Llb Shah
I love you Geo zindabad
Savita Rana
it is not mad dance . song is mad type
Vinod kanna kumar kanna
D Singh
i mean it's not that bad, not sure what they're fussing about
S.M. Abdullah
Excellent performance
ganga gurung
U r simply awesome👌👌👌👌👍👍
Tejawi Prakash Ragini
Please apply your dance in dance plus
I' m sure you will get your future in it
BhinDa MaLpur
Baba inna att nachda saale fuddu bande aa
Bhatti Jee Bhatti Jee
I'm from pakistan bohat dard bhara huwa ha is k dil me ye chor khaya huwa ashiq ha bhai sab
jaidev joshi
Drug edict hai ye
Davinder Suman
Having no word how good he performed..
Ghada Aziz
Very nice
Yaseen Jameel
where is he going
Ali Raza
what a great dance
it should b in dance shows
Best Video
this is a god gifted talent!!
Gurinder Singh
judges r No judge the situation of dance. they are Fool people. 👌👌
Raam Rj
zingat dance 👏👌
rimon razz
Techno Life
He is such a real dancer...😱👌👌✌
People who calls u Mad....they says right but does'nt know you are mad for Dance...😬👍✌👌
Abkhos Syauqi
very amazing
Noufal Khan
Mahesh Yadav
Awesome Bhai What A Dance Bro
Rana 9t7
what a great dancer i vote for this
Rana 9t7
i love u
shazia bibi
amazing dancers tasty based
shazia bibi
powerful dancers
usman nasir
What a Painful Act. Passionate. Feel deep to understand his Dance. #Respect
Çh ÄĻį Mëhäř
Çh ÄĻį Mëhäř
Saddam indian
سمير بدوي
ajay josan
harshith gowda
can anyone say me the song name plzzz
Nisam Sonam
u fucking judges why r u lafghing madarchut.dekh kitna acha dance kar raha hai.feelings samjo yr
Bittu Rajput
Raja Rasheed Ahmed
ur dace is mind blowing bro
Mentally stressed.
Saffron Dominic
wow! why the panel are laughing??? this guy is really good!!!
انا انا
supers bro
Shaila Sagar
u r dance is soo great keep dancing
peasant sahoo
alax iam big fan you are awesome
ps gamers
music is Persian
Madiha Shehzadi
Banoth Ganesh
u r amassing dancer
Movies Best Scenes
this video i watched 50 times above .. Mad Akash Bhagat U R Not Only Dancer.. u r no words sorry...everybody know this is best performance in IGT..and in this video KARAN ZOHAR Worst Judge ever in History..Look Like Stupid, and ##**
and Lx Akash your life is totally change if u Go to Dance + 3 Bcoz Remo Sir Best Person & Dancer...
Afroj Siddique
Chand Babo
I love your dance 😘 crazy dance
श्री Piyush Tekड़ीwal
Idiot judges know nothing, awsum man
Latif Ali
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