10 Impossible Things That Only Lionel Messi Is Capable of Doing ● He Is A Super Human ● HD

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10 Impossible Things That Only Lionel Messi Is Capable of Doing ● He Is A Super Human ● HD

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Aparmita Jain
Messi is shitty
Mujhe lalat aati hain uspe aur uske laachar fans par
Rinaldo Is the best
somonye maxime
je kif messi le roi du foot
Christopher Van Laarhoven
What I love about Messi, he doesnt dive like a bitch. He plays like a man. What I hate about Suarez, exactly the opposite
Scott Burry
good shit for sure
Kamva Gando
Lionel messi is a machine
Crabby Patty102
Some say that real madrid fans are still traumatized of what Messi did to their stadium to this day.
Tumi Mohlakane
best player
Nobel Chakma
Meena Gonsalves
Messi is like superman in football
Messi is just a good footballer. He has Chavi, Iniesta and others that are magnificent footballers. Messi doesn't show his wit in South America, because defenders here shadow him much better than those in Europe, no wonder, he seems to be a flash - in - the - pan player.
chikoo with oo
Thank you Messi
Matt Dewhurst
Is that song from Inception? Literally my only take from this video...
if all of this could just result in one world cup!
Jitendrakumar Paliwal
Shaabash DOST
mariano ortega
10 lio messi
the kyrie of soccer
Uke Cena
MESSI is one of best player in the WORLD
Igor K.
Great video to watch, thanks! Very well done.
That pass penalty is just copied from Johan Cruyff...
mega jolteon !!!!
I love messi
Sumaiya Sumu
Robeto Rayo
And on the seventh day god created messi. God saw that it was good.
cracken lord
He’s focus, fast yet calm when playing. He think 5 steps ahead from others. You cannot beat him easily. His sharpness and speed, equipped with his creative brain made him lethal.
Camtalog Origami
Messi = made History in Football
Ronaldo = made failure in History
Camtalog Origami
I say Messi made his country soooooooo proud
Camtalog Origami
Lionel Messssssssi love you
360 degree world
Dantdm fan
Snake Mgs
Hijo, yo vi jugar a Messi
I'm more of a Ronaldo fan personally but Messi is also really good, only true football/soccer fans will admit this if they're fan of either. One day Messi and Ronaldo will retire and football will never be the same so enjoy both while they still play
Absolutely the best video of the year lol... so well made especially when you showed the 3 dudes to score that many goals. Thank you for your time and effort.
Sorochi Geoffrey
you can't compare any one to messi👍👍👍
Javier Perez de Frias
And there is still people who thinks tristiano penaldo is better
Raul B.R.
Excelente video....its truth, he is the best soccer player
Bass Boosters Vlogs
Title: Things Only Lionel Messi Can Do

Video: corner kicks
soccer202 football
Maximilian Bowser
Like = Messi
Comment = Ronaldo
I love that last sentence: "He is the greatest to ever touch the ball"
Ayush Bhandari
Messi is the God of football
Horny B
Last week I met my 20 years older neighbor at the garden fence and he said: "well, I am a representative and i have no idea about soccer...but i have read A LOT about Lionel Messi...so i can talk to customers about soccer and this player...and for me...he is not a good soccer player...he just stands there and others give him the balls that he can shot the goal!" out of respect for the old man and the fact that he is my neighbor, I did not insult him or have asked him if he has smoking weed!!! that will be great talks with his customers!!! hahaha
Soccer is Lit/life
He can do this because he’s a ball hog
ItzYourBoy Gaming & More
In Some soccer games that I play like Dream League Soccer, Ronaldo has way more better stats than Messi. Of course I dont believe it, First of all in Messi’s movements we can clearly see he is faster and dribbles the ball way better than Ronaldo. It also shows that Messi’s stamina sucks it is like at 75 or something. I probably think they are Ronaldo Fanboys for some reason. I like the game but I do not agree with the stats of Messi and Ronaldo.
sureshraj singh
i like messi
RAdi Raj
U have done a great job
Saiprasad Magar
best player in d world 'Messi'
Makar Adieb
MESSI SUCKS and that's why Ronaldo is winning the BLLON DOR not messi I agree Ronaldo used to be worse then Messi but Ronaldo improved
Hilton Xavier
messi is not a human
Anthony Zelaya
Hey only defeated 1
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