Game Theory: Toad's DEADLY Secret (Super Mario Bros.)

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Toad is more than just a mere mushroom. He has a secret...and it explains A LOT of the weird happenings around the so-called Mushroom Kingdom.

Twitter: @MatPatGT

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Superman 123
um.. excuse me if i'm wrong, but wasn't peach's name 'toadstool' because the mushrooms you get in the Mario universe are based off (only visually) a real mushroom named toadstool?
Hannah Da 1
Where does Daisy come into all this!? I NEED TO KNOW!!!
fox sly
the Pokemon paras is like this to
Araceli Felix
cool like it and i am on my mom profile I'm 7
I read about cordyceps in The Girl With All The Gifts!! It was creepy af and the ending was ** but it was still enjoyable for the most part :D
paper bowser
that beginning
Toto gen2
ok, peach is a mushroom
Anthony Mac
Well we learned something new today Mat Pat is a gardener
they say maybe cause its the first adventure will you win or lose?
Chaya Alynna
which music on the consouls is the creepier one in the middle of the video
SistahBallingah _
I just watched the Bowser theory and clicked off right after he said "WAIT!!"

Im a savage....
Nice creepypasta.....
Livi Ryland
sorry but i refuse to believe any of his theories, they're just fun to watch
Ryster Guzman
Erik Schnell
Holy C#$p
Bunz McCinna
Infected Mushroom?
I like some of their songs. :D
badgerboi games
mind controlling mushrooms that connect plant life to a vast network of symbiotic and beneficial relationships? damn nature u scary!!
Jace Perez
evil shrooms
nataliebear AJ
it has been blown to bits.
nataliebear AJ
my mind has left my head. thats bad because that school is tomorrow. i need meh brain
NinjaKnight Studios
You mean 12:00 min of MY life k ?
Kinai Patino
this ended my childhood and im eleven
Ace Phantom
RDead_Centic !
EvanStar11 206
So there's a fungus that grows out of your head that controls you? Pikmin... are they human? Maybe you could do a theory on what are pikmin.
Gamingwith MIL
that music was creeping the hell outta me
The Game TrollerHD
So Mario Is Basically On Drugs Cause Mushrooms, Toads OverTake Mushroom Kingdom From The Goombas, Bowser's King, Peach Using Toads To Rule Her, Fungus In Ruling The KingDom How Is This Possible?!?!?!
me: watches while eating dinner
matpat: talks about mushrooms
me: spits out food im sorry goomba!
Something Yellow
I thought toad was a mushroom person
Zara's World
i laughed when he said give me 10 minutes of ur LIFE
Lidwina Nani
Waaaiittt maybe the "HorseTail Plant" is the plant that eats mario???
Justin Nguyen
Lol goombas are shiku mushrooms JUST LIKE DEM HATERS
Alex Quartuccio-Linn
The gaming theorists if peach is Rosalina's mother why would Luigi even have a baby with peach if she is evil
Why people Steal my name
Maybe bowser is trying to save the princess from the toads but Mario and Luigi think of it in the wrong way

insert hyrule field theme here

Magigyarados gaming
I was listening to the first part while I was playing on my 3dsXL, which just so happens to be a major's mask 3dsXL. But because I wasn't partial to the look of it, I put Okami decals on it that I got for Christmas.
Srishti Mathur
they even mention toad as a fungi in one tomodachi life song lyrics on the game captain toad treasure tracker "what a parasite" is what they said ( it was in tomadachi life music videos starring nintendo developers)
after this video, I opened my Mario game and keep jumping in the lava
Kasey Erickson
can you please make a reaction channel
0:05, I could not stop laughing!
Then wut about yoshies they have different colors and spots
Electric_Banana OVERLOAD
Now I just feel bad for Goombas, horrified of Toads, and have a newfound respect for Bowser... (And also a hate for that fat plumber)
radia Chajaby
Your so right matpat
Draconoxa Pixel Sqaud
What about Fnaf4
Minotaurgames Xox
This is why I don't go outside...
Lol! The clips that MatPat showed of the fungi taking over the ants is the same one my science teacher showed my class on halloween xD
Tony the Wolf
Never woulda thought that Toad and Toadette would be doing any GGGNNYAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAH! Until this video
Marc Marc
Mario is psychotic
Bowser is the good guy
Peach is an evil ruler of the toads
Toads are Parasites
Luigi secretly wants destruction on his brother
Goombas were the original residents of the Mushroom Kingdom
Luigi is the father of Rosalina
And Yoshi is 100% not bad (yet)
seems legit
Ninja 002
Half of the video I was holding my head feeling for something. Anybody else?
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