Emotional WrestleMania moments - WWE Top 10

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Emotions can get the best of anyone in the WWE Universe during the heat of a WrestleMania battle. Count down the 10 most emotional moments to play out on The Grandest Stage of Them All.
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3:22 needs to be a MEME!
Ryuki/ Sayako
Where is the one that Undertaker retires and put his jacket and hat in the ring?
Danish Khindri
i was expecting end of an era too in d list 🤔
Jovylyne Bulauitan
3:20 so that's where the meme came from
I knew I'm sorry I love you was number 1 before watching this
Financials Radio
Emotions can get the best of anyone in the WWE Universe during the heat of a WrestleMania battle.
Call Me Jayyy
TB to taker vs shawn
Joe T
3:21 makes me laugh
Fahian Ahmed Pranto
who saw Randy Orton at #3?
Shefali Sharma
the undertaker retires
Krus Kritikesh
I respect the first one but retirement of the streak, The Legendary Undertaker was.........
Poké Bro
So You Put Cena And Rock But Not Eddie Gurrero
ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
Shea Curtis
My life changed when Shawn Michaels careerend
Ferka Yakubik
How about Sami Zain
Danish Malik
Fardin Ahmed
no no no no no no no nooooo ! i mean what john cena the greatest champ of all times loses from the rock what!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠👌
Lewis Guma
rey mysterio part is the saddest
Kara Zindan
wwe should edit this vid and bring the undertaker retierment
Alex Neacsu
Angel Castanon
titiritiiti soy peps
Akshay Dubey
Brock Lesnar's Streak break was more emotional and shocking.
You can t
Darkbladeninja 1234
1# 2:33 guy in blue shirt with red apple.... plz don't tell me that is Justin peebear(bieber)
Yoshua Prananda
where undertaker retire moment?
Mohammad Monis Raza
Monis raza
Stephanie Morgan
Anything with Miss Elizabeth is going to make me cry.
Lennon Reekie
That was awesome 😁
Junaid chisty
say whatever you want....but nobody can match HBK
Adnan Nasution
3:21 that guy with glasses had a funny face
SoapMW Ali Saad
Hell what about undertaker .triple h and hbk hugs
brock breaking the streak was so undeserving
Qadir Jalaini Jalini Nordin
what want to shock it about.. there all plan for that
1176 JK
The #1 with Flair and Michaels makes me cry😭😭😭😭
Crazy Gamerz
no.1 now should be Undertaker wrestlemania 33 retirement!!!
Aditya Mehta
If you love ric than why are you giving him a sweet chin music
Jefferson Pineda
I thought HBK broke undertaker's streak
Kam Kalambay
this should have been Taker's last match, the brock one if they were gonna make him lose the streak
bandamx 17
wwe messed up under taker. streak
ImDaLad !!
Dat guy at 3:22 tho
PrinceDesh Royal
#1 was very emotional
Striker Elite
Where's the undertaker retiring? They need to update this
Gse Mafia
OK I'm not the only one that is saying it but no matter what WWE likes Eddie and Chris at wm20 is one of the greatest moments in sports entertainment period
Ninja Animations
Is wwe staged? Or do they just pretend to hit each other
Uosf Uosssf
ivan sum
what is last one
headbut 17
Bork Lasner defeat big fat meanie poop undertaker Paul heyman cry all the way home
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