The Miz incites Dean Ambrose on the "Miz TV" set: Raw, April 17, 2017

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Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose erupts when The Miz goes too far on his talk show.


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Emil Andersson
King Dean Ambrose 🤣😂🤣😂
Danielle Simms
Cause Dean is Honest He's Doesn't Need Any Fashion Clothes, Fancy Cars This is Who is Dean Ambrose And I Care About Dean Ambrose as The wwe Superstar.
Gummy Games
Miz and Maryse, don't forget that Dean Ambrose has one thing that you don't. He has supporters, not just any supporters, supporters that have been with him through all of his bad moments, and supporters that prove his opponents wrong EVERY match he wins, unlike you Miz, Mr talk show movie star. The guy that blames EVERY SINGLE ONE of his short comings on everyone else. Miz supporters, don't deny the truth, Miz, isn't half the man Ambrose is. So Dean Ambrose supporters, stand tall, and comment, #AmbroseUnites, because Miz, this means war
#Heel Blaze
what a mean when Dean Ambrose say "I Love Black Guy"?
Alexis Figueroa
I Love Black Guys (WWE Dean Ambrose - Miz Tv 2017).
Emily Pierre
I think dean is going to hit Mary's with a dirty deeds lol
MTV loser Miz needs to leave..
Mustafa yıldırım
ed sheeran look like dean am brose
The Miz is over here calling himself a champion and calling Daniel Bryan a coward. EVERY SINGLE TIME HE GETS IN THE RING WITH SOMEONE, HE LEAVES THE RING JUST BECAUSE HE CAN'T HANDLE IT! Like there is literally no point in him being in WWE if HE'S the one who is the REAL COWARD.
Funny thing is that I completely forgot that Brock Lesnar is still the Universal Champion (05/12/2017), which is depressing considering that the Universal Title is meant to be Raw's most prestigious award. Keeping a title in the dark for so long does nothing to raise the value of it.

On a side note, I do not comprehend why Brock Lesnar is a "draw" to sell tickets anyway. To me, only the concept of Lesnar is the draw because of one man: Paul Heyman. Without Paul Heyman's passionate and fervent microphone skills, Lesnar would have become irrelevant 4 years ago. As a result, Paul Heyman is the draw, not Brock.
Denise Hancock
Dean Ambrose is so funny and mareys and the miz need to shut there mouths the miz is jelious and if any ones a joke it's with his stupid clown shoez
itz milmar
miz and myrase sucks super sucks like if u agree
"[some people] care about branding... im not a brand"... 4:05
Ambrose is my type of guy literally.
East coast And love it
Dean Ambrose is a terrible Wrestler
well he's not lazy because he still wrestles with a broken rib
Its yo girl kate !!
maryse hots dean with the microphone, dean: was that supposed to hurt😂
Quan Hardy
The Miz will never equal Dean on the mic and the ring the only thing the Miz is good for is running his mouth and getting beat up
Cammie Blake
I Hate Miz and his ugly wife
Andri Jatnika
I don't know why ambrose is always boring as champion. but he always interesting in promo or in a match
Lovquest Afk
i love how he goes and takes all his things outta his pockets
Angel Guerrero
No ur not
Imtiaz Mirza
Roman is good good reslar
Mr. Savage
a lot of hypocrisy coming from Dean here. He says "I'm not a brand I'm just Dean Ambrose" your name is Jon Moxley and the whole "lunatic fringe" is a brand. He also said, "I don't care about movies or endorsement deals" well you should because that's what makes a superstar believe it or not, also he was in a few movies, a horror movie and that 12 rounds movie where he was the lead.
Batchu Akash
miz speaking facts
championship gives prestige to superstars

but miz gave prestige to ic title
Nicole Ortiz
Dean Ambrose is the best☺
Rumble by KO
Dean > Miz
Daniel Spurway
Sure Mia sure
clivethecool plays
Miz is all mouth lmao
bboy j
nobody likes the miz
reece stewart
dean is best than the miz
mcSupercard at
just draft them and contniue the rivaly there is stupid
vascovsky Goncalves
Tihan Hussein
he needed to say
I'm not a brand(?) I' a champ
Ricky Funk
since dean,seth and roman are together in raw.They can reunite again as The Shield
Brodrick Wyatt
I can do it like dean ambrose
Robert Hardy
Give Miz the IC title back please.
Young N.A
it's not all about fashion
عادل العامر
Return the Shield
DEAN AMBROSE"s birth name JONATHAN "JOHNNY" GOOD would be a good wrestling ring name as well
Exocino Lukoki
Dean Ambrose vs Kalisto vs Appolo Crews #PushThem
Ashiq Biju
ALERT:I KILLED The Viper Ranfy Orton and Seth Freaking Rollins
Jonathan Tanksley
So I guess The Miz vs Dean Ambrose rivalry is back. Gosh darn that coward is getting that Intercontinental Championship back! And if he pulls a trick to do it, I'm losing it.
JD Vlogs21
What happens to dean Ambrose saying I love black guys
Eagle boii
"I Love Black Guys"

-Dean Ambrose 2017
"I LOVE BLACK GUYS" says Dean.
Seems like Creative decided to get back at Ambrose for Cena.
roumn reings
Mr Vince Chairman McMahon
Dean ambrose and reigns won't reunite
I'll Marry roman reigns and then we'll fight as mixed tag team
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