moccasin
Savannah Rose
Imagine being the camera crew I would love to watch him catch creepy things in person
when you see them pick them up and start looking at their eyes and see witch is the one
Hiram Bokadrik
i felt like there was a snake by me every time
I almost fell on a cottonmouth
Mason Smith
If you get bit by this snake you will have to go right to the hospital

Now let's have him bite me
that is one pissed off looking snake
DatOneGuyWithDatBoi AtDeBar
Safe distance = 1 foot
Rodney Falle
I love snakes🐍🐍🐍❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋
SugarOutWithCandy 111
Do Copperhead vs Garter snake!!
Karime Ortiz
Snake gets offended when coyote calls him average size.
Itz Diamond
This is mimicry right?
Gavin Jones
i hate yoj so much i wanted a FIGHT
Ashley Oreo
you pro
Colin Loughran
I have been about 5 feet away from a diamond back, I was helping my friend down a rock and then I heard it's rattle looked down and booked it (my friend noticed what I was doing and ran also)
Melon Girl
Well... when I'll see a snake I'll never ever zoom in and look and focus 😂😂at her/his face I'll sure run away
Melon Girl
Coyote "he's trying to defend his self with poop,but don't worry I'm not gonna eat u,I'm gonna make u fight against a venomous snake and you'll die! Does that sound fair?😂😂"
Melon Girl
With all these snakes didn't u find my ex
Melon Girl
At 4:17 I thought that the snake said "huh".
steven hunt
I picked up a venomous snake it did not bite me it only kissed me and bit my friend and my friend is so sad cause animals hate her and they run away from my friend but not me
'ouch, this snake will send you to the hospital if it bites you.'
-grabs it
R-iWaRrIors-i-R {XRPG}
1:37 Optical illusion
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