The elephant rescued a buffalo from a lion. This can be seen once in a lifetime / Very touching

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This can be seen once in a lifetime / The elephant rescued a buffalo from a lion
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Ar K
Y r u intervening in between? We can u derstand wts going on...we r here to c animals nd nt u r version f things..
Paul Ebai
These white asshole must be kicked outta south Africa completely
Paul Ebai
One Train1
thats why lions cant hunt alone.., a tiger wouldve snapped that bitches neck in 30 seconds
Balbeer Singh
IF i found i lion shot the gun .becounse he kill .inocent animal
Songs Mirth
Even animals have compassion. I don't cry easily but how impressive and so king of that sweet animal. This elephant could tell Donald Trump a thing or two about compassion. I'm SO ashamed of him and how he treated the people in Puerto Rico. How he's STILL treating them! He stayed in an air conditioned building, informed them that hurricane hadn't killed many people compared to Katrina, and implying the people were just being like babies. He thinks he's a celebrity and threw paper towels at people. Left in four hours without leaving the building. No hospitals. No going out to see the devastation or the people. I think he was afraid of running into the lady Mayor. He's a coward and a draft dogger. He doesn't like people who are stronger than he is. He does what he always does. Praised and praised himself and the people around him for the work they did in Puerto Rico. He was supposed to go on a Tuesday but he was too busy golfing. So he gave the people down there a golf trophy that didn't belong to him. We're going to get him ASAP. He's mentally ill. Give him to the lion. :) I doubt he could run as he's gained so much weight! Songs
Echelon S
The buffalo would soon be dead with an injury like a broken leg, some other predator would have taken it out, natural selection
Joe Home
What if you are about to bite on a burger and some creep grabs it from you? Now you know how the lion feels.
Shiv Insearch
So touching clip... ❤️
Khajinder Singh Chawla
Love God 👍👍🙏🙏🙏👍👍💝💝👏👏
Nima Nabavi
Kayla W
2:28 the elephant is like "get up homie"
Entrance of the elephant was a swag...
Tajinder Johal
Even male lions wouldn't try it with a full grown fit elephant don't care how many lions you got.
Aerin Atkins
Lmao, I just came here from watching an elephant stab and kill a buffalo for no reason at all.
sakti das
super fine
Bea Lorente
Lion and ekephanrs are natural enemys.....
elephat just does that his instinc says...
Sheikh Kelvin
This is so beautiful isn't it?
Lucretia Dawn
I love the Elephants and their ways. Loved how the Elephant showed the Lion who is boss. An interaction that was truly Wonderful. Always a joy to see the Lion put in their place in the wild.
dhoni ask
who is strongest one?
imanuel mathew
Natures is soo amazing! I do like the natures
Lorica Lass
With that wounded leg and the wounds prpnse to infection that the lion caused, the buffalo is maybe going to die - hopefully not more more painfully - anyway. So sad.
Jacob ibarra
Elephant kicks dirt: "oh get up you big crybaby"
Meek Source
Oh shit, that elephant kicked sand at that buffalo... So touching, I don't think my heart can take it.
Luna O
❤️😭elephants are the best!
Rene Robyn
The Elephant kicked up the sands onto the buffolo's wound to stop the bleeding and prevent flies. The salt of the sand will dry up the wounds.
Its not suprising to me. Elephants are known to possess high intelligence
Lalvipulasena Vipulasena
с camairaman fuck you
Tommy Summers
3:13 "Go away dumbass, run run"
love ak MaNiLaNders
so kind n to see this.i love this elephant and all elephant.they are too kind to be hated
whos the elephant the dr? hes big yo
Erminia Cargua
Elephants reason better than 99% of humans who chose to kill animals for food consumption.
Alex Ma
Elephant has good heart than human. Those turists watched and enjoy where as; that elephant saved poor bufallo
Usha Strohmeyer
Instead of helping the animal you are making dokumentry Film.
Truth Seeker
That's it ? Where the rest of the video where the buffalo walks away ?
target ssc
We will nevr disturb it.becoz of its natural process of life.
If tiger or lion.will no.kil them then the no of its will be increased which is dangerous for our earth.
I would assume that this lioness has been actually kicked out by the rest of her pride, which is exactly why she is forced to having to hunt all by herself.

As for the seriously injured African buffalo, I would be most surprised if he even survives the night before some other carnivore predator(s) slowly eats him alive.

For all we know perhaps the obviously hungry lioness actually returned to finish the seriously injured African buffalo off, once that interfering elephant had got bored and departed.
Salkis Re
Awwwwww the elephant was like get up and run!.. too sweet...
josiane rico
L'éléphant qui sait très bien que le lion s'attaque à leur petits donc .un geste normal .le buffle à été chanceux .il en ont fait un documentaire. Que vu .avec le même passage sans les hommes qui filment.
king mufaza
That elephant was like "get up lets go"but the buffalo couldn't so he left
Kalpana Balaji
Alfa Painting
kill,kill,kill,This is how capitalism works.and kill again
Elephants are sacred animals
Waaris Sattar
I wanna see a huge pride of lions go against a huge herd of elephants and buffaloes formed together
assault and battery
Nathalie is a cutie, with such a sexy voice..
Srinivasan Krishna Iyengar
God is great 🙏
rene santos
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