Agar Heaven
Void stylis is back oh god make a run!
Philip Wells
Keep making movies Batman, we still love you Beetlejuice!
"You gave up everything after that, didn't you, bitch?"
lol mixed with John wick and wanted.
Elijah The Truth
So they remade the punisher with a different name?
What book is this based on
Black Wallstreet
stupid movie looks really really dum..
D. Fortner
It's so weird seeing stiles as an assassin.
anil vemula
He looks like young Paul Walker..
Finally gave this guy the lead role. Brilliant actor! 🙏
Cheese-fest 2017
Jacob sharma
Why are people so retarded its not propaganda where its trying to convince that assassination by Americans is right, its even depicted in the book that the who ordeal is illegal and its not aimed towards all Muslims, its directed to the group/man who did the shootings in which he happens to be Muslim, smh.
Vladimir Phelps
I NEED to see this.
Dat Boi
Winter solider all over again.
looks pretty good
Charlotte Maurice
American Assassin nice movie
Jordan Cohen
Omg he's so hot. This movie looks amazing
B Sab
je donne 0 sur 10 pour ce film..... n'importe quoi!!!!!
Xiao Hei
This is like the Americans turn Mossad-ish movie
so maze runner after? or nah
Ali Dxb
i just watched the full movie, "inside the trailer".. :)
Regarding life, the wisest men of all ages have judged alike: it is worthless.
Batman is back !!!
John Wick Jr
Ilmari Heikkinen
Broad machine section cxityiz reserve liability physically drug passion.
Mitch Connor from South Park
Max Smythe
looks Al little like John wick
John Wick - Be for the fall lol
Funny Man
This is so insensitive. It practically dramatises the Tunisia attack, then adds a vengeance story onto the end. Too soon, too blunt, too much. I mean, seriously, wait a few more years, or make it as a documentary. Don't dramatise real life recent tragedies, especially not if it doesn't follow the story of any person involved. I get that it's based on books, but if a book in the 90s concerned a security guard avenging the flying of planes into the twin towers, that would never have been made into a film, as by the time rights would have been bought, 9/11 would've happened and the studios would've shown a shred of decency. Shame on you, lions gate.
Mervin Mangadlao
i wanna see dylan plays wolverine...and jason mamoa as sabertooth...
ok good but not good as john wick
Nathaniel Chavez
I had really hoped that they would've started with this or Transfer of Power, would've love to see how they would introduce her, His Anna...
Racso Nosnibor
Looks good. I love Michael Keaton
Kidd Kurk
dylan is a goat
The Spectacular Batman
I'm a simple man : I see Michael Keaton, I click it.
marky mark
Fantasy world
30 Seven
Let's all jack off to this movie... meanwhile, in real life, only one Chinese guy had the balls to fight any of the guys from the London Bridge attack.
Anoni.mouse same
Produced by your friendly NSA. Glorifying assassinations for the benefit of US benevolent oligarchy. USA! USA! USA!
Dawson Boyle
Topical trailer music everywhere
Vector 12
Fuck this looks good.
Ernest Mackey
Why does Sanaa Lathan have that horrible wig on? Pause at 0:40. It makes her head almost alien like.
John C
Wanted without bullets that curve.
Official Filmilen
Batman is training the maze runner to kill Gambit
Ondre Osborne Jr.
"You gave up everything after that, didn't you bitch?"
Thank god tom cruise didn't get a hold of this book series too
Another movie aiming towards people hating Muslims. There are bad Christians and good christians there are good Muslims and bad muslims. GEE PEOPLE!
I'm seeing it if for no other reason than seeing terrorist get shot and blown up.......
Clark Parker
America! Fuck yeah! Freedom is the only way yeah!!
Bruce Bourquin
WOW...OScar for sure. Sometimes when you wanna win several, u uh....gotta push the outer limits. Yep, depressing movie season from now 'till ??? Good guyz & bad guyz on both sides....actually EVERY side.
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