How Many Balloons Will It Take To Make My Dog Fly

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Nosipho Ndabula
Same I have thought of this with my dog
samantha dixon
This video was made in my birth month..
La Gondek
Marbles is only 8 I thought he was like 11 cuz he doesn't move. Like ever
Gangtang Fa
it's my birthday πŸŽ‰
Molly Dobbs
So cute
How many balloons will it take an iggy to fly
cutie kailey
Jamie Gall
The floor is lava...
She recreated Up with a pup!
Lucasmmy 52415
Lucasmmy 52415
do this but with kermit
Catherine Vose
According to this it would take over 1700 baloons to make me fly :(
Dali Maalouf
This literally just made my dayπŸ˜‚
Doink Didonk
So what you're saying is it would take about 1440 balloons to lift me off the ground?
Brielle Frye
I really love Jenna marbles and her dogs are so sweet but no offense and don't take this as a hate comment but her dogs are ugly and I'm not tryna be mean my opinnion
Tony Puffs
Marble is going to heaven! RIP Marble.
The floor is being alive!
Heath Skinner
I can't help but imagine letting it go outside...
PurpleDoge _YT
Your dogs are so cute
Marissa Payne
I love your adorable doggies!!!
Jenna thank you. When I have bad days your videos never cease to make me laugh.
Kaniz Fatema
If you kidnap marble and replace him with that dumbbell no one will ever notice
Rain Fall27
Omg I love marble!! X3
keaton w
why is this lady flying a dead dog
Kermit has depression lol
King Jeff
Lol he doesn't give a fuck
I doubt he would if he was flying up in the sky
Jasmine Yang
She posted this very close to my birthday CAN I GET SOME BALLOONS, JENNA?
Is he ok.... like in general
Cara Huntley
Marbles is the best thing to happen to this world
Kathy Lee
What kind of breed is Marble?
Seth Manges
Jona Roberts
Next step is taking him on a walk like this.
Aidan Paro
GamezPlayz Games
3:56 my life (peach or cement or something lol)
This Is Mame
I had to witness my uncle's funeral two and a half months ago. And seeing him laying in that casket like that was one of the most overwhelming thing I have had to go through in my life so far. But as his lifeless body lay there in the coffin ... I thought to myself that even HE is more alive at this moment than Marbles is #ripMarbles
John Dolan
You sick fuck
Reynaldo Abadia
I'm crying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sEpeHR kH
Naturehugger 1
do this for peach
Alarmist Brewing & Taproom
Why is marbles’ dick so big?
Lps Princess Ashley
Jenna: buys holo balloon's
Davian Payton
let him go outside
Mara Bellestri
Marbles finally found peace
Camden Pulsifer
Friend- the floor is lava
Syed Saad
Mother:What will you do when you grow up

Jenna:Make my dog fly
Sophie Diamond
the floor is being alive

Helen Nagooyen
4:19 he does not giving a flying fk*
Coral Wilcox
My question is what did they end up doing with the balloons?
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