Tori Canty
In all honesty it annoys me that these fancy restaurants serve such small servings it's frustrating to me sry to rant....
cooter brown
Im not trying to be a hater but is ned bi again i do not dislike ned i think hes awsome but is he?
Sana Kulkarni
:) Ariels face at 3:35
the beens are back in th back who put on the ground
Ned's wife should teach her husband how to use a knife and fork
れιgнтςσяє Modern Combat 5 And more!
Now we're going to the fancy restaurant but I think we need to have sex (that's what I'm thinking xD)
Ng Wen Li
Ned is so in love
Kyle Marie
This is like all of Buzzfeed's winning video formats in one video.
HotSnow Gaming
1:15 wait did this turn into a tasty recipe?
Glue Stick
I go to school with the chefs son lmao.
Nigel Marvin
I want to hangout with these two. They seem so fun.
Katelyn Marsh
Anyone think it was absolutely adorable when they were talking about the peewee potatoes...?
spencer wilmore
i love their love
Ananth Y
I've never been to America
This video is whiter than a white girl with a Mac 💻 at Starbucks with her Ford Fusion Parked outside and her black boyfriend running late for the date.
Autopsy revealed the pillow was pregnant.
Steven Jacob
these two are sooooooo lame
Alex Cerna
DAMNIT. There was truffle in the sauce -_-
Chidimma Ndubuisi-Oluavu
I spent a large part of the video thinking only about how they were eating raw fish
Henry Bridges
You know he put those green beans back ;)
Nicole Levine
I have never eaten salmon....
Evelyn Rose
The chip they were looking for when they were home cooking
Amar Mukherjee
I bet Ned Just wanted to show him and his wife
Gstun SGN
When Ned was like 'ooo yeah' i responded 'YOU GOTTA GET SCHWIFTY'
Siya Bhadu
Finally, a whole 7-minute video of Ned and his wife.😅
youare bymyside
They are so in love, I love it.
Gi Gi
They are literally couple goals ❤😍
the average night out though doesn't involve getting to go 'backstage' and meet the chefs and see how they cook your food in a gourmet restaurant...
Genji Shimada
they actually present the salmon and beans professionally👏👏👏
Pwincess Justice
they are actual goals
Moodamish Gaming
You two are ADORABLE! #relationshipgoals
kiriaki mpaxari
Ariel's dress is gorgeous
dos chamacos sapirrin
whoever took the camera to do this video, should get fiera
Lol 😂😂😂
Smiley Face
Andres Llamoza
More Ned and wife
Jatriya Sphynxs
Mr Savvy
1:45 you gotta schwifty
Rishi Arsenal
the whitest people on earth
samon is sexy much ♥
Michelle Lopez
Do you eat with your fork up-side down or right-side up? (Ned or Ariel) lol
Jamie Veatch
Sorry, but you guy just SUCKED. It seems like you were trying too hard to be someone you weren't.
Am I the only one who completely doesn't believe these 2 are married because he's so very obviously gay?
The home cooked one looked hella good
Exertss 1uwuw
did anyone see it looked like a tasty video
Razore DXD
Mayb another good thing on this channel
The fancy salmon looks a little undercooked tbh
Zuki Garcia
When I started watching the video I thought he was gay and they were just BFFs 🤔 then they kissed ... I'm confused 😰🤷🏻‍♀️
Mr Whaleious
what's the recipe for this?
Mrmanman lol
Is it just me or do Andrew and Ned look alike
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