Dark Secrets The Cast Of Home Improvement Tried To Hide

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Very few shows are as synonymous with the '90s as Home Improvement. The hit sitcom put Tim Allen on the map and had magazine cutouts of Jonathan Taylor Thomas taped to millions of bedroom walls. The show won audiences over week after week with its family-friendly depiction of the power tool-obsessed Tim Taylor trying to raise three rambunctious boys with his no-nonsense wife. But behind the scenes, there were still some pretty dark secrets. Here's what you might not know about the cast of Home Improvement…

Behind bars | 0:33
Bad dad | 1:47
Regretful exit | 3:00
Child star syndrome | 3:44
Bad for business | 5:08
Ripoff or reboot? | 5:39
A reunion? | 6:17

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Nicki Swift
What was your favorite 'Home Improvement' moment? Or did you like 'Last Man Standing' better?
Rosemary Williams
Never Say Never Yo!
7:13 are there MANY buttons in a Lexus OR WHAT
Josh Berman
Here's another Dark Secrret. The show was never funny from the start.
Max Howard
Wow. so we put everyone on the radar these days for having ups and downs in life. people need to mind their own business. Get a life. Tim Allen is Awesome
Michael Hunt
I haven’t watched one of these
Jake Tapper
Tim Allen did porn
Steffan Goodwin
Half of thats bull tim and jtt are still good friends aswell as pat and tim hence why they both starred again on lms
Rick Elkin
JTT made a movie called I'll be home for Christmas in 1998 which pissed Tim Allen off.
Fun fact: all Home Improvement child stars were molested.
a black lady was arrested for the same charge in the same court arounnd the same time. she got 25 years then died in prison
Sounds Great
John Dean said that he was the "Desk Officer of the Watergate Cover Up."


The media acts like Watergate was the biggest scoop of all time. The fact is, if it wasn't for 3 sharp, off-duty cops, nobody would have ever heard of Watergate.
linda-beth cook
Apparently I should start watching ABC :)
'More Power' =))
Qi Huna
Uh.................................................I'm still waiting for A "dark secret"!!!
I liked Home Improvement but I hated Last Man Standing season 2 and on due to all the super right wing crap thrown in. Glad it got cancelled.
Randy Curtis
I like home improvement is cool
Juan Avina
Home Improvement was good, but Last Man Standing was miles better.
What does Tim Allen's past, and what happened in 1978 have to do with the show? Absolutely NOTHING, moron! It's a crying shame that people like you like to rub someone's past into their current success. Shame on you!

Patricia Richardson should have her head examined. She turned down $25 million for one more year. What did she do that was more rewarding than that for the next year? Probably nothing.
I liked all of the actors in that series, and the show was great! Sorry to see it come to an end.
What big bro should have hidden was that gold chain OMG tryin to be a guido??
Grant T
Patricia Richardson still looks hot.
Grant T
I was addicted to this program !!!
Bob Johnson
Both shit shows
PissedOff RebelinMI
Tim Allen was arrested for cocaine possession, yup, knew that!
Hey, did we know this? The United States has the most incarcerated citizens in the world, mostly on drug charges for the failed War on Drugs? Did you know that the majority of inmates return to prison within 5 years?
Pedophilia in Hollywood! Yup! It is rampid! Yet, nobody is doing anything about. Meryl Streep applauds a convicted pedo that was not even there to accept his Oscar(because he was in hiding from the authorities), yet, she goes after Weinstein with his allegations!
Remember, we do not live in a patriarchy, we live in a gynocentric society- "WOMEN, and children first! WOMEN, and children first!"
John Solodovesky
I used to like Tim Allen until I learned that he's a racist bigot or conservative.
Hannah Tates
Wouldn't it be great if the left wing media would give an anal exam to Obama, Hillary , Rapist Bill, and McCain like they have done to Tim or even President Trump !
Tim Allen is a snitch...
I hate reboots. It just destroys the image of the original. Leave the original to it's rightful place in the 90's and move on.
Randy Crager
Ron Johnson
patricia richardson should have been topless on the show
ryan phillips
Last Man Standing's a fun show too. The only upsetting thing was when they replaced the daughter season 2..
Melissa K
Both shows were great.
Wile E Coyote
No surprise that Tim Allen is a Trump supporting GOP sycophant.
Alan Hayward
Smith should of used his trust fund for acting lessons, he was shit on the show...
Michael T
Tim Allen is an asshole in real life
lucky marshmallow
Who'd a thought
Betty Bartley
I wish a reunion of home improvement would come on...both of my sons grew up with this show and we all loved..good wholesome entertainment
mr rebel
for 50 million... they would have to drag my happy ass outa that studio kicking and screaming..
Michael Chernik
FBI pedophile protection of child actors
my butt
it's no secret that home improvement HONKED. even worse than coach or frasier
Robert Jackson Jr.
Wow, that jus goes to show nuthin is what it seems. TV is made to distract us from what's really goin on. Sad
I forgot about mark marrying that older woman way back in the early 00s!
My church pastor referred me to a pyramid scheme
The MSM mainstream media™️ won't allow poor Tim Allen to speak his mind, he said this in an interview when speaking about not being about to speak his mind. Tim Allen is the last patriotic™️ not-a-celebrity celebrity that supports our troops™️ and he supports Trump, who isn't a celebrity himself since those leftist™️ celebrities are actually the real celebrities
Tim Allen played himself on the show...so watching all this comes to know surprise. I would't be surprised if Tim and Wilson were tag teaming Jill and that being the reason to why Wilson never showed his face beyond the fence.
What a tragic and sad little parasite you are Ms Swift.
What have you created ?
Bruce Doyle
Haha! xD His mug shot, he looks like a 80s Pornstar
daddygville vlogs
loved home improvement an last man standing.
last man standing was shit
Jack Dolinsky
Yhis is unbelievable, hsrd to. Believe,, hope this guy. Gets better,
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