Top 10 Best iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Cases!

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The Top 10 iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Cases Collection. Protect That Jet Black From Drop & Scratches. Best New Case Review.

Juan Carlos Fondeur
It is ridulous how many cases are done with a hole just to show the Apple brand
ThΓ­ch Channel
love racing nice day everyone ltunes
Companies need to stop putting holes for the apple logo! Nobody likes it, I've seen nice cases that are ruined by it, it looks ugly as fuck
dwight ledda
can you give me one of your i phone pleeaasseee i wanted to have an iphone but itss to expensive can you give me one
Pulsar HD
This is amazing!
Omega Orcas
Well UAG failed you once
Inner Reaper
my phone cases smash these, check them out on my channel
Pelican phone cases
Dennis Carney
He said he didn't have and iphone 7 plus and then popped one out
please give me iPhone 7 case one
Noah Parrish
Where the heck is life proof
Alexander Ginaylo
Cases are goooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iPhone 7 Plus Case Check it out!!!
Florrie Elia
3:50 what type of case is that i need it pleaseeee
How many iPhone 7s has he got can't he just give them away
Tommy Bean
That awkward moment when Amazon won't ship the case you wanted to your house..
Hey! :) We make some really original and nice cases. What about including them in your next review? :)
I spent $60 on a UAG Monarch for my iPhone 7 Plus, and I haven't been disappointed at all!
Andy Tan
seems all heavy
luis cuevas
Any recommendations for 2 part case that will protect from deep water ,10feet drops, mud ,dust scratch proof??for the 7 plus
Fish Gang
Like the the look of the Red leather Covr case, is it any good and would you recommend it?
boni bons
Can I use the 7+ xdoria defense case with the 6s plus? Aside from the headphone jack will there be any other issues?
Ryan N
Dear everything Apple pro, I'm about to buy a 7 so thankyou for the recommendations I currently have a 5s with a urban armor gear magma red case. Should I buy U.A.G for my 7?
Derpie Pony
Uah is ugly
Someone :)
8:17 good old days?

I still have one lol but laybe i'll buy a new one
Fernando Ordonez
Can you send me a uag case please I can't afford a good case
Sai Philip
where do you buy those cases
Danny Li
abdelrahman shouman
i got a samsung ad before the vid
Braddy Koch
what about lifeproof cases
basketball girl miner
Am I the only one who thinks the Poetic Case (#2) is kinda weird because the logo on the back looks like a sticker he tried to pull off but there is still residue?
Sun Ming Kin
Allan Pangilinan
Am I the only one who has a case for their iPhone 7 already, yet still is interested in watching these video?
I'm 15 leather cases will match my pencil case
Austin Waters
You should take clones and test the cases with the clones in there...
Nathan Brown
Are otter boxes good
Yousuf Abo_
4:43 he said he was eagerly awaiting his 7 plus but had two on his desk in the beginning of the video πŸ˜‘
Eric Jensen
Would you recommend a 128 gig or a 256 gig iPhone 7 plus?
iggy happ
is it just me or is everyone of your cases are fucking ugly
Alex Zichil
is the case crown case durable????
you look like a crack head when you move your hands to fast
Edy Ianculescu
You missed the one i'm using its by far the best out of all you showd here. RANVOO 3 in 1 anti-scratch shookproof electroplate frame with coated surface. Beeeeest looking by faaaar
Jesus Roman
I buy the otter box case
swiperboy sb
lol homie buying every case in the world while im coppin 99 cent ebay cases
Poll which should I get the uag or x Doria defense?
Pl mhfy
does UAG do samsung cases?
Use a zizo case
otterbox is better than uag
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