Bad Baby Tiana Messy Orbeez Bath Party Spa Explosion - Mommy Freaks Out!

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Hi friends:)
Bad Baby Tiana is back with millions of Orbeez in the bath party spa,we all loved this video,my mum had a bad time when she found us LOL,Orbeez are super cool fun.

2nd Channel Famtastic👇🏾

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Toys AndMe
Petra Rosales
do not be a bad baby
Petra Rosales
do not
Mafe Nuñez
esos vídeos tan tontos que suben de que son bebes
Carin Männik
yav ne yaptığınızı sanıyonuz eşşek kadar kızları bebek kılığına sokmuşsunızzz
فاطمة القريشي
Elsie Asabere
Hi Tiana
M Gerry
you are awesome
Pinkcat&eye Harmcat
Ok what is your adress so i can see u one day my name is rachael i have a unusual hair color :)
Martin McLaughlin
I'm asking Santa for orbeez for Christmas I love them like I love you your the best tt you rule like if you agree
D4RK LunyFawn
You are great
Faiza Hussein
How old are you
Sarah Wady
I like the time when y'all I'm bad babies and fashions and I want to subscribe to your Channel and my favorite video is the gummy challenge vs. real challenge and when you do bad baby
Alyssa Rawiri
omg i just want to go to your house and play in the orbeez
Jayden McDaniel
I wish I was u😭😭😭😭
Jayden McDaniel
I wish I was u😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lojin Maher
waw nice
Aisha Campbell
is that really your house
Yogi Hanggoro
JupiterFL:Eat This Babys This Is Good For You) Rice And Eggs
Mars_Gameing: JL
Fatma Yilmaz
onlar ne
Jayden Kris
Who else saw breadwinners at the beginning. The bread maker.
Little_brittany Britshine
Tiana how do you clean all the orbeez
هديل السلوم
what is that?
why i'm in here?
Jacob Magana
I like yuri beo
1 like on this comment= Giving her similar life style to someone who needs it
Berry Ti Ti
Sướng quá à
Jorge Canales
where do you live? I want to see you
Jorge Canales
I like the idea of what you think
Pennie Del Valle
can you please make a video of three of you are mermaids and had or bees
Daily Dose of Cupcake
So amazing
Syazlin Omar
yeah they're bad
Hector Ramob Leiva
son ricos
محمد بسام اللحام
You are bad babyies
rocio 'm
You are not a baby.👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶
andrew white
Sherry Aude
My granddaughter watches your show and thinks it's great.
Hortensia Aguilar
Hortensia Aguilar
I love Tiana
Alex Van Der Haagen
I love ur YouTube channel
Arzum Ülgen
primleri Tiguan Friv YouTube Ghajini
TheLegend 27
Hannah Thorpe
love you channel TT
XOX Hannah
babyray davis
how do you make so much orbeez
babyray davis
how do you put that much water in the bathroom
Angela Dortche
my name is jahvaya
A Hjj
this video makes me uncomfortable, why has an 10 year old got a dummy
linda zaidan
Anyone agree
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