Shade On A Cool Day
It looks like a bad action B movie from the 80s
Pushkar Sirohi
I am a huge fan of the book series Much Rapp by Vince Flynn, but am I the only one who thinks that the caste is not as per the book. Mitch Rapp caste should have been more intimidating, intense, rugged and bulky athletic. Stan Hurley should have been more crazy ass, bad ass, devil may care attitude with a chip on the shoulder. Irene Kennedy should have been more composed, intelligent and White.
Azam Sh
is it only me who is getting paul walker's vibe from dylan?
McDonald’s man
Nimesh Randika
This movie deserve a better title :(
Hemant R
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doesn’t look so good, I fee this movie will be cheesy
My man Stiles(Dylan O'Brien)
Teen Wolf. Woot woot
brother old
kiss me??
This was an awesome film. In my top 3 this year, no question.
Ibrahim Yussuf
Wow it's owsm movie
Mohamed Ali
another American terrorist shit movie
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Rai Hiruisa
Uhh. The Falcon?
Nolan Hughes
As someone who has read every Mitch Rapp book (and the first 12 twice), I didn't like the casting of Dylan O'Brien. Believe it or not, I actually though Taylor Kitsch would have been great. Some how Kitsch has the appearance where he could portray a 23 or 33 year old guy. But anyways, had to go see the movie & I did actually think Dylan O'Brien was pretty damn good & believable for Mitch Rapp. ACTUALLY, REALLY GOOD!!!!

I watched Teen Wolf for the first season or two, never watched a full Maize Runner movie, and still thought of him also as the kid from The Internship. I didn't think Dylan O'Brien had it in him to play up Mitch Rapp that well. Casting for Hurley was amazing as well.

One thing I didn't like, but kind of understood, was the complete change in the background.
a) Irene Kennedy is white, but again many movies are starting to stop accurately portraying race for major, but not the lead characters.
b) Rapp's girlfriend in the book dies on PanAm Flight 103 and they also weren't engaged yet. I get that they tried to portray something that is more similar to current events that could occur, but whatever.
c) Rapp went to Syracuse and not Brown University. I don't get why they didn't just stick to that. Made no difference in the interrogation interview.
d) Rapp never attempts his own revenge in the Middle East before meeting Irene Kennedy. From what I remember, has been 5-6yrs since I read American Assassin, but I think Kennedy meets him on the street or he recognizes her first, but it isn't at CIA HQ.

I remember in August 2014 I went on vacation to the Bahamas and my family rented a house on the beach. One of the books at the cottage was Kill Shot. I read American Assassin two years earlier and finished Kill Shot in 4 days. Reading a book on the beach for vacation was great. Then finished the next dozen Rapp books over the next 12 months.
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Med Sousane
great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Isaac Wallace
This movie sucked
Wahid Jr
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Reem Alzubaidy
i speak arabic and it says the names of religous figures in islam like the messenger mohamads wife and his grandfather and and an angels name gabrial
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xxx full coutry sex !!
jake devadason
Sounds like the black girl is calling Mitch a b**
Angel Salazar
Not worth watching!!!
Muhammad Muhammad
You have no right to put the name of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) or his wife Khadijah in the movie. Why do you insist in provoking the Muslims feelings?
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Hanei Almhdawi
Sigh . another movie with arabic letters as it reverse to terrorism by muslims! Well..
Let me tell you something! it's planned. if muslims were really terrorists then we gonna see alot of deaths. not rarely as it happens now.
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Abdiqani Mohamed jarik
This is best movie ❤️
wtf wtf
whats the song tho anyone ?
Damian John b
America Fuck yeah freedom is the only fucking way yeah Slowed down ......... America fuck yeah. Freedom is the only fucking way yeah
zak bennani
it wont be a blockbuster because of the lead actor they picked, people who never read the books wont be interested
houssem nabouli
i feel like this role would have been better by casting mark wahlberg
Natasha Saini
I can't wait for this movie to come out
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Enjoy the movie
Stan Hurley is supposed to be a short ugly old man who can kick ass like he was in his 20's and in the book the first time they fought Mitch beat him down but Stan won by punching him in the nuts, this movie will be shit.
Gavri-yal Yah-akhirivva
Did Mark Wahlberg loose weight ?
Griffalo 1992
I still haven't started this series. I've been too busy reading Dewey Andreas novels . Those should definitely be turned into movies
wepon master
John wick can kill him
No Limit Designs Ltd
All I can say is, "MICHAEL KEATON FUCK YEAH!!!!!!" Looks awesome, so glad Keaton is back on our screens regularly!
Matt Weatherford
The origin of John Wick
Vinyl Scratch HBC
This movie is going to be my fav September movie of this year.
omri najeh
that arabic is litterally F***d up
نادر سلامه
I love the books, but the trailer makes it seem like an overly erratic emo teenager wants to kill kill kill. I know Lionsgate wouldn't invest if it wasn't worth it nor Michael Keaton. I pretty much drew inspiration for my own screenplay, has some similarities to Mitch Rapp, its called "American Son"
But did I just see the whole movie!
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