Cottonmouth vs Water Snake!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is back in the swamp to show you the differences between a Water Moccasin and a Banded Water Snake! 

Easily confused for one another, these two snakes are worlds apart in terms of their danger factor toward humans. However in order to show you how to tell the deadly viper apart from the harmless Colubridae Coyote must catch one of each which is going to be a whole lot easier said, than done…good thing our wildlife biologist Mario Aldecoa is back in the field to help with the search! 

Get ready…this is Cottonmouth vs Water Snake! 

HUGE THANKS to Dr. Jimmy Smith and Wyatt Smith for hosting the crew at The Retreat at Artesian Lakes - please visit their website to book a relaxing vacation in South Texas

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Jaylynn Correa
I just kill them all
Penguin 471
You are a great snake handler
Nyla Oubre
this was boring
Mr. Mankey
You're so brace you're just like aaaaaahhhhh and then jump at a snake 🐍
Brandon Timmons
good luck
Dude why does he gets dislikes ?
Slenderman 1
The Only Channel That Doesn't Do Clickbait
Dana Gibbs
If I get on hundred fifteen likes I will subscribe to any one who likes it
Matt Brown
If a snakes pupil is diamond it is poisonous and if the pupil is a circle
Chiiicken Nugget
I want to know why do these water snakes and other snake come in my backyard and try to bite me even though I don't mess with it
Celtic Star
We had a young broadbanded water snake in our garden last weekend. I wasn't sure what it was at first. As it slithered into the mulch to blend in, I made sure it didn't have a rattle. I sent a picture to my dad and he said it looked like a moccasin. He wanted me to kill it, but as I didn't think it was a moccasin, I didn't. It was the wrong head shape for a moccasin. It went on its way to where it wanted to go. He wanted away from us.
Carlos Saenz
can they reach 5'4
Sam Vegas
can i eat moccasin after i cut it's head off?
when the snake bit the thing. it scared me!
sinead abbruzzese
you should go to wales and look for animals and you could meet me in my back garden i love you cyote
merman lover who is a boy
the water snake is so cute
s/Jacinta Perez
Thanks so much coyote you have helped me super much I always think oh black snake it is a water macgsin now I know thanks! Sorry if I. Spelled something wrong😓
My friend had a water mocassin at his house a few days ago. right by the door step. his mom nearly stepped on it. unfortunately they ended up killing it.
Hyperactive Dinosaur
one like will help coyote catch a snake
No mater where I've lived we have had cotton mouths around. I remember when I was probably about 8 or so I found one while fishing and another one a year Before that while walking with my sister. The one I found while fishing was a baby one. Started messing with it with the tip of my pole and eventually got it to leave. The other one was much older and was already agitated by the time we came across it. I knew what they where at the time but other than shooing the smaller one away I didn't really do anything to them
Xcalibur Untold
How far is a safe distance? 200 feet? 300 feet? Oh! I know how about i'm never getting close to this thing.
Tori Leclerc
Poor Mr.Water Snake. He has no friends because of stereotyping. Maybe he is a snake but doesn't identify as a poisonous. Ever heard of "Don't judge a book by its cover " Geez people. 🙄🙄😂😂
Aeve Nova
I love snakes :) they're sooo cute!!!
Muhammad Sohail
there are 2 headed snakes you should try that
0:15 I almost wet myself on the spot
Rigoberto Padilla Jr
I live were you are lol i saw you so cool
Shandy Salazar
Bocah Greget😂
The master Gaming
wait don't cotton mouths live I Utah if they do o no😨😨😨😨😨
The master Gaming
I don't mind snakes my sister catches them it smelled so bad
Juanton the Wonton
I find myself oddly fond of moccasins after reading "The Underneath" by Kathi Appelt.
savy brook
Do cottonmouth snakes go into trees?
Amir Minecraft Ja Cs:Go Pelailua Ja Kaikkee Muuta
iam alonely who every time seens snake in videos and watch behind
Dragon Zx
you are cryzy
nicole wins :D
this side has bigger balls than me lol
Sarah Finch
your brave
Rohit Patel
Thanks cyute Peterson
Me and my friend were in the woods and I found a coulorful snake and I told my friend not to touch it because it is venomous and I learned that from you and we were safe at the end!
If I see either one, all I can tell him is that he should have been something besides a snake. I'm not going to leave him there to bite next person who comes along.
Damn leave Orochimaru alone
Jay.P.F Mcafee
I had a chance to meet one last year, I didn't bother to think if it was venomous or neither cuz somehow I found myself back on my seat in the touring bus that fast.
Michael A.L
I would through rocks at all snakes
Wolf Girl
I know someone who loves snakes in my class
Justin Facundo
He shold use boots
joshua godwin
"lets go find a moccasin"
girls: SHOEEESSSS!!!!
Soccer master 900
do a tiger snake bite
ไพรัช สุวรรณกรินทร์
Some time it shocked me at the snake bite the camera XD
Steven Perez
The water snake looked like it wanted to be bff's and maybe go live with you. The venomous snake did not look so friendly.
Ethan Yulo Llauderes
2:27 you got bitten
Then maybe you might get killed Beacuse of the snake bite or not
Hit that like if he doesn't die
Robert Morgan
I have been close to a snank
Laura Sturdevant
He's brave
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