How Many Balloons Will It Take To Make My Dog Fly

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how insensitive of you to call marbles objects xD
Fiona Venefica
marbles can be like khoshekh from welcome to night vale, just chillin in the air
Leo Martinez
there's no fuckin way that's 72 balloons damn hell nah
AnimeNightwing64 B
Marbles is a spacey little fuck isn't he
Emily Simmonds
poor Jenna she hasn't noticed her dog is dead yet.
Vivian Liang
We honestly need more people like Jenna
Girt Troll
" In case he decided to just, call it quits "
Clare Jackson
RIP marble
Logan Rainer
is your dog dead
Olivia Gallegos
this made Me laugh do hardπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
How much does these baloons cost in America? Here in Croatia you have to pay 20$ for ONE!!!!
make kermit fly too
rip marbles... 😭😭
Aspen Craig
Marbles doesn't give a flying fuck
Emma Woodrich
brb weighing my cat
Meow_ Central
R.I.P Marbles 😹
3:03 i litteraly think at this point he does not give a shit about anything
Casey Landerkin
Just so you guys know I helped a woman out the other day who was trying to create a mini-version of the "Up" house for her daughters birthday party because of this video. Apparently a small house made of foamboard weighs as much as a Marbles.
Sofia Cerrato
Marble is so cute
Calistus Jay
marbles has gotta be traumatised by this point xD
Sara Camacho
I believe I can flyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Soo J
I'm dying cause Marble is so cute.....🐢❀️
Alise K
What breed are her dogs? (Peach and Kermit)
Арина ЧСрницкая
3:57 the dog on the sofa is going insane ! Did someone else notice ?
its nice to be dead in space
Marcus langshaw
RIP marbles
Nitsua Noslohcin
"The Object"
Ella 343434
Charisma Spencer-Bates
Awww, Marble. 🌈
This is Cermet abooz
This is bad I call deh Cermet poleez

For real though this was a funny video.
Sane Ish
This is amazing lol
Ava Michael
RIP marbles πŸ˜΅πŸ˜”πŸ˜¨
Jae Sambo
So in theory it would take 2,160 balloons to float a 150 pound person. :D
Clumsystarfish aj
rip marbles
Now go outside
Heather Chapple
thats ADORABLE!!!!
Jaden Seah
jenna's lost her marbles you know what i'm saying????
james poopington
So you are saying I shouldn't do this outside with cats?
ChaseDoes Music and Gaming
Keep Calm and Remember That You Will Die
I want Jenna to do the helium challenge with Julien.
Lillian CalabroHamm
And people say that dogs can't fly..
Michelle Tatyana
The old man from the movie "UP" must be really rich
drewwhomlg derp
I hate you ya sick fuck -jacksfilms also I hate you ya sick fuck -me I thought you loved dogs more then humans wait keep your children away ya sick fuck
Kaylee Whitmer
Drafty Titan
shit humans do just for entertainment lol.
Dylan Chain
PETAs mad
is marbles alive
Ziv Taylor
I think this is animal abuse... but no don't care cause its a cute dog
Shredder_KnightZ 101
3:52 look at the dog on the right it looks like it's possesed
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