American Assassin Trailer (2017) Michael Keaton, Dylan O'Brien Action Movie HD

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American Assassin Trailer (2017) Michael Keaton, Dylan O'Brien Action Movie HD
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trailer looks pretty good
alexiel axel
i just want to see michael keaton kick ass
Ernie the Quiet Doom
I'm kinda stoked that Michael Keaton has been making a comeback. I always liked him.
Mehmet Ali TAŞBAŞ
1:02 ay iğrenç film...neden silahı ateş ederken yukarı aşağı sallamıyor...hiç de anlamıyorum ateşmi ediyor.sanki doğrusu buymuş gibi..kınıyorum.binlerce film mi yanlış yoksa doğru olanımı yapmış bunlar ^^
Jason McCabe
Holy crap, this is going to be a good movie. Have we heard a release date yet?
Dustin Dore
Lord ppl. it's a MOVIE. u know those things huh. they r fake. don't see y'all debating Kong why Sam Jackson wanted to kill the ape. how wrong killing apes r lol
so POOR story..the current presindent of the UNITED STATES had said that isis the TERRORIST organisation was created by HILLARY CLINTON, so why this hero doesnt go after the real pricks by using the law force ? doesnt make more sense..?
Ghosty smoke
hah more shit movies
Bayu Putra
is that paul walker?
A baby faced featherweight is going to kill all the terrorists. OK, sure.
Harshraj Chauhan
At 2:00 I was done. John Wick has really raised the bar of action movies.
Hannibal Lecter
Corny movie title, but i'll watch it if they have good fight choreography.
I want this guy to play Nightwing, fucking awesome casting
Peter R
they totally fucked up the casting. i love Michael Keaton. he is wrong for this. The book series is awesome. Who they got to play Stan Hurley, Mitch Rapp and Irene Kennedy is soo wrong. Maybe because I have listen to the audio books and have a different idea of what they are suppose to be like. DISAPPOINTED ............such a great series. read it. don't let this movie ruining it. SUCH A SHAME
David Μυρμιδόνες
Join the CIA to avenge death of Love one. Create 10 more terrorist in process. =/
Great life goals bruh..
Dayne Silver
Gambit is back !!!!!!!
he look like PAUL WALKER
Apiz Razi
Unfortunately I think it was Mark Walberg by the trailer pic
The Sprawl
This film cannot be as bad as it looks.
nosej rongasa
The foundation of a good killer is a man with a gentle heart and suddenly crash it and turn it into pieces, the outcome would be fascinating.
Shaka ROSE
i of to watch this
Aislinn Slider
Aislinn Slider Yea
jessica robinson
this kid reminds me so much of paul walker
Love the fact O'Brien's getting a serious role, but he might be a little too small to play Mitch Rapp, no? Wonder what he'll look like when he gets older and has all the scars and stuff. Then again I only read 3 of the later books where Mitch is already a badass cutting arab's nuts off and threatening bitches with trains if they don't tell him what he wants to know. LOL
Driss Khalil
at 0:44 that stuff in arabic doesn't make any kind of sens hhhhhh

-we are recording your keystrokes.quick answers
that he used in the year of sadness.

-khadija and abu taleb (two names)

-who was with the prophet (for) israa and miiraj.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,don't they know any arabic speaker ?!!
E Church
As a huge Vince Flynn fan, I'm thinking that he may be rolling in his grave. Based on this trailer, this is so far removed from the book that it really can't go by the same name. Why Hollywood feels the need to "adapt" a book to a movie is bloody well beyond me.
Kenneth john
did Hollywood run out of actors
Trailer music please?
Person B
1:58 skinny Mark Whalberg?
Poras 91
now that seems owsome....birdman....
Alex Arias
I went to a screener to watch this movie and u know what I loved this movie great flick
Rocky Xaad
If that would be any Muslim Assassin, they would entitle this Terrorist Assassin LMAO
﴾ Ŧhe other Side of Story ﴿
This move is a good example of how Hollywood and American Movie industry trying to sell "American foreign policy " and it's "War-industry" to the public and at the same time justify their military action against other nations, individuals or groups !!
And they do that by Simplify things, turn everything into black and white! "We are the good and they are the bad!" Becuase it's how it is! "They hate us because of our freedom,democrasy and bla bla..!
Mark Larson
I'm so disappointed in the changes from the book. They are unneeded and unnecessary. The movie could have taken straight from the books without making changes and it would be awesome!
As to not enough minorities in the movie. The book has even less. So if they were staying true to the book, you would have even fewer minorities in the movie.
Hoop A
Anyone else noticed that when he throws the knife at the wall, he doesn't let it go??
Francisco Elumba
michael Keaton retirement after being Batman
Ted Trask
Great books, if this movie lives up to them it will be a block buster.
Michael Zeiss
What's the name of the song in this trailer?
Michael Zeiss
What's the name of the song in this trailer?
wasn't Dylan in a car accident?
Joe DeF
Mitch Rapp is supposed to be a world class athlete before selection. The character is based on a real person.
Jordan Sievert
Syed Salman Akbar
So Batman is training maze runner to kill Taylor Kitsch for making all those crappy movies. I say it is about time.
balort santa
Applicant for blackwater.
Sangye Nyima
HEY 9Media plz show us full movie plz
Ox and Holmes
Seems to me Michael Keaton is making a come back. Has been in a few descent looking movies lately.
Good trailer for what looks like a bad movie.
Алексей Добрых
В Америке все такие лохи убийцы
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