$3 Sushi Vs. $250 Sushi

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“This is closest to a mouthgasm I have ever achieved.”

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Chef Nobi Kusuhara
Chef Yoya Takahashi
Chris Kimura

Fran Abernathy
Wooooow el ultimo, era una obra de arte xD
jazib rasheed
this is only thing worth watching on buzzfeed
lol if they (steven) secretly gay thats hawt i ship him and andrew so friggin much.
qi loh
Im re watching ep1,thats how desperate I am
Raymond Lostritto
Raymond Lostritto
0:47 please make this a meme LMAOOOO


GameStop, MovieStop, and SushiShop
Sad Adam isn't here
Allya Witherstorm
I love how's int he beginning he just goes,"You don't have the authority-"
young c thomas paik
수은이 많아서 튜나는 패스요
Alexander Esqueda
where it all began!
Elizabeth T.
I want a boyfriend like steven "My girlfriend is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" ugh
McGonagall or McGonanone
Oh my god guys
So you know how he says 'drastically different price points' at the beginning of each video?
W e l l

My dad was talking to me and he said 'drastically different' and my mouth started watering
I have been Pavloved
Dave Silva
Sushi !!!! i loove you sushi
Dave Silva
I loove sushi
Keep calm and love animals
Now I NEED sushi!!!!
I must be the only one that likes Keith lol
Molly Hight
"he's watching me eat his butt!" omg I just died laughing!
I'm so happy Keith doesn't do this show anymore he was such a jerk
Nicole. xoxo
A salmon roll where I live is like $8😂
Is this a different edit from when it was originally uploaded?
this guy is SO much better than overly sassy/not loved by his parents enough guy.
'I knew it, I watched the Simpsons' 😹 exactly what I thought
Alara AOMG
nah like it with keith more than with the blonde dude idk the blonde is weird
Tucker Lockhart
Why isn't Keith in these videos anymore?
Kurtis Chambers
2:20 "he's watching me eat his butt"
Isabelle Voon
$1 salad vs $100 salad
gaming sleb
till this day they're still serving they're menu
Nicolas Andrade
And this is the origin when keith knew he made a mistake mwahahaha
Kieth is a kunt
keith: i knew it i watch the Simpsons!
me: keith, your a basic white person
Just came back here again after the latest Worth It (house) got uploaded. You had your chance, Keith. Leave this show to Steven and Andrew. You weren't even that interested working with Steven (who obviously developed the show) and this show itself since it was still not that popular back then because Try Guys were the "Buzzfeed thing" before.
Channel with no name
Randomly ran into this. IDK but Daniel Kim and Steven Yuen for the role model awards.
lincoln boulton
He watches the Simpsons, so do I
Yasmen Ramos
5$ ice cream vs 500$ ice cream
Camille Cmelak
2:40 the girl just dabs😂😂😂😂
Simón Pérez
in 5:15 what is he puting in the salmón
2:41 she dab
Brass Brook
Its sad that they are criticizing this sushi yet they dont know how to eat it respectfully. They are so rude it makes me upset:c
Carolina L
u should make a 1 dollar icecream to a 150+ dollar icecream
Frank Mullis
Is Steven gonna be a try guy now
Maddy Arana
This video was what convinced me to eat sushi. And I found out I don't like rolls, or the rice.... I just like the fish. I'm very weird. I also don't like soy sauce, I really love shrimp and crab.
Nguyen Nguyen
When keith says "I can't be amazed anymore " then says "that was the best bite all day"
Anony Mous
This guy keith is good... but Andrew is better :) I mean Keith is that perfect no harm harmonious boy where only one exists in the every street... but he's boring. Whereas Andrew is Andrew. Also I think it's also because Steven and Andrew have MORE chemistry with one another than Steven and Keith... but who knows I've only watched about five of these buzz feed vidz;)
Kari I Pansa I
I prefer Andrew, I mean he is the Tasty guy. And where's Adam?
Ella McPeake
For the $250 price they had about 23 rolls, which is a crazy good deal
Little lost Weasley
"I knew it, I watched the simpsons"

Me too

Me too
Çikolatalı Süt
am i the only one who finds andrew rude and thinks keith is nicer
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