Siri VS Google Assistant on the iPhone! (2017)

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Siri Vs Google Assistant on the iPhone! (2017)
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Apple's Brand New Product!
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- Hey Siri , Open Google assistant .
- Okay Google , Delete Siri
Bill Gates probably shouldnt show that reminder
Sourav Gangopadhyay
That was fun to watch! And u too ! Crazy and cute ;)
I'm sorry but for me, things like "Take a selfie" and "what's its population" after a "what's the capital of France" worked fine...
Vladimir Guzman Galeazzi
Google Assistant is the best!
Lee Chapman
I've always liked Google for everything I've needed to know... so my thumbs are up when you said Google wins :)
Brook Mulugeta
You can't beat google when it comes to AI
Tech Daniiels
Bro that wallpaper on the iPhone on the right
Omar Griffith
the drug sumggling trio hehehehe
Siri sucks, just like apple
Glenn Dale Amores
Very cute SIRI-Ous
Sheharyar Ali
okay google 'fuck apple'
google assistant: 'right away buddy'
Hey google if I wanted you I'd get an android phone.
Faisal West
I can't download it...I'm in Africa
amin mousa
imagine how Google Assistant in android
mark gonzales
I used to live by where you are.. at gateway crossing haha
You cannot win an argument with me.
9:12 dat widget tho.
Big Boss
Nice trick to ask Google Assistant to remember... Subbed..
Big Boss
Siri is fucked
Bixby's gonna beat both these voice assistants tbh 🐸☕
Warren Skipper
It's too bad Apple's business model is to remain as closed as possible. It would be amazing to see Google Assistant fully functional as on Android. I'm sure Apple realizes that if they did open up system access, especially in this situation, almost no one would ever use Siri.
Shawn John
google lost the first few minutes
My workflow: "hey Siri, open Google. Okay Google, query."
Vernon Tauro
he lost it at those puppies
Great comparison. Good job
Now Siri is unemployee.
Roman Jakubec
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start again with gaming videos 😫 i miss it so MUCH!!!!
Matthew Valadez
apple sucks anyway
john smith
I want an Os from the movie "her"
Joshua Long
Siri can remember where you parked lol. But you didn't even ask it because your to busy advertising Google.
Joshua Long
Hopefully Apple pulls ahead with IOS 11 at WWDC.
Joshua Long
Is this an advertisement for Google Assistant?
I think that Google will always be ahead of Apple in machine intelligence because it is so important to them that they are incorporating t into every one of their services. also announced at this weeks IO
misagh k
😎plano guys
ifouth xion
#GoogleAssistant will never beat #Siri on #iPhone. It is the best for Google Phones.
Norman Syarif
12,063 unread emails
Ghulam Hussain
google assistant won but my mom's 2nd phone she had google assistant I didn't know so I used her for a while my first qestion was to sing happy birthday she sing d it
Tips and Tricks
Siri are you there ?

Google assistant: i has killed her
Meno Exist
The joke that Siri told at 9:30 was (still bad) pretty clever. The iphones that walked into the bar got drunk, thats why Siri forgets the rest...

Feeling like Captain Obvious here but idk if people missed the joke :)
Ryan C
Siri has Trump Derangement Syndrome
Jameel Jamal
assistant is able to do these on Android:
open apps
you can view messages
you can take selfies
baraa ashraf
wallpapers please
Bálint Fodor
Siri just became the Internet Explorer of the iPhone
Gregory Chetty
A blatant copy of mkbhd's video not helpful at all
Matthias Bisig
I hope "Siri can't even remember the joke" was a joke itself. 😂 Or didn't he get the joke?
what countries does it support?? i cannot find it in canada app store :,(
Randall Collins
I've always had Android phones until I got an iPhone 6+ a few years ago. I still used Google apps then as I've found Apple-based apps a little lacking. In fact, Google apps worked better on iOS than Apple's apps. I now have a Pixel XL and can't imagine going back to an iPhone although I do have an iPad mini 4.
9:25 "Wake up nigga wake up"? Who gave you your 'nigga' pass?
Beto Flores
The puppies😂😂😂
Bartinater !
I literally said "Hey Siri, open google assistant" and it replied "Would you like to open: Google Assistant or Feedback"
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