rebecca no.
1.Messi(Soccer god)
2.Neymar(skill god)and Ronaldo (soccer king)
3.Iniesta and pogba(kings of the midfield)
4.Suarez (Goal tank)
5.Zlatan Ibrahimovic (The tower)
6.Eden Hazard(Skill king)
7.Sanchez(I have no idea)
8.Aguero(Goal gun)
9.Bale(was better before but he is the cheetah)
10.Coutinho(Assistant Manager of the midfield/he needs a better team)
The list is my opinion
Football freaks 123
I hate messi
Leo Messi 10
you seem like you're worshiping him haha
Maria López
Te amo messi
Biju Mk
messi is a good player
amer osman
I would say messi is the best footballer in this genaration
Kiko Dybala
the best football video I have ever seen.
Jose Perdomo
admit it. he's the greatest of all times
1000 subcribers with no video
Only leonel messi
Tushar Kapoor
Love u messi
Khadar cabdi
I am happy that cr7 and lm10 are here
Serginho Ifrenetikz
Messi is 1% of ronaldo. U idiots understand nothing about football
noam cohen
And to be the best player of all times
Is the king
Hawk boy23
I wish i could play like him man life would be so much easier for me, :( but god gave him a gift and hes using it well... god bless Lionel Messi
Never give up : Motivate yourself
Come on and get motivatie from my account... Pls see for just first time.
DJ Akademiks Math teacher
Just proves what a human body can be trained to do
Annette Keady
messi will go down as a legend
am fast boii
What about Pelè ? Hmmm? Yuuup he can
The one Gamer
Pele could also do 10 of those things
Oscar Baez
clearly you havent seen Pele, he did this 50 years ago
Adriteyo Das
"that penalty assist" was done by Pythagoras on boots Johan Cruyff even before messi was born
He is very garabge player he is no good he is PESSI Rinaldo is better then Pesi
Tuji Yuya
Who likes Messi I hate him
Ediel Exavery
both of them they are good layer according to their position(mess and cr 7) by edielix
Leon PlanV
Min. 5:37. resume everything. u cant compare with Ronaldo. He starts playing 30 mts. behind. Ronaldo doesnt. pure and simple. He is the best
Farzan ahmed
Hsn Safdar
he is true legend
It's a trick. there's a magnet in the ball, and it's only attracted to MESSI!!
Pizzaboy 007
What is a Ronaldo?
Darcy Russell
Anything is poseble dumb
Jaylene Sotelo
Messi is best in the world. Ronaldo is just a show off. He stands I'm front of the goal and just waits for the ball. He doesn't make plays like Messi. Messi does everything he scores, defends, and passes. #Like if u agree
Gustavo Flash Flako
The penalty assist is the ugliest ever. That type of penalty leaves the goalkeeper completely confused and it should be prohibited. A penalty is supposed to be executed by a kicker vs a goalkeeper not two kickers vs a goalkeeper!😬
I feel priveledged that I was able to seem him play in real life... can't wait to tell my kids about him
Mohd Saleh
this little man has changed football forever it will never be the same again
Anta Fall
respect le King
Ruby Paul
Lionel sir plz cut your bear
Ezequiel Carissimo
Salvemos el Barça! Ayudad a hacer eco para volver a tener el mejor centro del campo del mundo, razón de incontables éxitos culés... clic aqui para firmar
All over the world
Messi is the best player😍
Fran Luchetti
Messi has got 5 ballon d' or
Messi no es argentino. es patrimonio de la humanidad. la novena maravilla del mundo. donde El este jugando futbol, ese lugar va a ser hermoso. Los dioses lo crearon por que creyeron que estabamos aburridos. las palabras quedan chicas, como el mundo para El.
Sadeeq Tukur
Ronald is still better!!!!!
Luis Fernando Vargas
Jamas habrá un jugador como Messi, Es él mas grande futbolista y aunque los premios son importantes para saber la calidad, Lo que él muestra en él campo es Sin igual, Ahí se define quien es él mejor, Y él, Esta miles de pasos delante de Todos 💥 Él mas Crack
Martín Salazar
El mejor jugador de la historia del fútbol, gracias por ser del F.C Barcelona.
Jusste Mentally
MeSsi In The best 😍 #MaroCaine🔴
Barcelona lossed march against real Madrid
Its not touching without ball ,its ball faint ,even Ronaldo and neymar do
kevin franco
like si hablas español jeje
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