10 Teenagers Who Wore Their Moms' Prom Dresses Decades Later

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Girls who wore their mother's prom dresses later.
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With the average prom dress costing hundreds of dollars, it’s no surprise many teenagers bypass the local mall when it comes to picking out a dress. Many students have jumped on the DIY craze and have started making their own dresses for prom night. But other have looked towards the past for inspiration, and they didn’t need to look any further than their mom's closet.

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Hey guys,
What topics do you want us to cover next?
N Saishrita
Why am I wasting my time here , when India has NO PROM 😫
Hallie Pedley
I loved the tight blue dress
Dede Sing
I'm going to we're my moms dresse
Bethany Fichter
Sadly, my mom never went to her Prom, but if she had, I would have definitely chosen to wear her dress.
Thetankgameing// SethTG
Loretta Amelia
You talk too much
Toxic. Tears.72515
I hope my daughter wears mines. strapless, corset with some beautiful design with it, jeweled on the upper body and plum color down.
If my mom went to prom, I would have never worn her dress coz our figures are so different we could have been unrelated...
i wore my moms dress for prom this year 2017 (:
kira cool
any prom dress can go on prom after prom
because I doesn't matter what people think is stylish
it matters if it looks good on you or complements you
and makes you look the BOMB!💜
Joanna Richards
my mom is 4'10 and I'm 5'6 soooo. that wouldn't work
Gerdien Sloof
I had a beautifull promdress. Not my moms, but she made it for me ftom curtain material. The day after, we talked about the dresses. the fun thing was, the class said that the girl who had on the most expensive dress had a dress rhat looked like curtains. No one tought that I was wearing curtains. I still have the dress and I'm very proud of it.
Madailein Martin
wow! I would Wear all of them 💖
Aili Kotajarvi
my mom is from Japan so she doesn't even know much about prom itself lmao
night shadow12
Well I was going to wear my older sisters prom dress
Tyesha Still
I still have my prom dress and it's sad cause I don't have a daughter so I'm actually in tears right now
People used to look older back then.
Alyssa Rummage
I wouldn't wear my mom's prom dress bc she never went to prom 😂
red riding hood red hood
howdy ho thetalko!😊
Berry B
Can someone please tell me who is the actress or what movie is it? At 0:54
Sierra Stone
Lord... how she pronounced "homage". Why didn't anyone correct her?
Cupcakez Playz
My mom is keeping a dress that she wore to prom in heft closet until I'm older it looks so pretty!!!!!!
Nicolas Garcia
#iloveredsomuch i love red so much
Nicolas Garcia
Queen Panda
I wore my moms prom dress it was a rose like dress and it had a vintage style
Aghnia Fauziah
I wear my mother clothes in my daily life 😂
Sally Lemon
I kinda like how America brainwash people into getting a prom night like a devil ritual to complete your youth. Otherwise your teen life is outcasted from this earth lol.
This is the night your daughter sleeps with someone and parents can just get themselves choked inside while smiling to their kids going prom, knowing they did same thing and can't stop their kids from this devil ritual.
ana rojas
The red prom dress at 5:15 was not worn 30 years ago, it was 20 years ago. 1997-2017 is only 20 years apart not 30.
Sydney Tonkin
I might have considered wearing my moms old prom dresses (if she'd kept them) but I'm about half a foot taller than her 😅
Too Many fandoms
omg the lady in the red dress looks like my 5th grade math teacher that's creepy.. She's probably ded by now rip she was a good teacher
willing to die for the people i love
I can't my mom never went to prom and I won't either
Ashley M
this video is too looonng! it sounds like she's bs-ing an essay lol
gaming with brian MMOS
Those dresses will become a family memory to Honor for many years to come😃
Lcfbeauty 101
I would love to wear my moms prom gowns but she thru it all away
Eliza's Covers
There are no proms in my country....and my mom passed away 9 years ago....
Moe Marshmallow
Candice Goddard
Generally speaking the mother's looked better in their dresses but it's very nice of these girls to do that.
Pewdiepie is the Best
Who else screamed when vampires diaries scene appeared?! (Stefan and caroline dancing)
hell no
jesslainer alcivar
the moms pics look more delicate an elegant tho
Just Alleiea
from grandma ro mother and now to you awwww 😍
Buffy Summers
I couldn't fit into my mom's dress. She was 5'6 & weighed a 100pounds with a 24 inch waist.
Just Alleiea
the radiant red dress really fits the girl she looked beautiful I wanted that dress too
Oreo Lover
whýyy doesnt germany have prom???
This video is so sweet. I think wearing your mom's dress makes the prom experience so much more meaningful!
Diana Concepcion
I think this is so awesome. I wish I could have done that, but I had all boys.
the mums look better
what an annoying video lmao. it's like a talkative annoying person at work who won't shut up. I'm leaving ✌️
Maddy Limee
Why am I here and why do I care?
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