The elephant rescued a buffalo from a lion. This can be seen once in a lifetime / Very touching

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This can be seen once in a lifetime / The elephant rescued a buffalo from a lion
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Simone Id
The lion broke the tendons from his back legs so the buffalo could not stand up. His fate was sealed.
Han Lin
good job elephent
ajinkya gadgil
Lol! Those giants make the lion look like a pussy.
Anjana G Nair
touching ele powering sand to the injured body
Bill Barnes
You guys realize it was trying to taunt the buffalo, but since the buffalo was dying it couldn't respond. elephant became confused, but eventually realized it's not a threat. Elephants also kill buffalo.
Sarah Matthews
That lioness probably has cubs to feed. only reason she risked taking that buffalo down by her self.
Get out my swamp said the elephant
The elephant was trying to shoo away the buffalo to a safer area., but the buffalo simply could not walk away anymore. Amazing majestic beings.
It's amazing that the elephant was trying to rouse to buffalo by kicking sand on it. It probably knew that it would be uncomfortable with getting sand in its eyes, nose, etc. so was figuring the buffalo would move to escape it. Smart elephant!
Sreeraj Nair
This is animals love for each other.. They come to rescue, and we human just shoot those killing in the name of nature.. That's bullshit..
If the buffalo was severely injured I hope the crew put him down, instead of leaving him die slowly.
Mike Such
I love all wild animals they're delicious.
Mike Such
refuse to watch a video with a commercial on it really f**** stupid
manual poduthas
St. Apollonius
After all that the elephant thought "Ah bollocks I'm off!"
Jerry Rahadet
The elephant mistaking a buffalo for a baby elephant ? ? ?
When the elephant "told" the buffalo: c'mon stand up he ( the lion) has gone away! That scene made me chills! Incredible...
I got you bro, have some sand
David Francis
Like all herbivorous , Elephants too dislike Lions - an instinct passed through generations. Here when the elephant saw lion attacking buffalo, it was this instinct that made the elephant to drive away the lion. Elephant and buffalo use the same pastures to graze, and made a good rapport with each other......hence there is no wonder even if the elephant tried to save the buffalo. It was evident that while mock charging, an attempt to mobilize the buffalo, the elephant was cautious not to hurt the buffalo, though the severity of the hind leg wound couldn't give the desired effect. This was definitely a friendly gesture, because if wanted the elephant could've obliterated the immobilized buffalo
Mike Egah
to be honest I hated lions. they always taking advantage on those weaker animal. human do the same thing. they should have hyenas, hipo, crocodiles, python and Ancona with the lions. Let see how the lions will survive... Since he is the king of the jungle ha ha ha...
Micheal McLaurin
i dnt get why the buffalo didnt kick the shit out of the lion at first i mean she was in perfect shot of getting kicked super hard and then stomped
Michael Collier
It has a broken leg. All it needs to do is pop down the local hospital and get it put in a cast, be back to normal in no time.
mark garate
YOu city folk make me laugh. ONce in a lifetime sight! How often you get away from your tv screen
Problem Troll
once in a lifetime? watches video twice
fuck lions
Michael Ignatius
People think the lion is the king but it's actually the elephant.
Christopher Budhai
if i was the bull i would go with that guy
Michael Kennedy
damn, now that I've seen this in my lifetime I cannot watch it again. shit!
John Jacobs
3:16 Elephant was telling buffalo Get your bitch ass up
e stan
When the elephant was throwing dirt at the buffalo... there is a good reason for it. Animals stop bleeds from injuries and treat wounds by rolling in dirt to seal the injuries. That is exactly what the elephant was doing.
vivek patil
Elephants for the king !
I just watched it twice.
The buffalo has a shot........IF it gets off its ass and runs far away from there, instead of just laying in the same spot, for the lion to come back and resume killing it! Even the elephant was trying to get it up and moving, when it repeatedly walked up and kicked dirt at it. Maybe the buffalo was too badly injured, but apparently the lion never got to its throat, and it was on its feet recently....
Spirit of God is in all creatures, you only lose it by choice.
jane doe
i feel bad for the lioness! looks like she's on her own, going to have a real hard time hunting and staying safe without a pride. she really can't afford to waste that kind of energy.
This behaviour was not so unusual. The elephant wanted both to go away from his territory.

You can see other clips where elephants even attack buffalos and similar animals.

A similar behaviour can be seen by hippos, in particular againt crocodiles - while they may sometimes tolerate crocodiles, they hate doing so when the crocodile wants to eat something.
Rata Touille
Who's the idiot that came up with the title to this video? What B.S!
Jacob Hearns
That's a thinking caring creature.
Animal World
nice video. i like!
saleem suliman
Imagine coming here without gun and camping here what are the odds of survival.
Happy huWhite Man
That's a badass lioness
Piotr Żmuda
What will happen if i watch it twice?
Compassion is a very intelligent emotion.
Dragos Stoianovici-Boscaneanu
u all mother fuckers who film these; u not interfere in the law of nature.I hope lions catch u all in front of me...and I'll not interfere...nature...aahh...luckily with elefant in this case...u all MF!!!...
Cara Delevingne
Lions are the donald trump of the jungle
After the Elephant went, the lion came back and ate the buffalo ffs
medusa007 Medusa007
Wow, I'm so glad I found this clip. Just the other day me an my mate were wondering do animals have there own language. This just proves that they do. They also have the capacity for compassion....<3
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