Emotional WrestleMania moments - WWE Top 10

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Emotions can get the best of anyone in the WWE Universe during the heat of a WrestleMania battle. Count down the 10 most emotional moments to play out on The Grandest Stage of Them All.
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Russell Mania
Can you do a "Superstars Roasting Celebrities" one. Like Seth with Johnny Idiot Face, and so on?
Azher Ahmad
I swear to God before watching this video, if the thumbnail is fake...
Athif Khan
The Streak :(
Kaka Iqbal
i still cant believe thats 21-0 streak was over
Chinmay Adangale
Thank you for the memories, Shawn <3
Chinmay Adangale
The most emotional for me were number 6 and number 5.
Yash Mehta
RKO child hood
I got so sad after Taker vs Michaels...The 2 greatest I have ever seen
Hulk vs Ultimate Warrior was the best moment
JK Epic Vids
Was that Shaun's dad or something at the end???
Rock beating Cena is so underrated, what a great moment.
PPJPL Gamebirds
Better not ruin the seth vs HHH match at wm 33 and shane vs AJ it should be good
Eddie vs Brock ???
minvydas bisigirkas
This was cool when I was 10yo.. but cmon it's fake hahah afults should be doing smt else
Biggest mistake in WWE EVER was letting Brock Lesnar break the streak.
Twenty4 Seven
Heyman's Screaming "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD YOU DID IT YOU BEAT THE STREAK!!" While Thinking This Kid's Going To Die At The Hands Of The Undertaker
Pablo Guzmán
wwe que no me
Emily Slagle
My Wireless
Make a match of undertaker vs roman reigns
Mister Potato
the Undertaker one gives me goosebumps😂
ar di
The Heart Break Kid
logan pfister
hbk hbk hbk
Demon Savage
everything rey did for eddie made me cry
chris and eddie ? oh wait ya chris you know
https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=k2cg6qy3kWc. <----------- watch
black gamer reviews
''that kickout'' at wrestlemania 28
Roman Fans Hit Like
Goethals Siding
Carl Jonsohn
4:31 y 4:34 flair"pegame puto no me duele"
hbk"asi hijodeperra pues toma"😂😂😂
Carl Jonsohn
min 3:21 y 3:22 los fans "wwe acava de arruinar mi infancia"😂😂😂😯😯
Carl Jonsohn
min 2:09 undertaker dieiendole a hbk😂"ya ves puto me la pelaste"
Carl Jonsohn
min 1:10 ya se estaba rindiendo solo 😂😂😂😂
Carl Jonsohn
seg. 00:31 cena dijo en su mente "ya nadie me quiere ni apoya la mejor desision fue rendirme o arruinaria todo"😂😂😂😂
breaking the steak stupidest move wwe ever made ... and wasn't Eddie and Chris tittle win at a wrestlemania?
Amit Rana2
Hoe sweet
F u Brock lesner
Andy Szwejda
Number 4 was, and shall always be the biggest disgrace. How can anyone even think about saying that ending the Streak was best for business?
Nonu Sharma
yes! yes! yes!
Chase M.
3:14 every time I watch my heart stops
Boss yo
On NATIONAL GEOGRAPHYchannel in 《TIMEWARP》it was proved that all wrestling is fake and they are trained not to fight but to pretend...so many are fools who believe it...or may be experts in nat geo were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P X Vincent
hi there
why does heyman always freak out?
Rama Be
and when the streak was over undertaker actually won in spirit
Rama Be
anyone on summer break? I actually miss my friends!
car105 r0b3r70
não entendo nenhum comentário 😂😂😂
Family Safa
nice100 ok TRump Family Korea put nice100 ok TRump Family sfas lot potim bbc nice ok TRump Family Korea put nice100 fahimfahimi
Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26 was the first time I dropped a tear watching wrestling
ankit wandhare
dislike Bec of very big add
Damn only 1 scene was emotional : Taker and shawn
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