You've Never Seen Headphones Like This...

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VIE SHAIR Headphones (USA Link) -
VIE SHAIR Headphones (International) -

There's always something new in the world of wireless headphones. Today we've got the VIE SHAIR an unusual headphones featuring an open design unlike any I've seen before. Is this the future of wireless headphones or just another headphone gimmick?

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Unbox Therapy
VIE SHAIR Headphones (USA Link) -
VIE SHAIR Headphones (International) -
Lucas Reed
The point of headphones is so other people don't hear your fucking shit. It's simple. This is stupid.
Johnny Colas
I really want to know those first two background songs, but nobody knows...
Dee M
Is this guy from New York?
those legit look so uncomfortable
feghoul sidiabed
jack is a fucking camera 😒😒😠😠
Intelligent Fool
wear these to shut the world off?
- what mom that was this easy!
Niko Riv
Jordan 4ore
he a camera
Teni Dania
Make a fidget spinner video
Like if you agree 👍🏾
Okay, listening to Vince Staples - Life Me Up 😄
madhusudan upadhye
i like your expressing attitude
They do look like crap :(, happy with my SteelSeries Siberia 800! Dual battery's, charging station/EQ station.
Damon Steinhauser
He already showed Jack in videos before, Jack is the camera on the tripod
Tate Entertainment Inc.
if every sub told 4 friends you would have 40000000 subs
Drew Lederer
I think jack's a tripod
sub so we can c jack guyz
Goober and Buddy
Bradley Roar
Definitely appreciate the Vince Staples lol
real niccccce!
Joey M Rocha
what if Jack is............ Tom 0_0
Nathan King
reflection of jack at 4:37 !!! on the phone !!! lolololkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brooks O'Dell
Bumping Vince
very good
these look cheap ass and extremely uncomfortable. wouldn't pay more than 10 dollars for these.
Алихан Сахабутдинов
Another one too expensive thing! It could be much better if you buy Sennheiser HD650
Try marsee LC 8600
Jano Balažovič
I want one of these for gaming!!! I could be playing a game with all the sounds UP HIGH, talk to friends on skype and still hear my family members YELL at me to turn of the fking comput... Im Never getting one of these...
Narga Rider
lit price fam
Robin "Moshhe" Hendriks
Hi, I have a question about these headphones or some similair headset;
My left ear has a problem which is that when I close it off with for example a Headset (closed no airflow) I get in infection in record time.
So I absolutely NEED great airflow, is this something you'd advice for me? Or do you know of any other headsets then will allow air to freely flow around and into my ear, as if I was not wearing headphones.
I'm asking because I love playing games, I.E. Shooters. and being able to hear where opnonents are is a Must!
With the ONE earbud i am using now (right ear)... I just can't. Mono sound...
Would love some Feedback! cheers
ham burglar
i think the skeletonized muffs are just spares, they look really uncomfortable
Zoe Young
Hi buddies . average Anyone identify one's better this resumu". .
I really want to see you without a cap! :P
Cesar Zapata
Hey this video is pretty good. Thank you for informing us on new techs. The headphones look cool.
Simon Kumar-Britten
I swear 2 God if he's a camera
mason classified
this dude rocking 666 headphones another illuminati youtuber....
Mohsin Zubair
Does anyone else thinks he looks like Sami Zayn from WWE Smackdown Live?
Hiro !
you look dumb with thoses headphones
GamingKingYT ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Sub me sub back
Anon Soon
What if Jack is Lew's twin brother? 😶
I think jack is the camera to his right, anyone else think that?
Cory Mooney
want to see jack look up his video on ipod touch 6th gen and jack is shown
sankaranarayanan m
sir can you tell about asus zenfone ar
Aryana Sreshtha Reede
Don't lose your Headphone, Jack like Apple losed its HeadphoneJack
Damian Toczek
350$ ? WHOOOT Buy AKG K701/702 and you will be happy.
I saw a similar one but not wireless from Sony around 2007.
philip Lidén
Can you try Zungle Glasses? 👍🏻
The awkward moment that jack is his mothers name
Gurjas Singh
Jack is name of his camera
Star Techie
I have never used an iphone or mac but i still watch all your videos because someday i will buy one in far away future
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