Top 10 Best iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Cases!

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The Top 10 iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Cases Collection. Protect That Jet Black From Drop & Scratches. Best New Case Review.

Can i have your 7 if your 7 plus arrives? :)
Loony Pheonix
8:39 woah ok. " I like to feel it" WOAH WOAH WOAH PAUSE PAUSE WWWOOAAAHH
Zully D'Emilio
I’m still rocking a 7 plus!
The SuperChargers
I have had my uag case for a year and have dropped it countless times. Best case I have ever had
Tuck Hoong Raymond Yip
Any giveaway for the cases ??
Danny Cruz
The otter box is the best it has a screen protection ! I droped my iphone 7 + so hard so many times it did its job !
Avenged Gamer
Jk love your vids thanks for all the help with picking a case
Avenged Gamer
When you find a case you like it sounds like your orgasming 😂
How much is the poetic case??
Erel Ben shoshan
Lexie - Rocket League
first 1 is already ugly... my opinion
Loren Blackledge
Lol he has the pelican voyager box on the table but it’s not even in the honorable mention list
Gustav Horsøe
Muthasim Choudhury
Can you please make a video of 12 best screen protector for iPhone 7.
Try with not 8
Orange Bar
Ok everyone just admit it these are all outrageously ugly
HDolphin 123
The x doria carbon fibre one has fake carbon fibre on it
ChingchongchingchongChingchong Chinelreio
Will these work on iPhone 8???
I have had the Spigen Tough Armor case on my 7 Plus since the day I got my phone almost 5 months ago and I LOVE it. That case has saved my phone from so many falls. I also use the Spigen screen protectors. I'm very loyal to the this brand.
tog theking
Why do you always turn on airplane mode? It kind of annoys me idk why
Bradley EauC
I had the caseology with my iPhone 7 Plus and it survived a LOT of drops from 2-50 feet
Johnny cena
Homemade Nokia case I think?
Pono Kaleikini
You forgot the Goat case. Or any waterproof cases
Tony Clifton
I find every one of those cases to look horrible
I like the rhinoshield crash guard
RhinoShield PlayProof?
Md Kawsar Hussen
Check out these cases, really classy and cool and also cheap price. Link ---->>
OMG, these case are.... good looking?!
Ibrahim Rahmah
how am I supposed to trust you if your iphone 7 is already scratched
iOS 76 _ TROOpER
Dude my mums in debt by £200 and ur sat there with fucking 700 iPhone 7s
Dropped my 7 plus from chest height today accidentally. It was in a rose gold iPhone symmetry case and the inside of my screen is broken. Multi colored lines on the right side of my screen and along the bottom. Thanks otterbox!
Lifeproof and Otterbox all the way!!!!
PP Playstation Player
best iPhone 7 case is the unicorn beetle super case on Amazon with back and front protection
Dear everything Apple pro this comment is not to show hate please know that what I'm saying is that I don't like the fact that it makes people upset that they don't have a I phone and you can just grab one out of no where Like I saw a video and there was literally a stack of iPhone7 like what the heck theirs you tubers out their that don't have that much yet they do giveaways like crazy yet I haven't seen you do a giveaway in the while time I've watched you which is sad so I'm just recommending it and maybe you wont make as much people upset including me plus there's really no reason to have that many so hope you understand😊
Daylen Roberts
What’s better a spigen or a incipio
All Things Magnum
None of these really prevent your screen from being damaged.
I love the smell of a cracked iPhone screen in the morning
Nutty 16
Kio Milenium
We need the 2017 iPhone 8/8+ version of this video mate.
I use the otterbox symmetry for my jet black iPhone 7 plus
ClassicRocker 81
I’ve had my UAG Plasma on my 7 for about a year and it’s been awesome!
top 10 ugliest cases for iPhone 7..
New LifeStyle
well I wanna break mine!!!
Mustapha Bashir
I need an iPhone 7 in matte black or rose gold
Jose Otero
Please link these next time
Jasire Taueki
Are you going to give a i phone away bro
Jun Feng
i don't know which to choose from 😫
ну и хуйня, ни одного норм чехла, одни бамперы, да ещё и цвета для малолеток
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