Carry: Cadillac 2017 Oscars Commercial

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We've had the privilege to carry a century of humanity.  But maybe what we carry isn’t just people, it's an idea: that while we're not the same, we can be one.  All it takes is the willingness to dare.  #DareGreatly  Explore more:

seyri film
Muhammed Ali 😔💪✊
kristien young
Another serious topic paired with a car commercial. Just sell the car, tell me what is so great about your stupid new car and just end. Why are you bringing a serious topic up, just to cut away from it to sell your car or brand. Damn car commercials.
Brenda Webb
Thank you Cadillac!!! You wiped away the muck and mire to show us a true picture of who we really are as Americans. Although we are not monolithic in thoughts and ideas, we are a caring society who has demonstrated an incredible ability to advance the freedom, human rights, and sincere well-being of each member of the American family. Thanks for such a positive message of unity and love!
Aris Stefanidis
best commercial of 2017
Lee Edens
Good commercial, too much negativity in the news now, yes, I know the news is chasing rating, but seriously, sometimes it feels like the news has become a talk show, I don’t want your opinion, I just want the news, again, good commercial Cadillac
No. Fuck off. You didn't contribute to any of the things you showed. Quit trying to pull at our heartstrings, you whores.
I saw this on TV and I was like, "wow, good positive message in this commercial." I could hardly wait to see who sponsored the commercial and then... Cadillac comes on the screen. We need more positive messages like this on our tv screens.
Roman S
god bless horsepower Cadillac
Kiku no Honda
so beautiful. makes me cry.
Cadillac and Audi both making advertisements about the shit going on in the U.S. and Cadillac did it so much better. Audi just pressed for the dumb feminist agenda. Cadillac actually showed what was true unlike Audi.
Recklezz Thoughts
damn why cadillac gotta hit so hard
What a contrast from that Audi commercial bullshit. Way to go Cadillac.
Brandon Waters
muh diversity
Derp Giesen
Andrew Pierce
great ad, Cadillac
America first Cadillac time for you to feel the pinch of we the people
Sean's Myth
Wow this ad really hit me hard. Now I feel totally inspired to go out and buy an over-priced car. What was the company again?
Best commercial ever
It use to be that Cadillac was the top of luxury cars and foreign cars like Nissan, Honda, Hyundai were known for being dependable & reliable. That time has passed foreign companies such as Hyundai, Volkswagan, Honda, Nissan also make luxury cars now; that have good gas mileage, dependable, and are luxury cars. Cadillac has to catch up.
Fuck the news. The only division there is happens to be phony news sources and congress.. you know.. that thing that's the opposite of progress? This was a great commercial. Although I rolled my eyes seeing it was a car commercial, I quickly stepped back to appreciate that this ad did not have the intent to advertise a car.

I'm not calling for anarchy. No civilization can thrive without government. But we have forgotten how to oversee our overseers, and have left them to plot and scheme for their own well being (filling their pockets).

I'm neither a democrat nor a republican. Both sides make good points, but both sides also make terrible points. 2 cheeks of the same ass (as they say).
Expand Carp
Exposing cnn
Rayman Shadowsteel
Yes goyim! Buy our products because we support diversity!
Fatimah Alfadeel
Great Ad
Awesome, thanks for the positive energy and epic cars, keep them coming.
connor geslak
So much respect to Cadillac for airing this, they probably got so much hate from the SJW's, but now I might go get me a caddy.
Biggie Smalls
This commercial is amazing. Shut up and take my money !
Matthew Clark
You're doing a good thing, Cadillac
Jennifer Shelley
Really great commercial - imo. :)
Jonathan Kysar
I would love a bright red 1959 convertible elderado coupe
Jjim Jim
No fuck you. I will continue to spread hate.
If you had the chance to change the formation of a progressive ideology to never exist, would you do it?

I would in a heartbeat.
Akuoko Frimpong
Please ignore the stupid troll that pressed dislike for no good reason. Thanks for making the ads. It was beautifully made. I wasn't even thinking about buying a Cadillac, but thanks to your ad, I will become a customer. Peace to all.
Some Asshole
Cadillac jumping on the political train game like audi and every other sellout company, regardless of which side they back, or don't.
The Last Greaser
saw this on TV, thought it was totally awesome / relevant.... Only part I didn't see coming was the Cadillac logo...
Todd W
Nice commercial. Very cool!
Bryce Mower
WOW! Actually great commercial that made me click on the ad although I have no interest at all in buying a Cadillac. Comparing this to the shitty Superbowl 50 Audi Commercial just makes me happy. Finally a company that looks at the good side of humanity and doesn't force false shit like 3rd wave Feminism being for "equality"
I love this video. But of course the people in the comments had to turn it into a political debate on both sides
Chris H
Divide et impera. ( Divide and Conquer ) We need to realize this so we can stop being tricked and manipulated by the people that control us.
Danny Fernandez
trumpians are going to be triggered by this
Police Knight
Why kiss liberals' ass while they can never afford your products?
William Melchor
thank you for keeping this ad unbiased
Banestn The Knight
Cadillac never changes...
why am I tearing up over a cadilac commercial
Michael Parks
Thank you Cadillac for this video! If we could live this out... the willingness to date!
white the knight
The Red Pill Dragon
Tell the MSM to stop spreading fake news if you want the country to not be divided.
Couch Professional
fuck the left
Herr Doktor von Nuremberg
So inspiring when a company that makes millions of dollars and doesn't give a fuck about you tries to cash in on the trendy emotional need of the decade.

Marketing execs were probably jacking off at the opportunity to pitch this message of unity that offended no one and presented Cadillac as some sort of savior brand in a terrible world filled with evil disunifiers.

tl;dr: Comforting message? Yes. Does it mean you should associate buying a Cadillac with supporting unity? Hell no. This is how companies use you and make you think that soulless, manipulative executives can relate to the masses without you ever even consciously knowing it.
Money Mitch
If only the liberal shit heads stopped dividing us
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