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Nikki Wilkins
I hate these awkward conversations with parents, like when they explain how babies are made😬
3:11 Aaand now she be accused of assault.
all the boys are hard xD
Hate and Love
They all saying this but in the future they probably will do this
Caca_ Fangirl
3:10 I am laughing so hard somebody send help
Who's Sean?!??
I love the people at 3:41 and the black boy and his mother
The Blue Fugi_
1:22 to 1:30
me:wtf are you doing
Sufyan Parkar
that dad at 3.15 is so fucking confused about that word lmao
Duck Man3D5
I liked the girl hitting the other doll with hers 💯😂😂😂😂
Deth Striker
4:07 dat boner
Riona Chen
10/10 best explanation
Eli R.
I absolutely love this, and I can add this to my sex talk with my child
Melissa Myers
4:24 I died
jhim dotnet
what if "ken" doesn´t wanna but "barbie" forces him...
LFong LA
I was like I am goin do die.
Mylee Petersen
that baby is just looking at her sister like WTF😂😂😂
"I don't care if you got the tip in"
I'm dying 😂😂😂
Savanna LaVera
This is a very important video and thing to teach your children.
You don't teach kids to not be ass holes this whole video should have just been: you need permission to have sex with someone. But some of the parents were acting out scenarios of an individual with the personality of a rapist and expected a no from the victim to suffice. A rapist rapes a no is irrelevant.
Earwen Luinwe
Dad-A few years from now when you are like sixty
Mom-sixty? (wtf)
Miriam :3
"Here's a postcard for courage because no means no."
IZaak Ward
I like how there like a 2 year old and he's like I'm learning new things
Eric Benson
Melanie Ops
im gonna come back to these videos when im a parent
Indigo Detry
The black mom and her son are the funniest out of everyone else
Grace Navin
I love that the black mum and daughter pair talked about consent in marriage, something which isn't recognised in many countries across the world
Lynn H
the kid in the white plaid shirt is woke af
Nate Johnson
that's cool teaching kids how to tittyfuck
Isabel Read
hahaha maybe really means no
Lol at the baby just hanging out at 4:00
Demetra L.
Why does this girl with the curly black hair say ew to every single topic? Like its all natural ugh stop
Chris Gelekis
Is there a baby on the down right corner from 3:20 and on or am I going crazy?
Lire Spurlock
"Sheila and Tyrone" killed me
callum aston
The black kids face when is mom was explaining made me laugh
Raúl Valero Sabariego
It's a shame you Whatcut Video didn't take into account the possibility of any of those not as grown kids having any kind of less common sexual orientation. No Rachel with Rachel or Ken with Ken. Or even not telling boys not to do it if they don't want to.
Teaghan Johnson
I absolutely love the black mom and son 😂
Toni Darrell
3:06 😂😂😂
Dashira Smith
2:00 Mom: She a little tipsy I'm bout to get sooooommmmee😂
eric s
1:24 to 1: 32 why is the mom doing fake foreplay with her son?
Sophie M
The colored mom is so cool about it 😂
Scorpion 89
Simplesquadlife Jal
2:15 "lets say there in there 60's " the girls face tho 😂😂💀
105 SkyHawk 105
had no clue what a consent is.. well i guess ill find out
chonnie 4life
I think the black boy just saying no for now
chonnie 4life
my mom ask me did I want to be in one of these I said "hell no"
Zulaikha Dzulhizam
babies part was like parent teaching kid how to play babies doll
Laura Dominguez
Why do asians have such trouble explaining about sex??? I mean come on man!!
Adilene Garcia
60 😂😂😂
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