Emotional WrestleMania moments - WWE Top 10

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Emotions can get the best of anyone in the WWE Universe during the heat of a WrestleMania battle. Count down the 10 most emotional moments to play out on The Grandest Stage of Them All.
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Samera Mefty
dreem feed
2:13 the reason why he's called THE PHENOM
vicky Malhotra
W Sauce
WWE is trash nowadays
Brandy Mainord
Colton Gleixner g
Mukthar Khan
Cena. His ghryt
Aamir Ismiel
The man undertaker was an epic fighter of this era.....The moment he was leaving was the most unbearable pain for mah heart...as same as the hand shaking moment with Shawn
Abul Basar Mohiuddin
no.1 should be wrestlemania 33 #thankyou taker like if ypu agree
Deanna Bosley
Daniel Bryan...yes, yes, yes and his music is so awesome
N Dawg Dalibaro
Taker at wm33
Bikram Sapkota
i am sorry..I love u...wow.wwf,wwe was so a part of my childhood thus a part of my life and those memories...it hurts to see how kids today will never get we experience what we did...u can say I am old,and may be I really am...but the time I passed doing and experiencing what I did...it was worth it.
Manisha Raikar
it was too good to watch
Aaryan Tulsankar
Lucky Rahul
Undertaker is always best and the god of WWE
end of streak
Kiran Nanduri
daniel bryan the best
Mehmood Ahmed
Ric flair and michaels acting was good
bunny the Rabit
WrestleMania 20....😔
Mike Lefever
Wrestling these days is so garbage...the Attitude era was the end of wrestling for sure.
Anax Ayamane
I love this respect momoent
Muhammad Akoodi
That moment when rock and cena vs wyatt family
Shan Aesara
Wheres the end of an era? Wretlemania 28?
Voltron Rex
the time where undertaker carries HBK made me think twice about undertaker
rsmani Subramaniam
respect from undertaker. like if u agree
kidfury 87
undertaker come back
Priya Rama
undertaker is very kind
Hammad A
How the hell is hbks last match on 6th while a gifted opportunity to db to make smarks happy on no 3? Smh
The streak wasn't second or first. Smh
The end of the streak was so sad
That steroid freak didn't earn the right to break the streak.
fake sport...
Gavin Aranha
anita rajon
the great raw s link
Logan Crews
I am sorry but I love You shows the Real shawn!!
Maven Berrios
I wanted santino to break undertakers streak
Ajay Gupta
the parttimer john cena, rock have beaten the streak conquer many times surely they deserve match against the undertaker
unknow dont know
3:26 it looks like Brock doesn't know where he is
Jay Luis
Eddie Guerreo celebrating at the end of Wrestlemania 20 after the World Heavyweight Championship wins itself

Seriously tho wtf..
Susana Esparza
I can't believe the rock beat John Cena
SK Photography
Broke should shake the under taker hand after break the streak
diogomanzoli2017 manzoli
Who else can't watch the end of the streak without dying a little inside
Joshua Lacey
I love WWE ❤️
Nath Rose
Out of 10 three is about shawn michaels, legend, mr. Wrestlemania, hall of famer, show stopper, THE HEART BREAK KID.
Thank you shawn
happy hop10
I missed this moments
Esperanza Avila
I just dont get it why the streak is over i even though he kick out the super kick and pedigree combanation on wrestlemania 28
Daniel Sanchez
I still get goosebumps watching the streak get killed
Ajay shriwal
Super fantastic job wwe
I already know what 1 will be and i will try to hold back the tears but wont be able to when that comes
Angeline Clarito
Ohhh michael says.. im sorry ilove u.. was sooo emotional 😳😳😳
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