Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Holland on Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Robert and Tom talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming and Tom reveals that he went undercover to prepare for the role.

Mean Tweets – NBA Edition #5

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Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Holland on Spider-Man: Homecoming

Thechallengr YT
iron man vs dr strange
Sherlock vs. Sherlock
Grace Walczak
I love you iorn man and spider man
Nabeel Soofie
macbeth life of .....guy...atticus friggin finch
Nabeel Soofie
Luke C. Kim
my friend went to bronx sci... and he's not a genius. lol
Moises Rivera
Actually Homecoming Is A Dance For All High School Grade Levels And Prom Is For Seniors Only😅
1:43 voice crack?
butterflythinker 007
Love these 2!
John Cunningham
Well, it was a good movie, but come on. It wasn't as good as the Raimi films.
Alex guevara
3:21 why did rdj laugh and stop did tom spoil something?
Reina Arana
Spiderman homecoming was awesome
Rockn rolla
Spiderman 2 will always be the best Spiderman movie
Tom Holland just gave away HIS SECRET IDENTITY
KaraSings4Ever Sings
When did he go to school undercover because I’m wondering if none of this kids have seen civil war and didn’t recognized him from that (unless he went undercover before then) I mean he only in a 2hrish movie for maybe 30 something minutes but still he’s in a MARVEL MOVIE
JoePM 2804
Yeah I'm British and I honestly had no clue what homecoming was, i thought it was something to do with the film!
Zombie Lux
That girls jaw must have dropped when she saw the trailer.
Tony Stark
Jimmy, you're wrong. Spider Man 2 is the best Spidey movie
Les Carpio
Robert Downey Jr. is NOT Tony Stark... Tony Stark adopted Robert Downey Jr.'s personality.
If RDJ makes Sherlock Holmes 3 he should try and get Tom in it same with Benedict I would much rather have him in the tv show though! Also Martin Freeman is now in the MCU so season 5 should have Tom in it as a cameo
Tom rocking them Shadow 1's 🔥
the worst spider man movie. Garfield was miles better
just watched homecoming. thought he really captured the youth of spider-man
interesting interaction watching downey sit back and applaud another actor with such gratitude
Robin Williamlove
still not best spider man movie, thanks
Joey Clemenza
so apparently RDJ is still in Tony Stark's character.
Billy Fusco Jr.

"Thank God you brought your translator"
Damn his british accent is so hard lol
All british men nearly sound like harry potter
nick chung
3:21 RDJ was laughing but then... he is like, let’s take this seriously lmfaoooooo 😂😂😂😂
GamingBecause YT
Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield has disliked this video

Karen 2017
Donald J. Trump
I wonder what Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield think about this movie.
tony is the father tho hahaha
Did Robert Downey really think Americans wouldn't know what "revise for an exam" meant? WTF.
I feel like RDJ are there only to watch Tom so he wouldn't spoil anything😂😂
I like the actors but jimmy....🖕🏻 you.
Tor Torsson
Why does he sound like an 13yo girl?.
I love how RDJ stifles his laugh in at 3:20
For a cool guy, even he couldn’t resist Holland’s humor. Hence, “Yeah, he’s great”
Stephanos Dunamis
You lied to the whole American public!!! You’re british bruv!!
I LOVE YOU TOM !!!!! I Swear GOD
Doctor Doom
Love RDJ, it's so hard to imagine Iron Man with another actor.
Boss Brothers
The movie had the best ending ever but ia'm not going to spoil
Where are our Russians, are not they interested?
Yellow Yeezys
Tobey Maguire is the best Spider-Man
wait hes british???
Calvin IDK
Robert is just there to make sure that he doesn't spoil anything
Liv Sander
Man Robert is born to play Tony Stark, literally just has to be himself
Oh my, and he's British too! 🙊
Meh, nothing against the actors. But I liked the darker overtones of the AG spider man.
Munttti Gbd
I still think that the spiderman with andrew garfield is the best one yet😭😍
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