MLB Players Bad Luck

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patton guy
Does the second vid count as tagging the player out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Card Man
You did not put in stephen piscotty? He got hit 3 times on the bases in 1 inning. tbh you should make a part 2 adding him in it
My comment is useless but,
tuukka heinonen
Village form swing protection culture tablespoon pure.
This needs Benny Hill music
Thanks for these. And thanks for not adding music.
If I go turn the captions on, it says "The God" for Pagan on the first clip lol
I am honestly surprised the MLB didn't force the in-deck circles under the stands after Suzuki got hit. You saw what they did when Utley slid into second hard and Mets fans cried because they haven't seen what the game was like 15 years before. Back when the game was first created, you could throw the ball at runners to get them out. I bet that hurt.
V Bry
Robbie Bradley
Steven piscotty got hit by a ball like 3 times in one trip around the bases
Michael Williams
That's a dumb rule, if the ball hits a base runner he's out? That's not their fault and if a ball hits an umpire the player isn't out. What's the differance?
Was at the Cubs game today and a reds runner got struck in the head on a pickoff attempt
Awesomeness Monster
Who else thought Peter Bourjous caught the homer?
Kenneth Busler
2:40 . If he would have moved the on-deck circle like Miggy did, he wouldn't have gotten hit.
Baby Love
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Fireball Boi
When the mets runner got hit he said lagares not lageras
Benson Chan
can see some plays involve the ball hitting the 1st base runner going to second base, and turn out the 1st base runner is out and batter is credited a base hit.
what if, the 1st base runner see a slow coming potential double play ball towards second baseman, and intentionally adjust his speed and to kick the ball on the way to second base, to "avoid" the double play situation, is there any rule override this thing being happened?
Conseco, is that what made him nuts ?
Samuele Marchio
Bad luck, but good vid
Dude what about piscotty he got hit three times while rounding the bases
Baseball Yo mama
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