Adventures in Cub Scouts

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Overall, I'm glad I did cub scouts. I don't know if you could say that I learned anything, but I'm glad I did it.
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Stacy O'Reilly
I went to a YMCA camp and it was almost the same as the camp James went to
Samantha Kulcycki
I was in forth grade now in the SHCOOL YEAR IM GOING TO 5 BTW me a big fan :D
Mountain Dragon
I was a cub scout when I was 5 year.
I always remember the fourth graders being "weeaboos"
Yuyu Jer
who else is a third grader
I love campinv i go off road the fun bight is mude and river ridding(meanning we drove along in the river)
Noor Md Hazrul Noor Arzmey
It looks like crocodile not a made up creature
I like wheat bread
Luka Auld
Space 988
i guess webelos because i was a cub scout
slytherin person
in girl scouts you can start at 6 years old and go until ur in high school
Greyson Winn
it is webalo
Jacob Schnabl
i went through cub scouts and now I'm a life scout in boy scouts. we didn't go to some stupid days camp, but did you ever do buck board skills day? or is that just a Wisconsin thing?
Tyler McDermott
I'm a 4th class
Matthew Christabelle
Cade Lukowsky
it means we be loal scouts
Cade Lukowsky
a corn
I had those cub camps in grade 6 and we did the same stuff but it was hosted by my school and know what it was just terrible a grade 6 camp for 3 days
Charlotte Ford
I went to an overnight camp for a month in a hot cabin and it was weird and stuff
Pikachu Kitten
my mom take me camping.
The Sight
level 4 = cheesy super saiyan outfit
It's that guy27
I have a summer camp (not day camp, I actually STAY there for a week) in two weeks and it sounds like fun
It's that guy27
1:58, Thank god i'm done with Cub scouts
Kittylover Diy
Caleb Jones
I'm grade 4 and 10
Andrew Martinez
Anyone notice the furrys at the end
Gavin Lyle
Please make a part two
David Ortiz
well i'm in therd
marsh cooking
I gussed lion...
TheGaming Guy
Day camp is in Kansas 2 :3
Coco Tietzel
im a fourth grade 😩
Jessica Johnson
😱posted on my birthday boiiiii❤️
ThatOne Creeper
i'm a boring boy scout and from the start, i rly only did this to shoot a now and a BB gun for free... BUT WHEN I WAS A WEBELOW ME AND MY FRIENDS MADE FART NOISES LEIK ALL THE TIME when we crossed over into boy scouts we all went on atage nd made fart noises into the mic and screamed, man cub scouts was fun af
Liam harapiak
X Rex scouts
Ocean Breeze
My brother did cub scouts and he did a day camp and we are not in Arizona
Abigail Nelson
My brothers did cubscouts and we didn't do the blood thing
RyleeOwl109 2
I fell off my Bike and Split my liver,Chipped my bottom rib, and deflated my Right long. Ouch lol
Xcalibur Untold
my brother did cub scouts
Brayden Garretson
One time At the pinewood derby a kid broke the track because his car was to heavy
Brayden Garretson
At the camp we shot when we were 10 we shot guns and shot bow and arrows
In England we have something called beaver scouts that you can start when you are FOUR FOUR FOUR!!!!!!!!!
Wyatt Michael
I was in cub scouts
Heyyo I'm Froyo
Also I. Believe that my camp was better deep yours xc
Heyyo I'm Froyo
Uh weebalo?
goat potato
go webelos
Kathryn Tanner
4th grade- LION SCOUTS
Burly Wolf
I guess weblows or a human
We couldn't have fires yet we were taught how to shoot bb guns
Jonathan H
Webelos sounds like some sort of capybara or Marmot. some kind of funny creature like that
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