Hannibal The 1st
Dana White Vs Joe Rogan. That's the fight we want to see! To the Death!
sean fresquez
floyd tlks shit when theres ppl to save him
"weather its a ring or octogon"
BIIIIIIITTTCH then why u set strict rules
not only doe conor have a chance of fuckn u up in a ring hell destroy u in a octogon
they even shut off conors mike hahahaha how bitchmade is that
Chuyon Hernandez
look Mayweather will be running around, tag your it, and chasing by mcfaggot and may under the weather. ..50-0
Lewis Burton
I think Dana is also living his dream promoting a HUGE boxing fight remember he's a boxing fan and a boxer himself. So kudos to Dana.
The audio is shit like this channel is buddeh
Big D
dana is putting on the pudding lol
World Capital Group Trading
Put the table and media fan questions
steppa money
world tour? are you a band? .No you're a travelling circus. what time are the penguins playing?
Don Kolion
People gotta be mental to pay $100 to watch McChicken chase Mayweather around the ring.
bruh _
Dana put some weight on
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