Mohammed Motiur Vlog
Hang bush for killing of husands people in Midlle east to get oil & gas.
Chris Camacho
Union of Manhattan, and the war on light.
Chris Camacho
Mr. Bush, My name is Christian, I need an affidavit, I apologize Ididn't go to the 9/11 war, my war, if I where to have a second chance in republican, I need an to pay my taxes... so I can grow. Please get the mason of the illuminati to be Sarah Wilhite and Christian Camacho. I am the dollar bill, from Puerto R. May I please have a way out of this 187 trap of non organic growing. Can I get taller? I would create California and the rest of people of Moscow and Iran, Liberty, for I am The Right Hand of God. I love Jesus Christ, and I need to be 6'1'' and safe. I love you bush, and the new tower, in New York, May I please work there. World Trade Center, there is a person that needs to be sacrificed in the flame of Liberty the Statue. It is Ronald Osorio. May I please live to be the father of the antichrist. and move on to create the Christ Science Building of Miami, and no more exhausting walking, for I need a car. Thanks GET ME OUT of my house. and into UM
Lee Wood
Yeah right georgy....everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie....and what happend to the three trillion dollars that went missing while you were in office?, and what about the fact that you lied about being in the military?.....ect. ect. ect.
FA Huỳnh Anh
America 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍
Susan Florence
He can surely manipulate the media. This is the guy who hung with Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rove. This is the man who made the mess in the Middle East. How shortsighted we are! Stupid Bush was our mantra during his stolen presidency. I don't get this sudden cozying.
Trump Trump
Quite smart Bush DESTROYING Matt in 5 seconds. Haha
Edward Sarkisian
Matt Lauer's hate for Trump shines through. He couldn't get past the first question without fishing for a negative comment about Trump.
Goin Up In Texas
What a cynical hypocrite.

Trying to boost his image after he was the one who caused all these totally unnecessary injuries.
Rob Simpson
Trump is Delusional. He Lives in his own Fantasy Land. Trump's Presidency is a Sham......A HOAX. Just like his Hair!
Phillip Latifundist
first sends to death then paints pictures.
Richard Diffley
talk Obama that loser
Silver Shitposts
Bush is repeating almost word for word what he sais to ellen
Kelly Carver
Oh, Bush is SO GREAT!!! HE ALLOWED 9-11 to happen so he could PASS THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL PATRIOT ACT that stripped us of our right to privacy! And HOW MANY DIED??? And HOW MANY TRILLIONS WENT MISSING just prior to 9-11, and it was SOO convenient that the towers falling distracted everyone from that fact. So where's THE MONEY BUSH?? And THEN he agreed to and PUSHED United Nations Agenda 21 that STRIPS AMERICANS OF THEIR RIGHT TO OWN PRIVATE PROPERTY, their right to own and drive a car, and so much more!!! And this agenda is STILL quietly being IMPLEMENTED and the MSM being the TRAITORS that THEY ARE have REFUSED to tell people the TRUTH!!! He is a TRATOR and ENEMY to ALL AMERICANS and he needs to be ARRESTED AND TRIED FOR HIS CRIMES!! And what was that last line??? HELP PEOPLE TRANSITION TO WHAT??? HAVING THEIR HOMES STOLEN FROM THEM??? THEIR CARS?? I'd like to see you, bush, transition into CUSTODY for your CRIMES AGAINST OUR COUNTRY!!!
Randal Colling
Matt Louse just kept trying to bait president Bush. All the creep did was try and try to get the Pres to criticize president Trump. What a jerk.
herry potter
GEORGE BUSH is the Father Of Terrorism.......
Jeff Calvin
you convinced them!
Jeff Calvin
AL GO!!!!!!!!!!
fisch kopf
why no accusation for killing thousands of children ?
John Qosmio
criminal Bush did 911
Sebastian Kwiatek
good interview but he is still a war criminal
As a person he (Bush) seems a nice guy, but as president he was evil.
Reznov Nata
The way the host is sitting shows disrepect to a former President.From where Iam from its an insult to the guest and has no manners.
Louis Cypher
There never was any weapons of mass destruction lets get ht one out of the way. Now talk to me Baby
Ryan Friedman
I wonder if W. Bush thought of water coloring, he might like working on those kinds of paintings
Henry Jordan
Islam doesn't teach peace read the Quran for your selves
Knife Aquelee
Memorial day, Navy band given the most ridicules pathetic looking today studio set to play, looks awful. South Korea has some of the most modern glamorous TV studio set I've ever seen. America studios Set goes well with old anchors. America should take some p[pointers from South Korea how to do programing and design beautiful TV studio/set.
Aidan Thornbury
Why does it cut off at the end? What did he say?
Lovie Love
Please buy Bush's 📚, he needs the money.
MR. Pepe
It's funny he say those things. If he still was president he would not have said those things, maybe differently
George Washington
I want to know where he travels to that he doesn't see a broken down America the roads alone are proof
Robert Wolfe
He's there to promote his book for veterans not talk about politics... but I love how they cut the video right when he gets into talking about his book. Real nice guys 👍🏻 really wasting his time and publishers money.
we are not to be a democracy but a republic.
Steve Bell
It wasn't a Muslim ban.
he banded the entire countries not only the Muslims from those countries.
We cannot cry ism on that basis.
Thomas Cavallaro
Nadia Dekkari
tu merite la peine de mort pourriture
Mark Jasm
Jeb will win
شہمہۈخي یہعہزک وعہزتي تہڎلک
انعل ربك لابو دين دينك ابن الكحبه ونيج عرضك خوووق تفووو
Randah Ferrell
perhaps the best way to honor veterans would have been not sending them into a profiteers' war
Reporter keeps trying to push the President into being polemical.

The President is too witty and nuanced to fall into partisan biased polemics, however, and the interviewer who is a brainwashed left wing ideologue can't fathom how a man can be so cool as the President.
Poor Matt.. tried sooo hard to get Bush to bash Trump, but Bush came prepared and wasn't going to take the bait.
Kerri Marcum
why do you not cover the private investigator looking into the Seth Rich murder?
ranton antonb
2:28 George W. Bush , jetzt auch als Satiriker buchbar!...?
Roman Darius
President Bush, you Obama, Hillary, and gone in front of the AIPAC and told them that Israel must remain a Jewish State. Will you explain to us why diversity is our strength while it is a weakness for Israel? And can you please also explain to us if these wars are about Israel and not the United States. Why not leave those Muslims Countries alone? Your was cost America 5 trillion dollars, and Obama raised the debt another 10 trillion dollars. How much interest are we paying to the Jewish Control Banks like the Federal Reserve for all of this money you keep borrowing?
Roman Darius
So Bush wants to investigate if Russian interfered with President Trump? How many countries did you bomb, Mr. Bush? Should not someone investigate you? You have no problem interfering with the rest of the world in the name of "freedom" but you won't give them the "freedom " to make their own way in life?
Can we have him back, please????
Derick mcmilla
I rather have this guy back as president than the TRUMP
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