Small Moustache Man
Robert Downey Jr. kinda looks like Tony Stark
Farith Haikal
Imagine A British Spiderman😂
"Oii,Yu lots aren't the avengorss"
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
Robert is so fake.. he greatly exaggerates his expressions, his laughter, his smile.. but we still love him!
HelloFiona Chiz
No offence but still miss andrew garfield being spiderman😢
Piper Pug
I'm starting to think Robert was forced to go with Tom and make sure he didn't say anything he wasn't supposed to. He doesn't talk much
TurnipManPlayz ryan
how do people call him Robert downy jr Robert I mean If I was friends with him I would call him Robert downy jr every time I said his name it just seems weird to call him Robert
hoe seok ·
c s
“it is easily the best spiderman movie” uhhh no thanks
I bet that girl feels really stupid now LOL
we don't have proms or homecomings we have nothing. you have to pay hundreds of dollars to have a night all about you and we call it a deb. australia sucks
Jasmine Jax
The best is Tobey McGuire
My high school on Jimmy Fallon. Damn
do americans not use "exam"?
Oh wait Tom Holland is British
Nick Sketch
CA: The Winter Soldier
SM: Homecoming
Iron Man
Guardians Of The Galaxy
CA: Civil War
The Avengers
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. II
Dr. Strange
Captain America: The First Avenger
Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Iron Man 3
The Incredible Hulk
Thor: The Dark World
Iron Man 2
LittleMissPerfect 4eva
Honestly I love Robert Downey Jr because he looks like Tony Stark IRL but I don't know him personally so I'm wishing that he has the same super smart, confident, caring but I'm all it personality as well❣️😂😂
damn that girl is missing out.
I like how in the movie Tom Holland actually sounds like a New Yorker
Kaya Trowj
I love Tom Holland!!!!!!❤❤❤
Dude Guy Gaming
Bad luck Brian is too.
Thomas Vatz
What's with the British Spider-Men XDD
Younes Oumanchar
I worked with Tom and the guy is too friendly...easily the nicest Hollywood star I worked with!!!
"I guessed they didn't get my British sarcasm" I CSNYSDGSG HAHAHAHAHAH
Tobey McGuire > Humans
Vicente lopez rodriguez
sutile manipulation.tobey is better.
Abbie Lawrence
Was Tom wearing Zendaya's Jacket or am I just stupid XD
Barstool Blues
Easily the best Spiderman movie? Jesus christ. Spiderman 2 is easily the best.
James Langager
I'll bet that the girl he told is just shaking her head 😂
shanzae zaeem
Some Guy
I went to my homecoming, it sucked
ceyhun kor
Wow, didn't know tom holland knows tony stark in real life too.
Is that Robert's son???
Zendaya is my wife
the public school experience is so funny XD love Tom
Aidan Hare
Tom best spiderman
BarryIn AFlash
RDJ be like: This kid be stealing my spotlight
Özlem A.
I GuEsS tHeY dIdN't GeT mY bRiTiSh SaRcAsM
Isabel Gustavsson
Lmao I have friends who go to Bronx science
very like-able dude
Ava Ava
He is British
Cifer Null
Complaining about too much RDJ in a movie is like complaining about having too much money.
amazing lukas
Avangers infinity war is best
Dank Tracer
They don't serve alcohol at proms. You're 16 when you go prom in the UK. End of highschool
Raymond Chang
Joanna Ståhl
it's embarrassing how many times i've seen this interview
success popoola
proms are at 16...
kiara xxx
I'm Canadian and we call it prom... Maybe in other places they call it homecoming bc in Canada some people call it something and in the next province it's completely different so...yea
"Dude, ur NUTS bro"
Annie Andell
I wonder how that girl feels now😂😂
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