15 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars! / Beach Pranks For Summer

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14 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars! https://youtu.be/VhRYVgiPZZE?list=PLy0LaulZe0vRyRDcwVaqbvnbSqhSQNtS-
In our today’s video you’ll find a new awesome prank compilation for summer. Have fun with your friends and enjoy your summer holidays! 

Supplies and tools:

• Double layer lunch box
• Laminaria 
• Green seaweed
• Sunscreen lip balm
• White chocolate
• Q-tip
• Microwave
• Bowl, cup, spoon
• Water
• Fridge
• White glue
• Plastic cup with a top and drinking straw
• Food coloring
• Needle and thread
• Scissors
• Plastic insect toys
• Marshmallow
• Food marker
• Apricot
• Paper clip
• Confectioner’s sugar
• Mascara, eyeshadow, makeup pencils, lipstick
• Cream blush
• Dead wasp
• Multipurpose glue
• Shaving cream
• Sunscreen spray empty bottle
• Sunscreen spray

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Michelle Valencia
Can you talk in a video
Aya Tlijani
I am a tunisienne girl and I love this chain 😘😍
Tanzima khaher Sikdar
I feel Sorry for the blonde girl she's been pranked all day
Andreea Ignat
Natasha Page
Why would you do these pranks
mundo da juju Beijos
Love you
Julie Harvey
Ân Nguyễn
I'm from vietnam and i love your channel♥♥♥♥■▪☆◇★♡■☆●■○■▪■○★●♡□☆●■●■○■▪□•◆◇¤°《•》◇♡○★¤○
Prakash Gyawali
It's very hard
DogeGaming DG
i crushed a giant spider with my bare foot without knowing like if it already happend to you
nice pranks
Spoder Gaming
Qmar Atheer
marie jeanette ramos
How was that beach spot secret i saw peps when they prank each other
RacoonGrrl 05
Omg your friends are so pretty!
Susan Abu Hakmeh
cool cats
Omg omg cool guys
Keniaa Delgadillo
De berias aser mas bideos cin ella tu nueba amiga
Said Chavez
Y don't u talk
Laurea Bedell
She is just jelles of her for not taking her to the beach maby she wants new friends
almazem ghost
The Lime
Derrielle waiters
Ha lo
Aileen Diaz
B mmm 4l0begw
I3y i3iieui01oTunsbeueopwnrnjejrjj
Llejene. Elle wass nkslla axz. 😎😅😀😐😚
Karina Palomo
I love that beach
Derrielle waiters
Her face was weird
Alina Dlc
Where did u get the white and blue dress? Its very pretty!
Renkli eğlence yıldızı
Great .
I ate the last oreo
Técnico Cozinha
ese video ficou um cu
Kami donut
Leo Labis Jr.
better one!
April P
I have dog sounds on my phone and it makes my friends look for what the sound was
karlane lps mélo
I love YOU troom troom
Shamli bhat
No problem now!I already scared her at the sleepover by the edible worms
Shamli bhat
Hey, I am really confused, as the friend I want to prank already watches troom troom so do you have a solution??😯😯😝
Zinjie Manreza
troom troom your prank so very nice
Ana-Marija Antunovic
Ana-Marija Antunovic
sunny faraz
it was so funny
Sithara Lajith
i tried to do the sunglass prank but she didnt were it she just kept it
Loujine Atef
I swear the first thing I think 💭 of is your channel and can you please say your names
Awesome Alex
Jealous much?
Reygie de castro
the people in this video are so very uggggggggggggggggglllllllyyyyyyy like it if you agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeee
Its Isabella
Its funny
Martine Dugard
Make poop slime
Well Now That You're Here
These group of "friends" have mental issues.... Do they need counseling?
Pug Gaming girl Cantrell
Do a pug
stormy conley
That is coollll
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