- Hey Siri , Open Google assistant .
- Okay Google , Delete Siri
Lukas Slazak
This this item is not available in my store that’s why fucking hate Google
[Y3A]-2017 Neil NAIR
Wolf Frags
Hi I subscribed cuz I love your videos can you subscribe to me
Nick Faber
i can confirm the messages are able to be read aloud, apps can be opened and you can take pictures with android phones using assistant.
Zawad Abu
disturbing reactions....
Killher Cervix
Siri is asking the web when google assistant is google web itself
For all of you Android users who else's Google Assistant activated when he said "OK, Google"?
Swarojit Sharma
Siri is a complete loser
Aokashehe Aelbrahime
you like PewDiePie
Tyree Carr
Play with Siri at 3am xD you will be scared to go to sleep for the rest of your life
Nathan Milkie
Siri SUCKS!!!!
Half of this is being updated for Siri in iOS 11
Agnes Palangya
yor not rte
Curly Mobile
Google assistant came from Android. btw for those iOS userd
I have both an android and an iPhone and I still love my android and Google assist waaaaaaaaaaaay (ok that might have been a bit much but you get the idea) more!
Justin Kavanaugh
ios 11 Siri is better than ios 10 Siri, great job Apple
on Android the Google Assistant can show your messages and read them to you
Amber Depauw
parrot Cuevas
siri is good then google
Ghulam Hussain
google assistant won but my 10 year old brother has a IPhone 7 display phone he thinks siri is smarter than google assistant
need google photo for it to pull up pics
Judson Gooderham
Google assistant is beast
Dariussebyy Bluezd
I m talk to google assistant ''What do you think of the Siri" and say "Full respect" "Begin assistant is hard work" and talk again , she answer" is so funny" why google assistant like siri, but dislike siri google assistant? mystic
"How tall is United States"
Please Siri....
André Eriksen
5:21 Again, get the right answer. Cap of Denmark, Population 1.3m.
André Eriksen
at: 3:25 i've always gotten a name as the reply as well as his info. Since siri iOS 5 or 6.
Just tested it again on iPhone 6 plus, running old iOS 10.2, Donald trump is spoken out.
John Pollanen
Can you by any chance do one with Microsoft's Cortana/
Michael Best
It appears that Siri was programmed by liberals. She knew the answer when it was Obama but not Trump? That's the most basic question you can find and Siri messed it up.
Asif Raza
Google assistant on pixel xl is just awesome and im sure on other Android 7 devices. Im so happy that its available on IOS now u guys can enjoy it too... Peace
do a video of the iOS 11 Siri vs Google Assistant!
Austin Sutherland
Why cant i get google assistant
Henri Adam
Google assistant is si better
Noe Horowitz
if u want a real Google Assistant comparison u need to do it from a pixel phone
Dean Natale
Dude the google assistant will NEVER be able to open iOS apps, Apple won’t ever allow 3rd party apps to do that, it’s a security concern. I get that an android person like yourself doesn’t give a crap about security but for those of us with a bit of sense it’s kinda important.
Google Assistant sucks because you can not recognize songs like Siri can do
Hussain Mohammadi
You should update update your video with iOS 11 Siri and google !
Marc Lombart
Google assistant versus Siri. Easy Siri, Fucking Google has not made their assistant available in Canada yet...again.
To make it fair next do ios11
Rafaela Fafai
siri kskskssksksk Google Assist
Roylar Howell
Great video, Dude! Been a long time Apple fanboy, but I am waiting for the new google Pixal phone to come out this fall because a good virtual assistant is so important to me. If you think Google assistant is impressive on an iPhone, you should see it on the Google Pixal phone. It's dedicated to that phone so it can do so much more than it can on the iPhone or for that matter on a Samsung phone. My buddy has a Google Pixal, and Google Assistant's contextual abilities on his Pixal are head and shoulders above what SIRI or Google assistant can do on an iPhone. So the best virtual assistant combo, hands down, is the Google assistant on the Google Pixal Phone. It put SIRI to shame.
Unsubscribed due to all the advertisements.
JY Yew
Once the assistant manages to be able to launch all apps, siri would be obsolete even for iphone users. The only limitation would be not being able to be fully implemented on the iphone without jailbreak.

Google will probably continue winning, everyone uses google search, and therefore they get all the data they need to improve google, while apple doesnt even control 50% of the smartphone and computer business. But competition is always great for the consumer, so I hope siri improves, so that google will also improve the assistant.
Andrew Daniel
Now imagine comparing Siri with Google Assistant on Android.
Paul Santos
Plz say to siri plz fuck off siri😂
Justin Pearson
All of the commands and questions that required app/os integration worked fine on my Nexus 6p. I was surprised with the "Take a selfie" one.

It opened my camera, front facing, and did a quick count down for the selfie LOL
google assistant is the best
ceecee kececee
that n word aint slick dude
ok now lets see google assistant on a pixel compared to google assistant on an ios i think that might make more sense!
tbh who even uses Google Assistant or siri...
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