Unbox Therapy
VIE SHAIR Headphones (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2raHw2v
VIE SHAIR Headphones (International) - http://geni.us/gBoVM
Dislike for being a w** for Subs
The Anime Fanbase
I always want to shut the world out sooooooooooooo.
Abhirup Chowdhury
I will tell my friends to subscribe😇😇😇😇😇😇
Pankaj Das
Jack is your camera
the background music gets me a headache
LOL 300$ u must be a moron to buy that HAHA, probably 50$ or less in quality, buy that shit or 150$ good quality beyerdynamics, studio headphones, hmmm, tough choice ;D
some would say "shut the world off", others "not be annoying to others"
U make me jealous every video
Maarten Jongkind
I've seen and tried headphones like that.. but they're awesome!
As well as standard Samung in earplugs!
Aravind Krishna Vijayaraghavan
Is it just me or does anybody else hear the Hans Zimmer soundtrack for “Rush” in the background?
Brandon Oliver
You should try house of marley brand speakers and headphones
they look like the most uncomfortable pieces of shit ive ever seen
Michael Hill
Well that just seems like a way to piss off people who are trying to work around you. What a terrible idea.
Arthur Workman
People buy headphones to close out the outside world should only wear those types of headphones in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Once you wear those types of headphones out in public you automatically place yourself in danger of being a victim of a mugging. Because you can't hear who's coming up behind you.
Happy Fuzzy
Is Jack your boyfriend?
Grant Turner
These headphone look like shit..
Bella Giannetto
The term ear cup makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason
Game Logic
I'm good with my Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
The Rolling Troll
If you don't have a very small head, try a pair of Akg K601. They're light, they're airy, they are super, super comfortable and you can buy a second hand pair for 125 dollars and some new pads, if you're grossed out by other people, for another 25. So far they are the most comfortable headphones i've had the pleasure of owning.
Varus Malse
When does the actual review start
Randy Williams
Why does everything has an app?!
Jason Matthew
Sitting back watching your channel I love the inboxing items
Manas Thaker
we can wear glasses with headphones on yey
Is Jack actually have his own channel??
Stop giving me the finger
even he could,nt sell these
its just me or those look stupid?
What's in The box
You're one of the best on YouTube! I've been watching all your videos old and new haha
Sasho Boynov
Tooooooo match bla bla
נועם אמינוב
What the song at 4:42?
Gildas P
Well, 30$ koss portapro hav a better soud quality and are open enough for you to feel your surroundings...
andi brokaj
Song at 4:40 please
https://youtu.be/-odxJy52R2sNew 🔥
Invincible YT
Jesus fuck. I want one of those.
Daniel Naranjo
Vince staples is one of my favorites
Alan Gomez
ugly af
Those look so fucking cheap holy shit LOL
bs level over 9000
Vishhal ShashiKumar
jack at 6.20
Ksus Susk
Or you just buy AKG open backs for 200 dollars. This product is a big failure.
Erick Berrocal Gamboa
Where did you get your glasses?
Hope Hurteau
these headphones would have zero sound isolation, noise isolation
Fine product.
Song at 0:44?
Parker Smith
Vince staples lit 🔥
Jamaal Pemberton
What is that song on in the first minute minute or so? I wish we had the playlist
Lift me up
Reiki Shinzou
what is the music he listens to i like it
Rayan Asref
There is another video also made by Unbox Therapy with the SAME EXACT title...
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