Game Theory: Toad's DEADLY Secret (Super Mario Bros.)

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Toad is more than just a mere mushroom. He has a secret...and it explains A LOT of the weird happenings around the so-called Mushroom Kingdom.

Twitter: @MatPatGT

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so tumblr has been overrun by all these genders of toads?
Thrift Nakota
nooooooooooo toad I love toad
Isabella George
damn mat pat... scary
Marie Wood
By rise of hands who has seen this multiple times 🙋
im never going outside ever again
2025: Valentina Poveda
12:58 oh did I win?
2025: Valentina Poveda
8:10 they still look cute
Okay here is a good mushroom question. Why is it that the most destructive weapon of all time (nukes) and the most healing/creative plant of all time (psilocybin) shaped like mushrooms? Why are penises shaped like mushrooms? What is with all the mushroom symbolism throughout nature and art? What are mushrooms truly? Why does eating psilocybin make you intuitively understand nature and feel connected to everything in existence? What is the meaning of the mushroom?!?!?!
Have there been reports of it infecting a human being (better question: is it strong enough to even infect a human)
Cameron Stewart
xFNG_ BliZarD
who said ut was a theory.... it is a FACT!!!
Samantha Johnson
But, B-But, TOAD noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Emma Vudures
you are right claire, Game Theory= life
Damien Taylor
To connect this with 'Mario is mental', I came up with this: Imagine, Peach/Toadstool, leader of an infectious race, and scheming on how to infect/control other kingdoms. Currently being bothered by Bowser's forces. Next thing u know, she hears word about Mario. A man whose roaming through Koopa Kingdom, crushing their forces to death, and graverobbin them. Even has rep for torturing Bowser's wildlife. In other words, someone who is capable of a chokehold on the kingdom opposing hers. And by winning him over with rewards and 'affection', Peach obtains Mario, an unknowing mercenary she emotionally manipulates. And doesn't even need to waste the fungi for it.
Damien Taylor
OK after watching "Bowser's broken home", and then this, I came to something: In sense, Bowser's aid/guardian, Kamek, wants to prevent infection of their kingdoms. Bowser, on other hand, wants to make their soon defeated princess into a mother for his kids. the spoils of war, everyone.
Church 313
I'm scared
Anthony Maccentelli
parasect is controlled by.....A MUSHROOM!!!!!(you know parasect.From Pokemon!)
Ryu Ward
Gommbas are not mushrooms
Juliette Der
Bowser's a hero. Burn peach with fire.
CosmicFlare *Super Mario*
This is why Aliens never visit us
Luke Pixel
sees the 3D mario jump into the camera AH! falls off bed
Kyndra Kulisch
I think it goes that way maybe
Kyndra Kulisch
Hey did u know that the five nights at Freddy's Francine is out of order it goes fnaf one ,fnaf three ,fnaf two ,and sister location ,fnaf four
You can't just take random interviews with random developers and use them as cannon fact, though.
Nathan Gerkrath
I like the theory but the music seems of
Juan Barraza
Preety nice ending
Fallen Gamer (EvilGamerGirl)
Knowledge is power....and paralyzing fear.
Rachael brown
That "Oh, did I win?..." really freaks me out xD
i knew it!!Bowzer is tge good guy. I have one short theory too.
Diamond girl
bowser is the good guy
Pikachu Libre
did anyone see the bananas at 6:30?
Pikachu Libre
Oubiemart Lingan
do pikmin please oh please reply
Diddles Draws
36 thousand genders
Feminist happy
Ximena Deleon
I love thise
;-; mario is a killer bowser and other people turned toad into blocks and u destroy them holy poop
So how come when Mario "Eats a 🍄" why doesn't it affect Mario or Luigi??? 😐
Mitchell Long
Plush Trap
Jesus this video is terrifying XD
Kory Toth
sooooo their are basically cute xenomorphs
Lord Flood
so what we are saying is horsetail plant is possible cure for the zombie fungus in the last of us
Mountain Shark
When peach said "oh did I win" I was sooooooo creeped out
so bowser is actually good
darion davis
what is your theme song
WHY DID U HAVE TO DO THIS... I was amazed but u just ruined my favorite character
Take 2
you made me hate mushrooms, its a whole new perspective that is horrifying and disgusting
G! Sans
I watched this while eating... bad idea.
Sam Page Wait a minute, why the Hell has Mat Pat not done a Golden Sun theory? Those games are not only awesome (or at least the first two are) but are stuffed FULL of theory potential.
Thedevilish Gengar
2:34 Cool he watches brentalfloss
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