Game Theory: Toad's DEADLY Secret (Super Mario Bros.)

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Toad is more than just a mere mushroom. He has a secret...and it explains A LOT of the weird happenings around the so-called Mushroom Kingdom.

Twitter: @MatPatGT

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Enrique Lopez
37 thousand genders? So almost as much as humans
It's Mae mae
This is the very first video I watched by him
Lauren Last Name
Man, Mario's head must be indestructible if he can hit bricks that are stronger than concrete.
Lauren Last Name
Man, Mario's head must be indestructible if he can hit bricks that are stronger than concrete.
Gummy Gamer
Has anyone else noticed that the "grow mushrooms" look like toads' heads. @MatPat do a theroy on that!
Dirt Knocker
thats incorrect. Humans have thousands of genders. For instance I identify as a dishwasher. So yeah theory busted
Carlos Agredano
PS4 call of deaty
stangnan dash
7:50 i knew it, feminist are fungi
Albert Barnes
so then that means that cordyceps that send the toxic chemicals (@6:15) are actually shown in world 5. there's full proof of it, plus that's why mario keeps going back there on his journey to save peach. it's like a consent reminder of what happened specifically at that part of the mushroom kingdom
HomeBase Films
For everyone who thinks MatPat is ruining Mario it's not MatPat ruining them it's the creators because all the information we have about any character is supplied by them and think how perfectly all this information fits together. Also the creators probably researched everything thing before putting it into the game and I think they want us to find it. Here's why, who would theorists buy a game that's plot is always the same other than to theorize about it. So I think it is all by design.
But hey that's just a theory, a game producer theory
Fantasy Ninja
i denfiitly did not expect that
Isabel Velazquez
well there is a mostly dark reason behind each game
ღ Loren ღ
Tbh MatPat doesn't even have to question me believing him at this point. As soon as the intro plays I'm just like "Yes. This is very true. Nothing could prove me otherwise."
This really gets me scared about using mycelium in Minecraft
Cotton Candy Heart
This makes so much sense should I believe it?
You could have picked a better example of Peach being airheaded than that. She's quite clearly being coy/ taunting the opposition when she says, "Oh, did I wiiin?"
Super Zach
You make every kids game or film into a nightmare. I love it XD
Maddox McGuire
Is peach's mom toadet
Dat One Gamer
Yo where are all the black people ? 😂
Yoshi 4 President
OMG Rosalina
Animal Saver
I can't believe what toad did to you............he flipped you off
Yea I've always called Peach, Princess Toadstool
I hate toad already. he's a nutcase. he better get something for me to forgive him.
Trickshot Games
Yeah you need to do yoshis theory
ArttuGamer 06
when i was 6 i sayed mushroom head not toad xD
Well there goes my childhood.
Edial Pleijter
this is eben darker then mario is mental
In japan, flipping people off doesn't really mean the same thing, people even point with the middle finger
Belinda Tews
WRONG!!!!!!!! Get a brain, Mario is the good guy
Belinda Tews
(Sarcastically) So it's a good thing Mario kills toads?
Also this means Mario & bowser r both good guys! Bowser helps the goomba, & so him & his minions turn the toads into bricks, then Mario breaks them, to finish them off, for good, trying to stop the toad zombie apocalyps!
Giuliana Angotti
the video he used to reference the death fungus, we had to watch in science class and I remember having a terrified hand clamped over my mouth the whole time...
Jonny Johnson420
Toad you motherfucker
Just Some Guy
am I the only one that liked the old intro better
Adolf Hitler
36 thousand genders?

Sounds like tumblr...
Cooljesse 37
so, toads are Half Life Zombies?
Please Help
The answer to why Princess Peach is the princess is because MARIO is loyalty. Mario would be referred as King Mario, and even if he marries Peach, she is still referred to as Princess Peach. Connecting to your other theories on how Mario is a swinger, he also may be a polygamist king, which would refer to Princess Daisy.
The Pokemon Gamer
okay first good theory but come on that was a DARK ending
Jayden Blais
Thanks for this! I used one of your points in a research paper... so ya.
Ayden Nufio
I guess I should say I cheated on my girlfriend because matpat just f**ked me
Tris Vernon
NolawI Isidore
Lol that creepy weird song
Danielle Brinckman
hey so what's the deal with princess daisy?
If u ruin my childhood one more time I'm gonna stop watching ur vids.
If u ruin my childhood one more time I'm gonna stop watching ur vids.
Jake Ghareeb
I got that hamlet reference
Christen Rodriguez
Still skeptical...
Lilyronic 1104
this video is the reason I don't go outside
God nature is scary. this is why I don't go outside
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