George W. Bush On President Trump, Putin, Religious Freedom, Immigration (Exclusive) | TODAY

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The new book “Portraits of Courage” combines former President George W. Bush’s appreciation for the sacrifices of our veterans with his love of painting. Bush discusses his inspiration for the book with TODAY’s Matt Lauer, and highlights the differences in the first month of Donald Trump’s presidency with his own time in office, including his thoughts on Putin, the need for a free press, the impact of religious freedom on politics and more.
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George W. Bush On President Trump, Putin, Religious Freedom, Immigration (Exclusive) | TODAY

Don Rumata
I must admit, i thought this dude was an idiot who was handed an extremely difficult job by the American people. Even though he wasn't that good at it, it clearly given him a very unique perspective, the kind very few people have. Just by virtue of that, i think its important to listen to what he has to say.
Ivana Tinkle
picture book for big boys.
Abanaki Frost
Marvin Bush, George Bush's brother, was in charge of security for the world trade center.

Osama Bin Laden was the accountant for the Mujihadeen. He was in charge of funneling money from the CIA to the Mujihadeen while George bush Sr. was Director Of Central Intelligence.

Tower 7 fell for no reason.

Prescott Bush, The grandfather of George Jr., had his bank seized by the feds for trading with German Nazis war criminals during World War 2.

It's all a coincidence people!

Bush was certainly NOT responsible for the events of 911!!!!!!!!!
Abanaki Frost
Bush was responsible for the events of 911
Times are pretty bad when Bush starts to make more sense than ever before
HenryJ TV
Bush is a very smart man. I am not a Republican, but I respect this man because though he has faults, during his Presidency he encouraged a "FREE PRES" and wasn't an enemy of the media.
Ham Tyler
"You mattered alot more." BUSH ZING! I love Matt's "Ha-ha-ha, thanks a$$hole." look in response. I was hoping Matt would stand-up, scream "BULLSHIT!", and throw his shoe at him. Maybe next time, eh Matt?
Edgar Bikermas
*Not forgeting also means not forgiving*
You keep remembering the Sept 11 victims,we also would not forgive you and what you did to the countless victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
*Lets never forget*
Bertha Yellowfinch
Why is our USA government allowing trashy Brits to post vulgar downright nasty comments all over youtube?????????????????????
Just wondering. Had Bush Snr beaten Clinton in 92. Do you think Dubya would have even bothered running for President in 2000??
I miss this bloke :) #00sMemories
Foot L Johnson
Of course they bring out a relic from the establishment era to make some talking points, and people eat it up. Bush/Clinton same owners.
He ruled, then he painted. Like a reverse Hitler.
The Bush Presidency showed the fact that muslims, by and large, are incompatible with freedom. If you get rid of their Orwellian dictators, they'll mass murder each other and blame you for it.
Edward Glen
this cocksucker should have been hung by now
Chelo Figueroa
As bad as he was as president, I kind of miss him now that Trump is in there.
Id trade Trump for Bush anyday
El Masry
Never would I have imagined to one day praise president Bush but damn it I will today.
Mez Mezzy
"When I was president, you mattered a lot more"
"It's hard to convince Russia to have an independent press when we don't have one ourselves" -Bush 2017
bushra m
BUSH DESTROYED A MUSLIM COUNTRY..N SUPPORTING MUSLIM ..for right to religion ...wooooww...#bushHypocrisy. 👏👏
Benjamin Flynn
Muslim ban? Christians in those countries are also prohibited from traveling to the US. In addition, there are many other predominantly Muslim nations that are not included in the travel ban. The ban only temporarily prohibits travel from countries that have been deemed a current risk to our security. So annoying when facts are mis-characterized. It's an indication of cowardice.
Fool me once.. shame on.. shame on fool me can't get fooled again!
Anthony Vega
Bush is to dump to write a book
somebody helped him
Aaron Ricketts
how pathetic it is that someone cut this video where they did. unacceptable.
Jeremy Jaramillo
lets not forget he did 9 11
Islam has no place in America.
W's looking pretty good for his age, I'm glad retirement is working out for him.
Lars Erik Brobakken
Highly intelligent comment section as usual.
I can't believe am saying this but Bush seams more like Einstein to Trump
Bertha Yellowfinch
That stupid dufus actually wants to give advice????
Muhammed Mustafa
Trump is 10000000 time better than that so of a bitch at least he is a honest man
The Dearman Brigade
5:12 Bush finally trashes Obama.
Why are people comparing liberals to fascists? They are the exact opposite.
holy crap this comments section.
0:48 You know, it's hard to compare times... ah ah ah uh uh thing though is for certain.
Tolunay ERDEM
bende bu orospu çocuğu hala yaşıyor mu diyordum?

ne yazık ki yaşıyormuş
Benjamin Bedford
Well Bush use to be hated, but the more time that goes by the more I think everybody realizes he was actually a pretty good President. Maybe one day it will be the same about Trump.
Fluffy Pup
Someone get this snake out of my face. I loathe the media more than anything else and I know millions of Americans feel the same way. I can't wait until they're destroyed entirely.
why cut the dude off there at the end?
Aaron Hayes
You cut the video right when he gets to talking about the reason he is there.
Jesse M
jews did 9/11
Mike Ingersoll
how we go from Reagan and Gorbachev to trumpet and poopin?
Daniel B
i hate trump ....bush killed a lot of effen people and destabilized the middle east ...
Alex Shay
Fake news at its best!!
Oh happy days... when George W. said "you mattered more," I almost spit out my La Croix... Bravo Mr. Bush.
Phinehas Priest
(A screenshot will be taken of this post in case you hypocrites practice censorship by deleting it)
Typical Fake News from NBC (Nothing But Communists).
Lies about Trump implied in this video:

Trump does NOT "consider the media to be the enemy of the people."
Trump listed 5 FAKE media outlets which ARE enemies of the people:
CNN, NYT, CBS, ABC, and you dishonest communists at NBC.

"Muslim ban"
There's no such thing. Muslims are presently entering the US from many countries.
There is a ban on travel from countries with vetting issues. NOWHERE in the ban do the words "muslim" or "islamic" appear. The ban stops ALL Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, etc. from these countries. NO people of ANY religion, or lack of religion, can come to the US through these countries.

NBC, will you ever stop presenting fake news like this?
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