Cadillac Mack
Micaela S
I really want to cut off the narrators tongue.
Jim Murphy
This is cringe-worthy and insulting to people who are oppressed.
This commercial brings tears to my eyes. The country as a whole is deeply divided. An appalling amount of hatred has been brought to light. Hatred from both political parties, but slightly more from one specific faction of people. Nevertheless, as a country we must come together and negotiate with each other. We will always have our differences in opinion and beliefs. However, we are weaker and more fragile as a country when we are divided like this. Hopefully we can persevere as a nation and navigate the turbulent waters as time progresses. That being said those individuals and groups who purposely spread hate, bigotry, and racism have absolutely no place in America. Touching commercial to say the least.👍👍
Tiago Dalia
Cadillac best premium brand for me
I don't know why people are repurposing this into some anti-Trump or anti-capitalist message, because if you are, you're looking at the mirror the wrong fucking way, buddy.

You know, in the end, this ad is more or less "Stop making politics and other major issues your life, that guy you dissed for being Republican is actually really fucking nice."

"Oh, and go buy these cars we're showing in these images that half of you guys watching this call 'Old Car', they aren't in production anymore but we need this fucking money."

TL;DR shut the fuck up this never said "shoot trump with a sniper rifle you cant use"

oh plus they couldve used gmc or chevy for this shit, new caddies are a whole lot
Thank you, Cadillac/GM, for appealing to the best in us.
I love this commercial!!! ❤👏👏👏❤
Dynamite Grizzly
This commercial is fucking stupid. "Hey we agree with you politically! Buy our cars!"
Ann Kotanjian
I love this commercial and proudly drive a cadillad
James Furukawa
Kill all kkkops
Shannon Reardon
it doesn't get much better
Why exactly does everyone love this commercial when we all just got done ripping the Pepsi commercial with pretty much the same schtick? All this preachiness and positivity is nothing but a marketing ploy to try and sell you something yet everyone seems to be eating it up. Exactly nothing in this commercial has anything to do with Cadillac automobiles. Guess I'm just cynical.
bob gould
I was moved by this commercial. Finally, someone gets it. Spread the word. End the Division and Hatred! Led by the Democrats and the Media (Fake news)
Matt Fehl
so was this done before or after the pepsi commercial that pissed everyone off?
Jenn Henry
This is stunning. Who is the masterful VO?
Mar'Taja Jackson
Will said Cadillac.
Showing Muhammad Ali next to service men is insulting, the guy refused to fight or help America in it's darkest hour. In the past the one thing that glued Americans together was they fought for American values. Irish, Italians, Germans, African americans, even people whose religion forbid them from killing marched to the front line to try defend what it means to be American.

America is not one anymore. People like Muhammad Ali dissolved it, made it okay to not stand up for America, and the dream of America being glued together under one set of "good morals" that they will fight for is long gone. It's rapidly losing its multicultural glue and dissolving into a mess. It will soon be like Sweeden and France, scrambling to try hold onto its values.
Amazing video! God bless America and all americans! Greetings from Finland where we love love you!
bare born
"We are a nation divided. That's what they tell us right? This chasm between us... But what they don't tell you; what doesn't make the news is this.. We carry each other forward. No matter who we are or what we believe or where we come from. We've had the privilege to carry a century of humanity. Lovers, fighters, leaders. But maybe what we carry isn't just people. It's an idea.. That while we're not the same, we can be one. And all it takes is the willingness to dare..."
emrah kaya
Muhammed Ali 😔💪✊
kristien young
Another serious topic paired with a car commercial. Just sell the car, tell me what is so great about your stupid new car and just end. Why are you bringing a serious topic up, just to cut away from it to sell your car or brand. Damn car commercials.
Brenda Webb
Thank you Cadillac!!! You wiped away the muck and mire to show us a true picture of who we really are as Americans. Although we are not monolithic in thoughts and ideas, we are a caring society who has demonstrated an incredible ability to advance the freedom, human rights, and sincere well-being of each member of the American family. Thanks for such a positive message of unity and love!
Aris Stefanidis
best commercial of 2017
Lee Edens
Good commercial, too much negativity in the news now, yes, I know the news is chasing rating, but seriously, sometimes it feels like the news has become a talk show, I don’t want your opinion, I just want the news, again, good commercial Cadillac
No. Fuck off. You didn't contribute to any of the things you showed. Quit trying to pull at our heartstrings, you whores.
I saw this on TV and I was like, "wow, good positive message in this commercial." I could hardly wait to see who sponsored the commercial and then... Cadillac comes on the screen. We need more positive messages like this on our tv screens.
Roman S
god bless horsepower Cadillac
Kiku no Honda
so beautiful. makes me cry.
Cadillac and Audi both making advertisements about the shit going on in the U.S. and Cadillac did it so much better. Audi just pressed for the dumb feminist agenda. Cadillac actually showed what was true unlike Audi.
Recklezz Thoughts
damn why cadillac gotta hit so hard
What a contrast from that Audi commercial bullshit. Way to go Cadillac.
Brandon Waters
muh diversity
Derp Giesen
Andrew Pierce
great ad, Cadillac
Sean's Myth
Wow this ad really hit me hard. Now I feel totally inspired to go out and buy an over-priced car. What was the company again?
Best commercial ever
It use to be that Cadillac was the top of luxury cars and foreign cars like Nissan, Honda, Hyundai were known for being dependable & reliable. That time has passed foreign companies such as Hyundai, Volkswagan, Honda, Nissan also make luxury cars now; that have good gas mileage, dependable, and are luxury cars. Cadillac has to catch up.
Fuck the news. The only division there is happens to be phony news sources and congress.. you know.. that thing that's the opposite of progress? This was a great commercial. Although I rolled my eyes seeing it was a car commercial, I quickly stepped back to appreciate that this ad did not have the intent to advertise a car.

I'm not calling for anarchy. No civilization can thrive without government. But we have forgotten how to oversee our overseers, and have left them to plot and scheme for their own well being (filling their pockets).

I'm neither a democrat nor a republican. Both sides make good points, but both sides also make terrible points. 2 cheeks of the same ass (as they say).
Expand Carp
Exposing cnn
Rayman Shadowsteel
Yes goyim! Buy our products because we support diversity!
Fatimah Alfadeel
Great Ad
Awesome, thanks for the positive energy and epic cars, keep them coming.
connor geslak
So much respect to Cadillac for airing this, they probably got so much hate from the SJW's, but now I might go get me a caddy.
Steve Jobs
This commercial is amazing. Shut up and take my money !
Matthew Clark
You're doing a good thing, Cadillac
Jennifer Shelley
Really great commercial - imo. :)
Jonathan Kysar
I would love a bright red 1959 convertible elderado coupe
Jjim Jim
No fuck you. I will continue to spread hate.
If you had the chance to change the formation of a progressive ideology to never exist, would you do it?

I would in a heartbeat.
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