Katie the Giraffe Gives Birth!

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Katie the Giraffe gave birth! Watch the highlights as captured on Animal Planet's Live Cam. | http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/giraffe-birth-live/

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Приятного Аппетита
здесь есть кто-то русский
Brynlee Knapp
It came down her butt 💩💩😝😝
Zakir Khan
Wow so cute
BamItzJess 123
the baby giraffe is bleeding
Kim Freeman
flsus ahmed
wow is so keooooot
Jared Martinez
holy shit that looks painful 😕😕
Cute kitty
so cute
Amy Morrison
awwwww i am cring i cant even type
Kathryn Wall
I will have nightmares for weeks
Mikayla Morrison
I love it
Mikayla Morrison
Sooooo cute 😍
Moon Light
Wow my names savannah
Omg I was eating icecream and when the giraffe came out omg His blood eww but I LOVEE IT ITS SOOO CUTEE :3 April the giraffe I'm so nervous for his birth!!
Percy Buggie
Thank you so much for sharing the birth of Katie the giraffe. I Love giraffes. Absolutely amazing
LieveRoosjes Yigit
Adyms Wife
Alla Lusinko
Sooo cute
مؤيد محمود
Nolten TV
It started to bleed!
Pink LipsFairy
Pink LipsFairy
When is April giving birth
UK man loves goddesses
very sweet
David B
That is weird 😖
Excuse me while I barf.
The Dolphin Violinist
Chris & Angie McClanahan
Jordan Cooper
Who else was like the baby's dead?!?!?
Viviana V
I can't believe this cute Lil calf is in MY nearest zoo!
Yuri!!! On Ice Trash
I watched this so I could go up to my mom and say "THE GIRAFFE HAD THE BABY!!!! "
Davina V
i wanna be a giraffe :(
Nicole Latrofa
I almost threw up when the clear thing came out
it looked dead
1:35 was about to puke
Cookie Cupcake
It's so cute!! OMG I am I animal lover!! I love animals more than humans lol it's true
1:15 - Yep go ahead, walk around with a baby stickin outta ur asshole😂😂😂
Elizabeth O'Brien
I recall being so excited about Katie's pending delivery, and was so happy to share in the experience. The process was so neat to watch, and I loved how interactive it was... from the camera use, to the audio narration, and getting to share the Zoo staff's commentary & reactions; it truly was a beautiful thing. With tremendous sadness, I share that sweet little Kipper had an unfortunate accident, and is no longer with us. It really broke my heart, as I'm an animal lover & advocate, but after being so emotionally invested, on a personal level, it really hurt. A year later, I find myself again enthralled with a pending giraffe birth... that of April, over at Animal Adventure Park in NY. It should be any day, now. I am hoping it goes smoothly for her, and looking forward to welcoming that little sweetheart into the world! <3
Sophia Souzas
This was so wrong to watch...
Aran Wozniak
Hannah Gallagher
so cute
Dr. Nuclear
Theresa Gonda
April at animal adventure park
Magical Elmo312
This is disgustingly cool
sherry Lorraine
Bobbi Becker
kipenzi I miss you
jennifer lopez
Is this a sexual harassment?
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