Leonard don'tknow
"He was inside me"
Debbi Morris
I love you Felix ๐Ÿ’˜ always awesome.
Meledy Diaz
When Pewdiepie used to put the game in the title...
slowtown sierra
every summer for like? the last 4 years ive come back to watch old pewds collabs bc they never fail to make me laugh
Vance Biondo
piss me off with the sign bro thretin away!!!!
ely espinosa
i miss this days
ely espinosa
me too
Lidia Strelczenie
OMG!! hes so young
Jake Clemons
Fuck #astro/hawoo
Erany Graphics
what server is he playing on?
Film Mations
Back when the farthest that everyone would go to annoy each other was just saying "yolo" a lot, now all you gotta do is have an opinion. I can already see you lot beginning to type anything just to spite me.
Raoul Ramsaran
3:36 did he cum?
Ffsszv Eryhihhk
cash me outside how bout dat
Adam Baldwin
Pewds, it's a great idea BECAUSE it's a terrible idea!
Liz Filice
you r the best pewds
minx is annoying
Maron Tan Kai Chien
Who watching this in 2016?
Mercurius L. Mohammed
"He was inside me" lmfao am rolling on the floor ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
TheBlack yeti
Who's watching in 2034?
Elkana Hans
YOLO LA FRANCE!!! (?) 0:31
Nick Mann
hunger games: catch me simulator
2Bros NoHoes
was that sindicate
OMG Gamer
more of this pewds its hilarious XD
Staci Johnston
September is my birthday 20 1982
Staci Johnston
My name is July vivo.8:20 Right now I'm watching in 2012
Boshwag omega
hey I saw jaythegamer on one of zuthar13's videos
ministry of darkness
respect each other in the comments my ass Yolo asshole commentaters
What os the name of the mod
Joyce Isgrigg
Ses lol continue meme si je suis franรงais
Kaia Lin18
I love your videos tom and you came to the town I live in and my dad met you
dca gamers
why you killed every day
Minx: "He (pewds) was inside me"

Thunder Hamster
I love it when his friends play along with pewds
Who's watching in 2016
Jordan Bishop
he made this on my birthday
moeez khan
yuan stein
hey who minx?? is he youtuber too?
Jo white
Tommy Garza
Your the best pewdiepie
Soua Lor
I miss pewdiepie
riverflare ็Œซ
thumbs up if you're watching 100 years from 1916
vasif muradlฤฑ
Yassir Ghanim
You should really include links to these maps for the rest of us to enjoy, Please?
3:40 Pewds condition is hurb.
pewds im from the future u will grow a beardddd
Gil Joshua Uy
I know minx's voice...
Cronnoss 15
i missssssssss that poods
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