THE DEFENDERS Characters Trailer (2017) Marvel, Netflix TV Show HD

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THE DEFENDERS Characters Trailer (2017) Marvel, Netflix TV Show HD
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This is what my Defenders team would have: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Misty Knight, Luke Cage, and Colleen Wing.
Liberty Never Sleeps
Luke Cage= Tank, Murdock= DPS/Rogue, Jessica= Scrapper/Drunk, and Iron Fist can do the Healz/DPS FTW.

Or he is Leeroy Jenkins.
Clayon Gayle metal arm for Misty Knight from Tony Stark?
DjNeon X
Where's moon knight?
Dominique Jacques
Rosario Dawson is a groupie
looking forward to the interactions between cage and fist.
Revolver Ocelot
When you came here because you thought the punisher would be in it
Robert Hall
Anybody else just want iron fist to put on his dam mask
BahamasBro Jay
when is it release?
Ciaran Robinson
Tbh this seems more grounded than Cloak and Dagger and The Inhumans, also looks better from this trailer.
Why do I have a feeling this will flop?
I WANT KILGRAVE! (and yes KI(L)Grave)
Crazy doctor
What's the song playing in the background
David Blackcat
I can't wait to see this..
Pi SunSol Bennu
Maybe A Future Former DEFENDER NAMED... BETTY ROSS May Show Up Sometime And Her...ALTER EGO The RED SHE HULK., And You Know That MATT MURDOCK Isn't The Only STAR LAWYER In The MARVEL UNIVERSE, So Is...JENNIFER WALTERS...aka The SHE HULK. :) just saying.
Rat Baxter daredevil beat ultron by himself.....with a stick
Henrik Husebø
song please !!
OpTic j3wShOT
is it weird that I'm more hyped for this than justice league
Lafonda ThePoet
Where the fuck are the costumes.
Korien 89
Sigourney Weaver as the villain! Hyped!
Olivia Cobb
the first time I saw this I nearly shit my pants when I saw Sigourney Weaver
You know, the best way to defeat the Defenders is to set up your headquarters in a building with no hallways..............
Jay _
We gotta see them all fight each other or Ima be upset
fatninja truckn'
I don't understand why people don't like iron fist!? daredevil didn't wear his costume until the end of the season. season 1 was a good back story. I thought iron fist was awesome!!
amol palkar
everything you have showed here , fucker spoiler now what to watch in the defenders ???????????????????????
The Final
I hope they get official costumes like DD has
You four, the over rated ninja. The girl with the by-far best villian. The guy who has sex with every bitch he can find. And the underatted ninja. The war against under cover drug smugglers is here. So call 911 and get on with your lives..

And get your shit together.
2:10 Wtf is iron fist doing?
Alexander Kim
Iron fist is so offputting lol
Mohd Amri Razlan
Pohta Toh
STICK is the coolest guy in there
the man talking is Stick if u don't know who he is u have no right to watch this
Mason The Nitro Spider
A x con blind ninja a warrior and a cop
Bring back the punisher 2017
Jorge Castillo
Daredevil is the best, he's like batman but blind and broke, and he should be the leader of the wolfpack, like batman is
Tyr Myrmidon
Captain PhoenixOwl
A son of boxer, raised in Hell's Kitchen and blinded by toxic waste. Gaining super human senses, he was trained by the Chaste(enemies of the hand) to be a ninja against the hand but when abandoned he self-trained to be a vigilante. He lost his father to crime so he would fight it in courts as a lawyer but fostered by Nuns his convictions about life will set the city free of crime through fear as he sets his own demons against the guilty as the devil of Hell's Kitchen.

The Immortal Iron Fist. Just a child when he lost everything in a plane crash he was rescued by monks of a mystical dimensional city. An outsider he trained everyday in martial arts for 15 years and when he wanted a title he earned it against a dragon. Taking the power of the fist and the responsibility of guardian. Only to abandon his position to find out who he is. Eventually saving his father's company from corruption and finding his sworn enemy the Hand at his doorstep. Now the city is gone and he will fight the Hand here. With the power of Chi and the dragon within him.

Jessica Jones a girl who lost her family in a car crash covered in toxic waste she gained super human strength and enhanced healing. She would search for answers building up her skills as a investigator. She eventually got office jobs here and there until one day she decided to be a hero. Not long after meeting Killgrave who mind controlled her into be an enforcer and sex doll until the effects wore off. She ran away and became a private investigator which she is good at. But also a grumpy alcoholic. She eventually found, fought, exposed and killed Killgrave. Afterwards she continued with her Alias Investigation company. She has a no nonsense attitude and the abilities to back it up.

Luke Cage formerly Carl Lucas was the son of a preacher. Taught morality at a young age he holds true to the values and heroism that is in his soul. Educated on history and culture. A skilled football player he was beaten up by a street punk and his friends. He than asked his half-brother to train him in boxing, he challenged and beat that punk. Months later after being caught in a crime he was forced to join the Marines where he excelled becoming a Force Reconnaissance marine during his last tour of duty. Afterwards he joined the Savannah Police department only to be convicted of a crime he didn't do. In prison he was in a underground fighting ring and fell in love with his first wife. After badly wounded he was put in a tub meant to enhance healing but in a murder attempt he gained bullet proof skin and super strength. He escaped, changed his name and married. Shortly after his wife was killed and he traveled around New York working odd jobs until Pops a gangster turned community outreach director convinced him to be a hero. becoming Harlem's hero. Tired of being chased he surrendered, taken to prison until they can prove he did not commit the crimes they said he did.
Poor Kurt being sold out like this
sjef willems
the defenders and Sigourney Weaver = total nerdgasm !
liliane beeckman
ziek !
None of the others want that turd-burglar Iron Fist there...That show is godawful.
Stamos Papas
Where is Kingpin?? :D
Lorenzo Perry
great moving watch for real
¿Al chile, mae?
Name of the song, please
kay givs
All I care about is Elektra. <3
Darkjesterangel 17
"riiiiiiiiight nooooooowww jesssssssssssssssssssssssssssicaaaaaauhh"
So is Rosario Dawson the Nick Fury of the group?
Fahad Mohd
one of the best tv show for kids
fuck marvel
Skylinegtr 002
It's Cool How Nirvana- Come As You Are Is In This Trailer
suraj Thapa
nice trailer! waiting for movie, 😊😄😄😍😍👍👍👏👏👏👌👌👌💖💖💖✌✌✌✌
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