David Pergament
If anything it inspired me up my workouts....push harder....too old to ever compete again....where's the USA gals? Well edited documentary.....loved it....plan on seeing it again..
Louise Caller
Song at 5.30???? Please
Robin Hawrelluk
how can I access this doc after I buy it? lol
David Horton
I don't suppose anyone knows the name of the music track they use for the suicide sprint at 1:25:47-1:27:20
Nicolette Wright
Please put this on utube so everyone can have access to it to view it.
what does Sara's coach say to her in Icelandic?
Tom Greeves
Would any of these people make a charming dinner companion?
mdmfjdjd fuck offf fuck thess akemd movies mrmdmc 3kxok retarded huge shout out to zombie killer 323 youtube
Colin Scanlon
Purchased it but still can't watch it tried everything
Malcolm Pilgrim
In the next video, they should post the times. Can't wait to watch the 2017 games! Go Sara!!!!
meshari mahmoud
i just cried at the end....
Evan Baker
I rented the movie and I am unable to watch it because it is age restricted.
Geoffrey Bilder
Toomey is hilarious
Phil Bunayn
so much drug use
10/10 Although I think they could focus on more athletes.
Brenton Torrens
Looks good :)
Colm Mullen
Song at 05.30 minutes??
Suzanne Benson
A decade of fitness?...Disappointment big time thought this was going to show "Ten" years of crossfit..hence the name "Decade". Glad I didn't purchased this
Love you Tia!
carthy praise
hi friends
Geoffrey Bilder
Pat Sherwood is hilarious
Daniel Speir
Keeps showing "an error occurred. Please try again later..." What is this BS!
Justin Green
I just see Dan Bailey walking around for like a month saying "Back to the BAHR bach to the BAHR!"
Dario La Cava
Just breathtaking! So much passion! ...love it.
Tyler Frost
Phenomenal! So inspiring.
Medardo Perez
I wish we would hear more from Greg glassman.
Elijah Malone
Cannot wait
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