George W. Bush On President Trump, Putin, Religious Freedom, Immigration (Exclusive) | TODAY

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The new book “Portraits of Courage” combines former President George W. Bush’s appreciation for the sacrifices of our veterans with his love of painting. Bush discusses his inspiration for the book with TODAY’s Matt Lauer, and highlights the differences in the first month of Donald Trump’s presidency with his own time in office, including his thoughts on Putin, the need for a free press, the impact of religious freedom on politics and more.
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George W. Bush On President Trump, Putin, Religious Freedom, Immigration (Exclusive) | TODAY

Perzië P. Robert godwin rip
Usa people brains work 1 year they fergot everything this guy is animal look at irak look at wtc look isis is al this guy to blame stupit americans😂😂😂😂🤔
Perzië P. Robert godwin rip
Devil talks about another devil wouuuu bush trump are devilssssss
Jay Lucot
USA will fall...
Jason S.
Like Trump, as president GWB was gaffe prone, but at least Bush had a sense of humour about himself.
Haseki Hürrem Sultan
Thomas Staab
I have NEVER liked MAtt Lauder for the obvious reasons. Bush- The bedrock of our freedom is the right to worship freely" but this does not give people the right to exclude others based on their religious expectations, pointedly speaking to the Matt Lauders.
Carter Cho
for someone who never drew or painted his whole life, those paintings are pretty nice
George W. Bush, the ultimate icon of America, the scourge of the self-deluded and willfully blind, the bane of the minions of thanatos. The most hated man in history, because he was antithesis of the pan-evil alliance Evan Sayet identified as "modern liberalism", the dominant force in the media, academia, Western Europe, and everywhere else in the anglo-sphere.
Bush !!! Why you blew up the building of the international trade centre ???????
John Suggs
He makes some very good and very accurate points. Where the heck was this guy when he was in office. In all seriousness, President Bush, even though he's not in office anymore, still adheres to the unwritten rule of not speaking harsh or out of school about the man in office now. That being said, he still states that there needs to be a free press. That's not a knock on Trump but rather the right thing to say. I'm not a supporter of government period the way things have been for the last two decades or so, but I agree that the American people are a strong people and will get through Trump like we did Obama and even Bush
marie rajbally
I don't like his politics but he seems like a great guy. Intelligent but not for politics.
i must admit, he is a mass murderer and war criminal and dumb as a door knob but those are nice paintings
SS Tan
Bush felt deeply Guilty. he have Blood on his hand.
When Lauer threw those shades off, I wanted to punch his face mercilessly.
Dark Green
i'm glad to see this video, thanks.
Dark Green
wow President George W. Bush enjoys painting that's great cause i like painting too. I read a delightful story about George W. Bush when he was in college, he put a football goal upside down into the ground (lol) just made me smile.
Pat Boardman
To those of us who are not Americans, it sounds weird to hear former presidents still being called "President" for the rest of their lives after leaving office. In busines, a corporate president is just that, the job does not make his family part of the corporate presidency (First Lady, First Family). Bush is not the President. To paraprase Monty Python: "He is no more, his term has expired, he has ceased to be! This is an EX-president!
Bryan Herren
VERY hard to understand why Matt Lauer makes $20 million a year. What am I missing?
Jermaine Shan
The edit dudes check must have not cleared.
Monkiwi Starfish
This is horrible stop promoting evil, this is why people hate Americans
V Eight
war criminal with reptilian blood
Jason Hinson
I wish Bush wouldn't do interviews with the fake news propaganda media. So obvious they were banking on him trashing Trump. How pathetically desperate they've become.
L. Hester
Junior Bush was the last republican I will ever vote for. He and Cheney and that administration were criminals and a disaster
Batman Kардинал Р.
look like a Dog
fala marcos
Trump made me respect Bush, which I never thought I would. and the speech he gave abt the Muslims after 911 is amazing; imagine if that happened on trumps presidency, he would nuc them!
Hans Sjoberg
Why does he agree to an interview with an it? United? Not everyone is ready for Barbie.
Jimmy Brice
but we dont have an independent media - THAT IS THE PROBLEM !!

it is owned lock, stock and barrel by the globalists

if i were trump, i would give them no press conferences at all

just talk to fox and use his twitter account
Alannah K
Seriously. You cut him off when he was talking about his purpose for being there - the book, veterans & help for veterans. Geez. Everything is not a freaking soundbyte about Trump and current news. I'm disappointed in Today.
James Supplant
@0:28, The gesture you make when you are interviewing one of the ex-presidents of the US. I can't believe our country still has such people.
Ted, Just Admit It
Wow. You know things are going downhill when Dubya sounds more credible, thoughtful, and honest than the president we have now.
Guest Guest
Bush did a good job as President. He's not afraid to show his flaws and funny side.
Barry White
Scull and Bones George Bush did 9 11 with the help of Israel Mosod agents who set the charges in the world Trade Center killing over 3000 fellow citizens of the United States. Nothing to see here folks move along.
Sigmunds My Name
I lost my faith in President of the United States because of this guy, who should be in prison.
You are one ugly S.O.B. George !
Mike Ingersoll
meet the founder of isis
Elizabeth Neybert
I love how this video cuts as soon as he talks about the one reason he's really there
Samantha Grace
Say what you want about Bush, he is the cutest president of all time.
Dam Moon
Work programs for the Veterans; is he serious.... This stupid jerk got us in two wars and because of that, started a down fall in the middle east. And now he is selling a stupid book. What a selfish jerk. Bush, shut up and stay retired!
Wasn't a Bush supporter butt, he speaks the truth for this kid... 🚶🏼💜
patrcik de vries
fack bush
Craig Peeke
I had a lot more money when Bush was in
Austin Weichel
Austin Weichel
Austin Weichel
9/11 evil bush will be forgoten his grave will be dismembered his honer is nie.
armando rodriguez
he hasnt changed a bit
Ronda Rousey
I still remember when Bush gutted Matt lauer like a pig 10 years ago... look it up. He roasted him.
Mike Osu
Bush was marketing a book and the Today Show was marketing him for ratings. Obviously, the interview was steered and led by the idiot Matt. When it became time for Bush to cover his book, the clip ends. This was a perfect example of what most media outlets do; tailor the message to fit their agenda.
Nick Sanson
Wow, couldn't even let him finish speaking at the end, just cut the video. lol
I thought I was here to sell a book?
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