Hey guys,
What topics do you want us to cover next?
Tami Ski Johnson
Omg! those red dresses are amazing especially the Jessica rabbit one. I want to go out and buy a red dress now. even though I have no where to wear it!!!
Stella McDonald
I want to wear my great grandmas dress its so pretty it's a red velvet colour and the skirt is in between poofy and not poofy and he top has a really pretty pattern
Smart girls!
Crystal Felts
Yes i would love to ware my moms prom dress
Sameia Tearra Moore
The dresses look slightly different.ignoble it's fake.and they through look alike together for vid.only some r real
7:21 it is not the same
Mills J
Prom dress today are more like hoe dress.
Moifi kea
and best of all, they looked absolutely amazing.

I dont understand. is this american for "saved money" ?
Carter Vari
I wore a dress just like the sequined red one and my inspiration was to look like Jessica Rabbit. While I've never seen my mom's prom pictures I saw the dress my grandmother wore to her prom and absolutely fell in love with it! Unfortunately she doesn't have it anymore but if she did I would of worn it.
Pinestripe Vlogs/Rants
I don't know what my mom's prom dress even looks like, or even if she went to prom xD
Shelia Paige
yes I love that they like Mom use to be dress I mean she get it From her Mom just as cute as Mom an Grand Mom be blessful an at peace always Shelia
bee good
imo, their moms look more mature and can carry the dresses better.
Mel O
You really showed your ignorance with you comment about a hoop skirt being uncomfortable-- they are definitely NOT uncomfortable to wear. I have worn hoop skirts many, many times and they are fine, one just has to be aware that when sitting down one must lift the hoops so one is not exposed from the waist down. One must also wear pantaloons (to prevent accidental exposure) which can easily be made of pajama bottoms with a few rows of lace trim sewn around the ankles/calves.
Britney Chase
I don't even know where my mom's dress went
3 ads on an 11minute video? really?
Sandra Estrada
My mom is an immigrant and couldnt afford to go past 6th grade.
Mira Bella
proms don't exist in my mother's country and mine as well. If it would have been the case, I wouldn't fit in it. My mum is 1.59cm and was skinny. Me, I'm 1.70cm and fat. In her wedding dress, I can fit the legs up to my knees :(
1:33 i usually try to be polite and say yes to everything... "would you wear this dress to your prom?" giving that im a boy i would embassing say yes i would wear it ^_^
Rose Akana

Again, this is just my personal opinion on wether or not i would wear this, so please don't judge we all have different opinions.
Eliana Morgan
I'm seriously digging through my closet to get my mothers dress out right now πŸ˜‚
ice cream freak
I liked when the talko videos lasted 5 minutes
Love Pat&Jen
So uh hehe my mom was a #@$&#/!**$ dropout (wasn't swearing just trying to be nice to my mom) I would've loved to wear hers but yeah... heh
Alexis Rodriguez
i love the 2 dresse
Victoria Wilson-Cooper
am definitely wearing my mom's πŸ˜‡
Most of the moms looked way better than the daughters.
SonLou UK
NutterButter Online
while I was this void I went to ask my mom about her dress long story short I ended up in my sisters dress it really pretty :D
Lisa Ornelas
kids that look like mom/ dad to the "t"
Lisa Ornelas
yes I would. it's best form of flattery.
Wolf Muser 886 ehhh
funniest tablet cases
Wolf Muser 886 ehhh
I would wear that dress
Deb/Mike DelFrari
These girls are extremely fortunate to have that kind of special mom. Very invested in her future. But oh my I have those many
Nicole Seno
their Mom's beautiful than the daughter like my Mom is Sexy and beautiful than me when she's in my age πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Dorian Parkhurst
My mom was Johova witness how am i suppose to do this shitttt
-_- what is so great about prom anyway
Mariangele Bartleson
Amazing dresses πŸ‘—
Turtle_ Par
Right now I am looking for my moms prom dress
Nour Ali
the third girl is actually natalie alyn lind, for those of you who watch gotham she played silver
Raquel Coria
My daughter wore my pearl white dress
And she looked beautiful
BunnyXx Jay
I just wanna see the dresses -.-
Just saying, i really think we need to try and keep prom formal but with a little party glam look allowed. I think cat suits and just shirts and trousers is fine, but if 'trends' like the usual ones keep happening, girls will be wearing crop tops and mini skirts alongside dresses made from gallium and alike substances. I am not against people displaying their personal style, i just believe it should be formally shown. Also there should be formal prom and party prom so we can have strappy sexy and mini dresses at the party one but the formal should be kept traditional.
Jesus Hernandez
ridiculous kids toys made
Ishmeriti Neopaney
No #1
Rajalakshmi .v
it's not so big deal in India . we use mom's dress we think it's so precious using mom's dress and more over it's so easy that all of us have same parents life long. family don't split so passing stuffs to next generation is so easy !!! proud to be Indian .. such a beautiful family values we got
Matti Sneed
dear god the descriptions are so drawn out that I just skipped half the video.
Matti Sneed
dear god the descriptions are so drawn out that I just skipped half the video.
gabbie the amazing zing
Matilde Zelaya
how is 1997 more than 30 years later πŸ€”? someone failed math.
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