You've Never Seen Headphones Like This...

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VIE SHAIR Headphones (USA Link) -
VIE SHAIR Headphones (International) -

There's always something new in the world of wireless headphones. Today we've got the VIE SHAIR an unusual headphones featuring an open design unlike any I've seen before. Is this the future of wireless headphones or just another headphone gimmick?

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Unbox Therapy
VIE SHAIR Headphones (USA Link) -
VIE SHAIR Headphones (International) -
Ksus Susk
Or you just buy AKG open backs for 200 dollars. This product is a big failure.
Erick Berrocal Gamboa
Where did you get your glasses?
Hope Hurteau
these headphones would have zero sound isolation, noise isolation
Big Daddy
Fine product.
Song at 0:44?
Parker Smith
Vince staples lit 🔥
Jamaal Pemberton
What is that song on in the first minute minute or so? I wish we had the playlist
Lift me up
Reiki Shinzou
what is the music he listens to i like it
Rayan Asref
There is another video also made by Unbox Therapy with the SAME EXACT title...
mario mario
song at 2:00
Kingsley Anand
those illuminati symbols ...
Esmael Bara
You listenbach to Vince Staples 🔥
Jobart Josafat
I really want to have that, but I don't have any money.😢
michael fofanah
Did anyone see the add about a new smart headphone called "On Vocal" he should test it.
Keyboard Warrior
Attention seeker/whore headphones.
brandy ブランドン
These headphones look stupid as fuck...
Do you ever get sick of doin' this stuff?
Thang Nhôm Korea
Finn Wilkinson
audience same suburb spiritual tomato child cost athletic.
Yaakov Rosenstock
Can we please get a review of the Motorola verveloop+ wireless earbuds. They seem great just want your opinion.
Kobi Kobijansen
In the end it is "Jacqueline the camera woman"
I think he just point the middle finger
make jack some coffee cake does the trick at work, they think it's a treat but it's really the fuel
Terrell W. Pink
You GOTTA share that music you be listening to😎past few videos vibed
Cryo x
Apichai Alex Timmons
I know right i can't stop either...
Ethan Tinajero
but i saw a video a while back from you showing jack putting him into frame because you did a joke about him. and yes indeed , he (it) is a camera
Jon Wukasch
this is one of those...
kickstarter craps
Abraham r
is Jack is a camera were all done
Abraham r
who the f@ck is Jack show us Jack show us jack. at this point jack is also known a conpiracy.
Chirko Telhin
have you ever tried the jlab epic true wireless earbuds. I believe they out do most true wireless earbuds
Grekus Burekus
useless. kind of interesting but eh..
Owen Smith
Unbox Therapy you're my favorite Canadians.
Eduardo Martinez
Jac --> Just a camera
You've never seen a video title like this
Biswadeep Rai
Do more cool Kickstarter products unboxing . Like 5 nos at a time.
2m more to go, we are gonna see jack the camera. (I guess that Jack he always talks to is his camera.)
Elijah #
a triangle whit a 666 inside...
Alex Millward
If Jack, is just a camera, Imma unsubscribe...
Never Imagined Official
sorry, I don't want an entire room to hear the music I'm listening to. I'll stick with my $50 bluedio headphones
Isaiah Woodward
Jack is the camera
This channel is supposed to be called HEADPHONE/SPEAKER THERAPY.
Tom Kamín
Guys Jack is real. WHO THE FUCK WOULD PAN THE CAMERA ??? :D He might not be called Jack really but there is a guy behind the camera :D
Swag Papi
Please Help me......

Swag Papi
That 2nd beat is sick asf
Neville Gwena
song at 02:01?
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