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4.17 why the fuck did she said yes to this program
Maya Papaya
Rubbing your lil head
The mom and son at the beginning are always so funny. Every video about sex that they are in, it is so funny
"she 'bout to get to' up." I LOVE HER I NEED MROE VIDS WITH THIS MOM
Clover Vue
flag it.
Vanilla Star
YES! Thank god this is a video!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why do they automatically assume that their children are straight?
palomitas flow fan #1
MOM:and she do a dance but mmmjj
Cody Cassidy
the African American mother and son always get me lol
Nikolai I
Am I racist? Or I just predicted that the dark skinned lady was going to say "Tyrone" πŸ˜‚
Chicken Strips
"Nu stoopid git out of my space uy uy uy"
Dic3 Galaxy
Shelia and Tyrone i would of said Emma and Brody aka dude bro name
Butt Roaster
Why are the examples always the men that force it.
Trendsetter Tarik
You scared to rape a bitch I can't relate only real niggas not offended because they know the song
Sophie Says Hi
the girl who drop kicked the ken doll has her priorities straight
The Felix girls
1:53 they were the funniest πŸ˜‚
Logan Baker
"No means no. Got it?" Kid flips over the no sign "Good"
Lainey Irwin
Sheila and Tyrone
FSY Pulse Official
Can we all please acknowledge how freaking cute the baby at 4:00 is? For those who don't see it, it's on the right side on the ground in front of the sofa
What if she's twerking and dose a little butt but butt

I diedπŸ˜‚
the one way the girl said naked she said it like neked
Blaine Manning
Lindiwe Ngwevela
The mom who be twerking on Tyrone! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rich Dead
0:50 that Asian girl just smoked something beforehand.
Beatriz Silva
Good vid but at the same time I'm so annoyed not a single person mentioned male rape.. Boys can get raped, Rachel can rape Ken, Sheila can rape Tyrone. I just hope those kids know that because it is very important and very real.
John Wie
it's kinda weird that the parents told the girls. you should give consent and tell the boys she should give consent...I mean tell your kids that both should give consent. not only girls should give consent. I mean there are situations where the girl wants it and the guy doesn't. he should also say no if he doesn't want it
maria brown
why aren't they teaching their sons that they should give consent too.... it goes both ways
Jolie Fofana
In Islam if your Husband want's Sex you are forced to do it !!
Oh god, i am deadπŸ˜‚
They should've told them that it's the same damn thing when a guy says no, it still means no :P
Aaliyah B
Lol the Asian dad though!
mercedes dowe
Her baby was so cute
Michal Andrusiewicz
this channel sucks
Yo Da boss
Even if she doing a lil booty thing niup niup niupπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‚
French Fry
Black ma got me dieing
Awh shit the first thing I think of when I think of rape is Hannah baker fuck
RagedUnicycle 11
you know shits about to go down when ken and barbie are on the table with your parents
Nice video, but I wish it also could teach that a boy can say no as well. I know that's not classed as rape if a woman forces a male to have sex, but both men and women are entitled to say no
Benthic Zone
Lmao Sheila and Tyrone bro I died
Teslas Humor
Please end this channel in peace of memory @teslas humor
Megan Michelle
I know this is a serious topic and I shouldn't be laughing but I died when the mom said "I don't care if you got the tip in"
Tanner Allguer
FatJam Cran
This is hard core... wow
hamham Mies
"not even drunk, high or halfblind"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Man, the black mother's explanation was on point. That just reminded me why I love black people so much and I'm not even black, I'm pale af.
A woman can rape a man.
3:53 the baby has been hearing this the whole time
This is Sheela and this is ... TYRONE!!!!
Mistress Monster
Something else they should of covered is "fine". If you keep pushing it and pushing it and they've said no and they finally say "fine" I do not believe that is consent personally. It sounds more like them trying to please you, and not them wanting to do it.
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