15 Famous People You Didn't Know Were Gay!

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Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Gay! Famous celebs you never knew were gay

Kareem Hatem
Miley Cyrus should know that she's a lesbian but doesn't want to admit it
Yuu Icinose
15 famous people who don't give damnation.
adriana maca
Whyyyyyy josh hutcherson whyyyyyyyyyyt😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭
Verynice Manuel
WAT ashame
Daniel Gontar
they're annoying people
San Francisco U S A
Guys I am very very Happy for you gays & lesbians 🌈🌈🌈🌹🌹🌹🌹😘😘😘😘👍👍😎 good on you 🌍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
ilyas abawai
brainwashing bs
Araz Prince
disgusting. no self respect anymore.
Queenie J J Swift
James Franco's yellow teeth 😝😝😝 some celebrities wont take care of their teeth yuck
I'm gay and If you knew how I don't care about haters. Huh, you see that ? That's a middle finger.
Itzz Me Jay
Neil ❤️
Randy Prevette
Bi is gay. How do we let these fags run Hollywood? I'll never pay to see a movie or let any of my $ support these faggots!
AwesomeSauceMe!! !!
The Golden king
I know none of them
Khalid Hasn
Kristen Stewart I don't think so.
Tessa Bundy Reitzer
I think I’m bi I’m struggling with my sexuality
Shabbir Ahmad
Dan Crean
andrew ishmael
do people really care now if you are gay
Sara Mina
Terry Saunders
Who cares
Tanya Kotze
I don't understand gay? how can you have sex or be so involved with the same sex. So persecute me!!!!!
Maxmillan Maxmillan
Donald J Trump is gay.
Rum man
Dem used celebrity make other people think it's good to be that way Satan
Rum man
Nastiness Hollywood America is Satan land
Cy B
I knew about most of the men and some of the women, but nothing shocks me that comes out of Hollywood. It is a big sex pool with no rules. One thing I did notice is that most of the couples mate were much older so I wonder if this has anything to do with what Corey Feldman was speaking on about Hollywood?
Vittal Koppal
Oftentimes, I do wonder, how can such stupid male & female fools get roles in Hollywood movies & become rich & famous overnight ?! Unless they agree to get raped by Hollywood Showbusiness Godfathers, producers & directors.. & even by mere light boys.. oftentimes Again & again.??
Chiku Kumar
Nooooo nooo.no no nooooo.zucc it
sam brooks
Apparently if you don't clearly define your sexuality, you're gay...
George. C
Went worth Miller is gay I didn't know that :(
George. C
I know Sam smith is gay....
Nick Diciurcio
The devil is busy...he wants the women to turn into men and the men to women ..being gay is the devils tool ..its disgusting..if kids are taught that being gay is good or ok then your changing the natural order of what God has created...women get pregnant by men end of story any of you gays who dont agree and continue you devil deeds will pay the ultimate price but its not my job to judge its Gods job and trust you will be judged. I go by what the lord has told me ...no excuse go cleanse yourself gays, pedefiles, transvestites and transgender or when u die you will experience the unlimited fires of hell and thats for eternity...go with God or burn forever your choice...clean up your filthy minds
every girl celeb I have a crush on happens to be Bisexual/Lesbian (Fact: I was named after Jodie foster and I’m lesbian..quite a coincidence right?)
Sylvester Mc_Razor
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Bisexual my ass, let me tell you something,,if your a man, the moment you put a dick in your mouth, your queer.
Michael Ward
Bro this shit is so fake they got a few right but james franco isnt gay that was already put to rest and kristen stewart is bi sexual
Killian killdog
James Franco sayin he's a lil gay is Bs he's only Fuckin with people its called humour foolz
LilCuBe 207
And what's the big deal?
Sunday Aito
Mofo fags, they disgust me!
Sambo Ridwana
wow.. captain cold, and that professor whose half of firestorm
Hanah Nguyen
lmao 'undetected' these aren't metal detectors ???
Nancy Nazzaro
Who cares ?
My mom is friends with a lesbian 😁
easlygeskole suleeqo
Everbody knows Kirsten Stewart is gay before she was even in the vampire series
Abdulhamid Mahmoud
OMG it's so bad 😠😠😠😠
Anene Jacobsz
sees title

Love Bisenio
Well this is a very very BIG FAKE FAKE FAKE
KAnime freak
can i put do kyungsoo and kim jongin here??
Ofu Kemikiri
well that's their problem
its a free world 😉
Michael Kun
James Franco=knew it, Wentworth miller=knew it, Kristen stewart=knew it, dont care about the rest xD
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