Katie the Giraffe Gives Birth!

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Katie the Giraffe gave birth! Watch the highlights as captured on Animal Planet's Live Cam. | http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/giraffe-birth-live/

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Theresa Gonda
April at animal adventure park
Magical Elmo312
This is disgustingly cool
sherry Lorraine
Bobbi Becker
kipenzi I miss you
jennifer lopez
Is this a sexual harassment?
Leona Pejčinović
Xx_Jays_xX PlaysMC
thats cool!!!
Corinne Laurin
This was gross, but so cute at the same time
Stef Rahn
is that coming out of the butthole
Gaben G a b e n
quem ta aqui pelo treta news
КαтнуВσт III
What's up with Buzzfeed?
Sophie Skilton
baby giraffes have it so shit, they literally fall out and onto the cold flood and then the mum's like come on get the fuck up 😂
Damn I bet that sucks to have to stand
Stella Drozdowicz
The baby calf and I have the same birthday 🎂
Grayson Barnett
Kailyn Kubek
Ive never seen a giraffe give birth before and I've been waiting for the giraffe named April at Animal Adventure Park and i wanted to see what it looked like so i came here so interesting
Sharon Loaring
I'm watching April too
Precious Ajaero
still waitin for april
Kip Lambert
I was watching the live stream when I heard the news it was super sad poor Katie the mama of the calf her calf died instantly after her break of her neck it was really sad mom was allowed to say goodbye before they took her away from her mama that's the news from animal planet I have a picture that calf
Kip Lambert
We are hoping that Katie will have another calf kipenzi died by a broken neck in July two years ago
Lps KittyKat
That's on my birthday
The Excellent Decisions
Super anime Maker
i Don tem know if i think this is disgusting or cute
Raeann Whyte
Anyone here trying to get satisfaction of a giraffe giving birth since #AprilTheGiraffe is still in labor? After 2 days?? lol
the baby fell that is so sad
Kelsey Coffey
Who's here impatiently awaiting April to give birth and getting a fix here 😂
Kay Onaa
Rip Katie the giraffe
Chloe B
Anyone else here from April?
Sandra Prunty
such a beautiful thing in life
Meow :3
I'm here from buzzfeed 😂
Heather and Keith Moore
#animaladventurepark I don't understand why this video is any different than April and Oliver's video. I hope YouTube corrects this issue fast. The millions of us have been watching and waiting with you! #AnimalPlant, #DallasZoo, myl ocal #ColumbusZoo please support The Animal Adventure Park! Thank you!
Mousy Mallow
So beautiful~
Teresa Travitzky
Very similar to goat births (goat kiddings)...hooves first...then head...
Abiech Deng
that is so cute is she one year old
Whats up YOUTUBE
Ewww and awww
This is horrifying
L. Hasenhausen
Soooooooooo cute !!!!!!!!!
Where's the genderless child
Gregory /gdepe aj
i came here from Undertale | Funny Cartoon Animation
nick green
ah shit. i ended up on the weird side of youtube again
Bilbo Baggins
Minecraftgirl 101
So cute but gross
Mary Vanderpool
who is buzzfeed
Alex 730
why is everyone talking about buzzfeed
Demolition Bros
Buzzfeed anyone?
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