The elephant rescued a buffalo from a lion. This can be seen once in a lifetime / Very touching

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This can be seen once in a lifetime / The elephant rescued a buffalo from a lion
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Don't know y won't the elephant help him up..
Of course, the lion returned after the elephant left!
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not today lion
Adam Norvell
Why did it kick dirt on the buffalo? Trying to help it stay cool in the heat?
ThangBom the Dachshund of Canada
so sad to watch that camera man didn't rescue the buffelo
Al Catraz
elephant needs buffalo milk to make mozzarella ....
that's why he saved the buffalo....
Tyler Durden
amazing once in a lifetime! just like a nigger who's not on welfare and food stamps and who works and pays taxes and isn't a racist thieving pos.
Rah Hannan
this is a wild animal farm )ike noahs ark where humans play and learn animal psychology to satisfy their whims
ZUBAIR 0581760588
Void Gambit
Elephant os the true king of the jungle. Not a lion.
Clorox Bleach
nice bad that lion was like 10 feet away waiting for the elephant to leave
Twisted Soul
And then 😂
Anupam SenGupta
gr8 videos. That's why elephants are called the Guardians of the Jungle.
xtra smart
and then daddy's is back
Firstly, the buffalo had a broken leg. It's going to die either way. Secondly, the elephant wasn't trying to save it. He was being territorial. He wanted both of them away from his area. Kicking the dirt at the buffalo was an attempt at scaring it away.
Big friends come in handy.
leggy Reid 4c
The lion has to feed to survive, the injured buffalo has less chance of surviving in the wild
sevitha sweety
super elephant save chesindhi.......manushule....ala undated manesaru
dr. Apexx
save buffalo, starve a lion... anyway, the buffalo is as good as dead with broken leg.
wow this is the helping nature
Jaanus Hiiemae
And some days later that elephant was killed by Donald Trump Jr.
How do you know the elephant wasńt making Fun of the Buffalo by kicking dirt in its face and had used the lion to go bite the Buffalo for him? Elephants know they are bullies and sometimes you need minions to do the dirty work so the elephant can relax.
The elephants, they are son intelligent. I love them.
Sailesh Joshi
who the son of bitch dislike this video
Sailesh Joshi
the real hero
Heera Jha
oh my god i cant believe what i just witnessed! and the elephant actually tried to cure the wounds by putting soil over it. simply unbelievable! human beings should take a lesson that tries to learn and adopt the food habits of tigers. there might be an animal angry and eagerly waiting to take its revenge
Steve Johnson
The lion came back with three more lions. They ate the buffalo.
Then they shit him out which created fertilizer to grow grass for the elephant to eat.
Ashwin M S
that elephant is good harted like me ,osm
Spot Anjo3
Amazing. Many people never learned what love and heart like that Elephant and and never will. Most.. I said Most people are the scum of the Earth. They need to learn to love, mercy, support, and cherish. We are all human being.. We might not be the same blood but we need our supports at each other and we are the family! SAD.. It wont happen. Sighing.
mizzothify mizzothifi
So do people think the elephant acted out of personal empathy??? The buffalo is wounded, he will be killed by the next lion. In fact, possibly by the same lion when it comes back.
Mother Nature is a cruel bitch.
...and the arse that created her.
Texas Patriots Militia
I hate lions. They think they can just go around killing everything. If I had the chance I'd kill them all. Way to go Mr elephant.
Iqbal Butt
There is a lesson for all of us in this video meaning that we should always try to help and save our fellow human beings in the hours of their need.
I hate seeing this white inbred racists .
I can think of very little that i love more than an elephant
The elephant help while the humans recorded
Clorox Bleach
And here we see the king of the jungle runs this pussy cat away
Temprel Storm
2:36 is where it matters, the rest is over dramatized trash. Elephants hate Lions. Duhhhhh.
jitendr kushwaha
now the hyenas will spot him and they will eat him alive !!! he will regret resisting that lioness !!!
Raj Aale
that's why I love elephant wow
Manish Kumar
Benny Pascal K
all three are playing singles
Will Wiles
What kind of person could give a thumbs down?,that's a awesome video
Tim Henry
You all do know the buf got eaten later don't you?
Neethulal P
Syamsul Mustaqim
poor lion, they could be starving. a youngster often misunderstood "prey" as "victim", while predator needs to fulfill their stomach to survives too
T Regis
has a shot at survival? lion goes hungry and buffalo dies slowly from injuries. fucking humans are so stupid.
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