15 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars! / Beach Pranks For Summer

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14 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars! https://youtu.be/VhRYVgiPZZE?list=PLy0LaulZe0vRyRDcwVaqbvnbSqhSQNtS-
In our today’s video you’ll find a new awesome prank compilation for summer. Have fun with your friends and enjoy your summer holidays! 

Supplies and tools:

• Double layer lunch box
• Laminaria 
• Green seaweed
• Sunscreen lip balm
• White chocolate
• Q-tip
• Microwave
• Bowl, cup, spoon
• Water
• Fridge
• White glue
• Plastic cup with a top and drinking straw
• Food coloring
• Needle and thread
• Scissors
• Plastic insect toys
• Marshmallow
• Food marker
• Apricot
• Paper clip
• Confectioner’s sugar
• Mascara, eyeshadow, makeup pencils, lipstick
• Cream blush
• Dead wasp
• Multipurpose glue
• Shaving cream
• Sunscreen spray empty bottle
• Sunscreen spray

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The morol of the story is prank your friend if they go to a beach with another girl and doesn't invite you
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Dalila Pimenta
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