$3 Sushi Vs. $250 Sushi

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“This is closest to a mouthgasm I have ever achieved.”

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Chef Nobi Kusuhara
Chef Yoya Takahashi
Chris Kimura

ZiggyZeg 2005
Hey does anyone else like to ask random questions that are weird as f#ck? for example do you like cake or do you like poop. or just this comment im posting.
and thus a great show was born
Purple Yam Productions
My mom can make sushi ^-^ and my dad can make spam musubi 😋😋
Biohazard Gaming
Is it 2.95 for a plate or for 1 sushi
Keely Ford
I could see my self getting really hungry............... if I ate seafood.
Am I the only one who likes Keith? I mean Andrew is a better fit for Steve. But I love Keith haha
Steven is adorable!!!
Minter Minecraft
STEVEN: what is special in your restraunt

EVERY OWNER: we have high quality stuff
Taskeen Bahadur
Ferbert LastName
I hate shrimp, and most seafood, I don't like sushi, and the one time I had lobster I puked all over my friends carpet. I really want to like sushi, cause my friend really likes it a lot but I don't. Another added comment I feel like the people in this show kind of have to like what ever they're reviewing, cause the company probably doesn't want a bad rep for hating on sushi restaurants
Adrian_ Zombturtle
I don't know why this lust for sushi is so strong
Princess Pretty
One question, is saying that it's indescribable describing it?
Pugs Forever
I need sushi now 🍣
Aurora Wu
this video makes me crazy every time. EVERY TIME i'm like i want sushi more than i want sex
Ameya Shindikar
Can you guys take me plis
Single Cucumber
I want 10 more seasons of worth it
(with Andrew & Adam though )
Aldrin Avabel
oh god that's heaven . I'm hungry now!
There must be no greater satisfaction as a chef than to see your customers worship their meal.
BM Films
Uploaded on my bday yoo
anyone else notice the cash only sign at the 3-6 dollar sushi place. im not saying its a front for the yakuza because the probability is equally high for the triads
Inara Lys
Cheap pho vs expensive pho like if you agree
River_monster Playz
XD that frame rate in the car camera sucks
carlos glvn
I don't even like fish but this made my mouth water
Martin Dikliev
i dont belive that raw fish actally tastes good
i dont know why im watching this. i cant stand sushi and its freakin me out
I've never rly liked sushi but this makes me want it
Sunny Shinde
Ohhh shit...I thought that Asian guy is gay
Samantha Godard
My favourite sushi is butterfish. It's just so delicious.
Dominque Simmons
I have never wanted sushi before this video
who else thought that the Suhi stop sign was the game stop sign 😂
Dell Dellington
anyone else notice the purple dot at 5:37
Arachnid Ilience
If this channel was all about "WORTH IT" then I'd sub.
Abhishek Badani
Steven kinda looks like pagan min from far cry 4
MinHope is Better Than Camren
Lmao he just started 16 years ago
Marianna Kebere
My mouth is watering omg omg omg
Sushi is so good omg! The California rolls are my favourite!!
Wha Sabi
Amber wants to eat his sushi roll ;) congrats if you get the meme
They soon dropped Keith off the show
omggggg i want sushi bad
Why did Keith get replaced?
Bethany Motsumoto
I wish Kieth still came on Steven and Andrew's adventures in food,
Daniel Rodriguez
125$ per person is not expensive if you eat good sushi, that around how much i spent in tokyo on a quality sushi rstaurant
EnderGamer Girl
just one question...how did they not throw up in this vid, cuz they ate so much food!!!😆
Fu Talks
Seeing this after all this time, is soooo weird
Lol Xd
in the last restaurant the chef sounded like bonzibuddy lol
Kristin Chia Bao Yi
Ebiko sushi is so good especially with mayonnaise 😍
The mid tier chef is the one from the "sushi chef tries cheap sushi" video
Ashley Miller
i wish they kept steven and this other guy instead of the crabby guy that does them now
Richard Rider
Steven is really touchy
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