Adventures in Cub Scouts

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Overall, I'm glad I did cub scouts. I don't know if you could say that I learned anything, but I'm glad I did it.
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efe mert eren
the crocodile would be a nice mascot 😉😀
Jack Shadow
will gamming
I did it I got it first time
hey i'm a big fan and you are cool to bad i live in australia
NL gaming
i bet it is nothing
Pretty Cupcake
Assassins EMPIRE
In England cub scouts are called beavers then Boy Scouts are cubs then there was scouts
Nicholas Wreschinsky
webelos... i was in cub scouts
Nick lee
a potato
Tiger, wolf, bear, WEEB-A-LOS
one scorpion
I go Brownies
Monique Perreault
Once I went house camping
I camped at my house...............yep .-.
mad dorp
rank 4 was over 9000
Stevie Strikes6
I'm actually a webolo I'm scouts I'm really life right now in 2017
When I see your channel I don't want to watch it but when I watch it I can't stop
my state has the oldest cub/boy scout troop in the country
Vultrix Animations
I was screaming WEBELOS cuz I was in Cub Scouts.. btw I do NOT remember bear. For me it was Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, and WEEB-A-LOS!
Domz Tigris
i have one of the original handbooks but i didn't attend cub scouts
Cupcake kat
1:02 im 8 & im in 3rd grade.
The Lion leader
My guess is webelos we be loyal scouts
Rayyan Sheikh
The scout is nothing
Jamie Hester
I'm a girl...
heath winborn
th3j0k3r 1
Spelled it wrong
Teresa Mercado
GracefulOwl1996 :/
A squid
Bricks on Brick
Colter McMasters
the fourth rank is weablos

weird I know
I can't believe they actually changed the books
When I was in Cub Scouts and I want on my camping trip we stayed the night there and have campfires and also we did have a fourth mascot it was a bobcat
Joshua Vanderpuyl
I am pirate jack And I wear a pirate hat.
I also did one of those camps and it was bad and we left(because it was overnight) and it rain when we where leaving and we didn't have a roof on our car 'cause reasons.
Art Poptart
I actually thought about an alligator for the mascot before James showed the made up animal 😂
I am pirate jack And I wear a pirate hat.
I did a thing where we ate like a tiger tooth.
kids tablets
Zamuthe Gamer
Geno! 12
I luv summer camp
Zamuthe Gamer
I was a cubscout
epic pyroking
nah, its not just an arizona thing. we do it in nevada too, and it's HOT. but we have a sno cone station, and i run it, so i get FREE SNO CONES!!!
camping, fishing, hunting, all that I love
Tobioli Is Dat Boi
For girls scouts, it was Daisy scouts, brownie scouts, and then the girls scouts
MLGpokemon Mar
Hi odd1out
miladys vega
Thomas Beech
Because I am a Cub Scout and aged 10 I am going to say Webelos because I am one
julaplay kiminska
but wait im a girl end im 7
lps cuqake 101
wolfs r sooooooooo cooler
cubic-ro-craft planet
same thing a few days ago with the subway! except we were on a field trip...
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