The elephant rescued a buffalo from a lion. This can be seen once in a lifetime / Very touching

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This can be seen once in a lifetime / The elephant rescued a buffalo from a lion
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Waaris Sattar
I wanna see a huge pride of lions go against a huge herd of elephants and buffaloes formed together
assault and battery
Nathalie is a cutie, with such a sexy voice..
Srinivasan Krishna Iyengar
God is great 🙏
rene santos
Robert Jensen
Buffalo: "Mr. Elephant, I'm hurt BAD. I have multiple massive bleeding lacerations, as well as a broken leg. Help me!"
Elephant: "Here. Just rub some dirt on it. There, you're good to go now."
Michael Amick
Thumbs down for thumbnail choice not from this video.
Doc Tyler
Elephants just really don't like lions! The the bull elephant is going to try to help the Buffalo because he It's the lion.
A.N.Kishor Kumar
Djvideos. Please u you please pick
JD l
Thanks to the elephant, the lion died of starvation and the bull died from his initial injury anyways laying dead and rotten without being eaten.
Pgs Penang
too much talking...
Tetali Siva Reddy
that's really great
The buffalo had a broken leg.... It's not gonna survive that to begin with..
Billy Corners
That buffalo had no shot at surviving with a broken ankle. Even with the elephant trying to scare the buff to get up and go, it couldn't.
ANY wild animal with a broken ankle or leg wont survive long in the wild. Even we wouldnt.
A Nakandala
Elephant safe baffalo Life but fucking camera man was watching basters
A Nakandala
Baster watching
Elephant: "Dude you need get up before it comes back I ain't your body guard."
Buffalo: still traumatized
Elephant: "Alright."
PetQui Noie
What is the music at 3:11 please
Preetham Sai
Elephant teaching a lesson to those fuckin tourists not to film but try to save the buffalo
Melanie Cravens
omg elephants are so smart cutest little guys they really watch out for those babies better than some people I've seen loved how they got that baby right out of that water
aaaand there we humans were ......................
just sitting on our asses ...DOING NOTHING

lets film it all .................... i shame my eyes out of my sockets to even say im a human .................
It's more likely that the elephant didn't want the lion or buffalo in it's vicinity.
Bharatsinh Chudasama
human should teach something from Animal
Fro Buntu
fuck the Rous
Blind Truth
What is with kicking dust onto the buffalo? Is it trying to kick dirt into its face in a mocking gesture :D
Cheng Lee
I just watched a video where an elephant kills a buffalo. Pretty ruthlessly too. Oh, the irony.
Sid Knee
The best outcome for this Buff would to be put out of its misery. it's right back leg has a green fracture or is dislocated which obviously would of been agonising for the Buff. Hopefully the guide or whoever filmed this shot it and in turn it would not go to waste.
I found a Cow laying by the road side in Australia in the Remote Gulf region that had been hit by a vehicle (who then kept going leaving the cow to suffer) She had two broken back legs. Local Police as well as the RSPCA refused to coordinate the Euthinizing of the suffering animal and eventually was bashed with a hammer by two power utility workers travelling past.
CA Catr
Elephants, the real king of the jungle. Elephants do have knowledge of goodness, and they hate bullies of any species. Btw, from the length of the tusks, this is a young Elephant, may be a teenager, and a female. Bless her.
federico utrilla
no queremos ver humanos en los videos por favor
Bob Bobbington
I had a buddy that spent several months working in the bush in Africa. He said there is nothing more terrifying than an elephant... something along the lines of, "Nothing that big should be able to stalk you that quietly."
daniel mai
That elephant reminds me of starcraft. Carrier has arrived!
MD rockzzz m
Elephant is the king of a jungle
Tanya Moses
god has made lions and animals this way ... yu cannot question god ... its his plan .. his creation nd his given foodcycle ..
Nasal Chain
That why I respect elephant. They live with code Pratik Shetty Pat
Here he comes
Shiva Ram
Couple of months back the baby of that elephant was killed by the pride of lions.
luis Post
Elephant King of the jungle.
Flaviane Vieira
The just watched and didn't do anything, and the elephant actually was the one who helped.
Неля Нуралиева
ShaRoNa MyLove
This is interesting but hard to hear and understand...very bad acoustics!
WTF you guys with 6th sense doing when an animal with 5th sense was trying to save the buffallo? You idiots, you should have shot the fucking Lion torturing an wounded buffallo.
Dick Fageroni
their accents bother me.
shailesh nar
Elephants are the real kings..
Republicans are smart they chose the strongest animal with long memories. Democrats, well... The Donkey /jackass suits them perfectly!
Lloyd Harrington
You lied, I watched it twice, so I have seen this twice in my lifetime in the space of 5 minutes.

I could watch it a third time.

But I'm not going to.
Vegan solidarity 😀
very touching
Oh good, I was afraid I'd be able to see the end of the video but you guys remembered to cover it up with other videos, thanks.
On the evidence of this video, I'd say the other lions were providing orchestral accompaniment just out of shot.
they should kill all lions in this world we don t need them we cant eat them and they killing our food sources fuck them kill them all real talk !
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