Game Theory: Toad's DEADLY Secret (Super Mario Bros.)

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Toad is more than just a mere mushroom. He has a secret...and it explains A LOT of the weird happenings around the so-called Mushroom Kingdom.

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CJ Hall
Oh wow the old intro...
CatchyNikel 71
Mother of god
Azeni Tyus
Why Baca use at the end you make us think what you say is real but then it's not
Azeni Tyus
I hate u matpat
Okay I'm terrified of mushrooms now
Daniel D Racer
Mario is Mental, Peach is evil, Luigi is also evil, Toads are crazy invaders and Bowser is just a good guy with no parents???? Nintendo, you have made such a dark franchise...
Schmucks24 Gaming
The Element Keeper
Now I don't seem to hate bowser so much.
Sir Fish
this explains mooshrooms in minecraft too
GG Sans
Mycelium fungi, huh, sooooo, it's like the X-parasite
GG Sans
Nothing like a little Game Theory to help you wake up in the morning
Silver wolf
You just ruind outside for me
Kyle Phelps
Or the mushrooms are just hats and they wear them to go with the theme of the kingdom.
Tanya Cromwell
Toad is awesome how dare you
The Gold Gamer
I have horse tail plants in my forest!
David peregrino
I like that intro 0:11 tho
Preston Skipp
At 6.48 toad and goomba have the same feet
Oli Leach
Why isn't Mario infected
charles dawson
10:24 well I don't get dat
charles dawson
llll own sex wat?
charles dawson
its obvious not easy
charles dawson
he did not remove it just used it as a parachute
Phong Phan
Hmmmmm this reminds me of parasect the pokemon that's lifeless and just mind controlled by a parasite
RigelParsec Organic
I don't care how many Watch Dogs, FNAF and Hello Neighbor theories you make...
this will ALWAYS be the scariest episode of Game Theory
Una ko
So Mario Kart the game i love is ruined now well the Super Mario Franchise is now ruined
Lauren Clark
Film theory should make an episode where they discuss whether or not Marlin and Dory from Finding Nemo could actually be shot out of a whale's blowhole and survive like if u agree😉
Now princess Peach may not be a Queen yet but as we see in Mario Bros 3 there is a king that is King Toadsworth, we also see king Toadsworth in Super Mario Sunshine.

I think Peach came to the mushroom kingdom the same way Mario did through some king of sewage pipe, and king Toadsworth probably started caring for her like a daughter which is why she is a human.

Also don't forget Wario and Waluigi there are also the only other humans.
Unknown User
Why is mario not infected
Yump Bagle
What's that music at 3:18 ?

5:47 is also cool too...
Blaise Quay
Lol I like how he put a pic of arthas to represent it spreading
Everyone's mind = BLOWN
GD TeamClorox
Mushrooms have more than 2 genders?
Omg 2017 is turning us into mushrooms
Carlos Cerda
Toad species have 36,000 genders, and SJW's fantasy
Olivia Whalen
Why is toad taller then Mario in the beginning if Mario is 5'11?
Ashley Velez
7:54 omg that made me laugh so hardXD
Ethan Short
Does this make Mario a mercenary hired by peach to rescue her and restore her control over the kingdom after bowser kidnapped her?
I miss this intro
Dude that is his thumbs and nice Captin planet reference
I love your channel. you ruin my childhood, make me listen to math, and give me nightmare. odd, isn't it?
Diminutive Kitlanna?
"How do you like them apples?" WHOA WHOA WHOA WAIT?! MAT PAT'S A BRONY?!
SM64 Ds
Lilly Farney
Oh god that's terrifying🙀
If you know which game the peach with the "vamipire" outfit came from we should be friends
Underman Adam
the goombas they took over loads of goombas and the rest went to bowser to fight back...
The mlg mega miner
game theory your wrong this time i got you watch the tv show toad takes off his mushroom head
brian hennessey
Dude toad is givin us da double bird
Jillian Fisher
Do clash of clans
Kakashi Sensei
"Damn nature you scary!!"
Silly Filly
But if peach brought the toads... Where there another ruler before she came?
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