Hey guys,
What topics do you want us to cover next?
Ariana Deanna
Someone stole my dress so I can't pass it on to my daughter πŸ˜’
Lowanda Lee
love it
Yes I would wear my mom's old prom dress if my mom still have the dress, which she does not
rolesha jamison
Those are not even the Same dresses ....
Sydney Pitts
Please do top ten books banned in school.
Maria Johnson
they all looked gorgous
Samantha Cevert
I wanted to wear my moms wedding dressing when I got married. I Remeber seeing it as a youngster and thinking how stunning it was it was made in 1971 when my mom and dad got married and would be considered these days very retro . It was gorgeous. I asked my mom at 15 if she still had said dress and on que the dress came out of her wardrobe for another VEIWING .... It still wrapped in plastic and tissue paper looked like it had been made yesterday. You could then still smell the purfume she'd been wearing on her wedding day. Many years later I was gifted the gown as a 21st birthday gift but the dress lived with my mom as she had storage and I travelled a lot with work and didn't want the gown damaged . At age 25 I met the love of my life and realised it was time to visit an old friend to see if it fit. It had when I was 15 and at 21. But I had grown and filled out a bit a full 3" taller then my mom and about 2 stone heavier . I went on a diet and lost 2 1/2 stone and tried the dress.
Bat Williams
I just got to say it is so awesome πŸ˜€ that the daughters wore their moms πŸ‘— they looked amazing
I wouldn't wear my mum's PROM dress... I would wear her wedding dress as she wore one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. She didn't wear a white, normal wedding dress. She wore an aqua, satin dress that had loads of little diamonds shaped into a dolphin😍
neha doe
I think it's very sweet
Omg my mom has the dress at 9:00 😱
Margarita S
you can find this dress at your local department store
tf u cant find that at da dollar store... stoopid
I really hate the talking in between the reveal of the dresses. So annoying. 😠
I love love love this idea!!!
Tiffani Alldredge
Do they get extra money for anything over ten minutes? Blah,blah,dress,leave us a comment below, ,blah, decades later, blah, blah,senior prom, blah, leave us a comment below...
Cass Hearts Music
I've never seen a picture of my mom in her prom dress so I don't know if I would.
potato God Tinnee -u-
My mom never went to prom ._.
Spy Natior
OMG ally
Keigan Morrison
I would where my mom prom dress because it was pretty
Edith astudillo
never dads but always moms :(
Glee gif πŸ˜­πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Glee gif πŸ˜­πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
BlackBear Is bae
I loved all of these πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ
H Yeah
We don't have prom but I'll wear my moms wedding dress
My God, Oreimo in 8:44... I wished she was looking for prom dresses!
Do you even YouTube bro?
I would alter the sleeves and wear my mom's prom dress if I planned to go to prom. Prom at my school is $75, and that's pretty pricey for middle class.
Peach Parakeet
I didnΒ΄t wore the dress of my mom to my prom or anything, bc I didnΒ΄t have such a dress of her. But I have her wedding gown in my cupboard. I might wear it, when it is time for me to walk down the aisle
Mirandaran _
There is so much useless dialogue it's annoying.
Tami Ski Johnson
Omg! those red dresses are amazing especially the Jessica rabbit one. I want to go out and buy a red dress now. even though I have no where to wear it!!!
Stella McDonald
I want to wear my great grandmas dress its so pretty it's a red velvet colour and the skirt is in between poofy and not poofy and he top has a really pretty pattern
Smart girls!
Crystal Felts
Yes i would love to ware my moms prom dress
Sameia Tearra Moore
The dresses look slightly different.ignoble it's fake.and they through look alike together for vid.only some r real
7:21 it is not the same
Mills J
Prom dress today are more like hoe dress.
Moifi kea
and best of all, they looked absolutely amazing.

I dont understand. is this american for "saved money" ?
Carter Vari
I wore a dress just like the sequined red one and my inspiration was to look like Jessica Rabbit. While I've never seen my mom's prom pictures I saw the dress my grandmother wore to her prom and absolutely fell in love with it! Unfortunately she doesn't have it anymore but if she did I would of worn it.
Pinestripe Vlogs/Rants
I don't know what my mom's prom dress even looks like, or even if she went to prom xD
Shelia Paige
yes I love that they like Mom use to be dress I mean she get it From her Mom just as cute as Mom an Grand Mom be blessful an at peace always Shelia
bee good
imo, their moms look more mature and can carry the dresses better.
Mel O
You really showed your ignorance with you comment about a hoop skirt being uncomfortable-- they are definitely NOT uncomfortable to wear. I have worn hoop skirts many, many times and they are fine, one just has to be aware that when sitting down one must lift the hoops so one is not exposed from the waist down. One must also wear pantaloons (to prevent accidental exposure) which can easily be made of pajama bottoms with a few rows of lace trim sewn around the ankles/calves.
Sleepless Sweetheart
I don't even know where my mom's dress went
3 ads on an 11minute video? really?
Sandra Estrada
My mom is an immigrant and couldnt afford to go past 6th grade.
Mira Bella
proms don't exist in my mother's country and mine as well. If it would have been the case, I wouldn't fit in it. My mum is 1.59cm and was skinny. Me, I'm 1.70cm and fat. In her wedding dress, I can fit the legs up to my knees :(
1:33 i usually try to be polite and say yes to everything... "would you wear this dress to your prom?" giving that im a boy i would embassing say yes i would wear it ^_^
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