Samara Bernabe
The rock vs Braun Strowman
Redneck Lyfe
He should have won the battle royal
GunLong878 FireyBow
Braun vs Gillberg Book it Vince.
Альберт Айшатов
Далбайоп бырауын
My favorite wrestler.
N n
Matty And joel
rip tree we will always love you
bạn và tôi
bạn và tôi
You seriously like Bruan he is such a jurk
I think there is someone stronger.

You vs Hafthor
Faizaan Khan
Ahmed Aan
Blake Byrne
How is he that story redback look stronger
He pick an amblen
the King
dam the best monster to day
Honestly,Braun Reminds me of Hulk he smashes he destroys Braun's new phrase should be "BRAUN SMASH" Lol 😹😹😹😹😂😂😂😂😂
Nuclear21 -Games
Bro Braun sucks go and watch training MMA
One Punch Man
I have a cousin like him and same height and has a lot of muscle but more then Braun but he still cool
John Danley
Braun has quickly become my favorite wrestker currently, aside from the obvious ones like Jericho, Styles, and Nakamura. I think he has picked up Pro Wrestling quicker than anyone other than maybe Kurk Angel. Braun is a bad dude, and he needs to heal up quickly and get back.
Michiel Kempenaar
Pig Mouse Channel
The gaming Pikachu
Call mark henry refrigerator
Dead Men
Braun freaking Strowman
Clay Jordon
we all now ho is the big dog in a match between roman an the moster it roman
James is Sassy
Adam Scherr is probably stronger than Braun Strowman.

BTW Braun Strowman's real name is Adam Scherr, I think.
Farhan Butt
My mum said if i get 5 likes on this comment i'll get a new cat
Daniel Ibarra
How did he go from vine to wrestling
Sean Agua
monster among men vs big red monster? whats the answer for the win?
Dedsec sezx
big gay and is crazy
rmrMrMmrs 7reltserWTyler
Jonalyn Catudan
everyone will fall realy you scared of the undertaker
B e a u b o r s
Brawn you don't scare. Anyone
Braun Strowman
Priya Raju
I hate braun
The Miz
Only too be eliminated in 5 mins
All that to get eliminated in 2 minutes
Leyton Livingston
obviously you haven't seen the big workout man da Hulk you look skinny compared to him
The Whitetail Hunting Beast
My mom know him! No joke I have two dolls signed by him. His name is actually Adam scherr. He IS AAAAAWWWWWEEEESSSSOOOOMMMMEEE!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
braun strowman vs arnold schwarzenegger,make it happen in W34
Michael Bathan
wait till brock lesnar gets his hands on you
Iman Iman
i love braun im a girl
Javier Velasco
I like Braun strowman because in real life he never loses
Mason Le
Not mark henr
The swager King
Braun is so strong
pavankalyan b
Abdullah Khan
his not strong a then big at arm wrestling
jay ortiz
bruan vs king kong
Byshock Master
My name is braun strowman and at wreslmania I NOT FINISHED WITH EVERYONE !!!!!
Mangesh Khandebharad
brun strowman is powerful man.
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