My Boyfriend Does My Nails

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Here's a link to Simply Nailogical she is an internet gem hell yeah thank you for blessing the internet with yourself and you and your face and your funnies etc. also eh? because she's canadian eh you know what I'm talking aboooooot eh a boot 

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Julien's ratchet salon.
Ismelda Del Villar
this is so cute👌👌🤗🤗
Liz Murphy
Jenna's hair is bomb in this vid!!! 😍😍😍💇🏼
Steal DORK
That's not my job! That's literally hygiene!
Madison Hood
This vid made me mad😂😂
Greta Macuite
Meankitty31!! Lps!
Holo isn't glitter
Madie Abbie
Julien is so bad at nail painting lol
Well we know Julian's not a water marble witch
Joe Surfshaper
Jason Tellez
I'm mad af ....could have been way more paint that's the only logical step next for perfection nails of marblah
Isabella Zambran0
Awesomest* preverted* I have problems😂😂😂
Isabella Zambran0
Julian is legit the awesome st dude ever but tbh he looks like a 47 year old prevented man that wears a lot of red flannels
Aleks Vino
What . are you like done admiring it ? that was beautiful....rofl!
Imogen Bieber
Julian looks like Hitler 😂
Naddy Blanc
You and Cristine need to do a collab
smol bean
"Oh its beautiful" "Julien!"
You guys make me laugh/cry almost every video, thanks.
I feel like jenna is fangirling so much over cristine the science queen❤️😂
0:34..... simply nailogical
Jaclyn Cometa
theyre such a funny couple
Maranda Speicher
omg could she whine at him anymore? it's annoying the hell out of me.
Moni Chen.
can we talk how beatiful jenna hair looks?
Merrin Crawford
I think Jenna and Christine(SimplyNailogical) should do a nail collab video XD
Nikolee Ardoin
I thought for sure he was gonna write #ad on her thumb 😂😂
Taya Williams
Five star review
It's not that bad.
Jewel Curtis
I Literally have just been sitting here binge watching other videos so hilarious. #nolife
abbie howard
damn she had an attitUDEE
Amanda Beth Elder
More Moq please!!
Adelaide Downey
jenna is literally so fucking gorgeous i'm drowning in a puddle of my own tears
Eliana Pollick
you should make wigs for your dogs
Haɴɴah Bøwlιng
julien looks like a child predator
Jane Rose
I love Jenna's hair in this video!!!!!!:)
Morena G
how do so many people misspell Julian
Abigail Huller
Lol at Kermit in the background at 3:21 silently judging you 😂😂
Morgan and Claire Casey
He looks like hitler
Hailey McDonald
your hair looks so good in this video my wig is snatched
Emma Ackerley
Julian, do you have a brother I can go out with? you are the best guy everrr. Jenna you are so lucky! so fun and chilled out xxx big love to you guys from the UK
Libby Smetak
I'm dying watching this. Lmao
Lauren Blake
That's a moustache of a child molester. I SEE U👋🏻
Iva Ćurković
I am laughing my ass off at everyone shading Julien for his moustache omg hahah
lao kids
I Love simply nailogacl
kanika israni
Julien is so much fun on your channel than his own channel
Anika Ahlstrom
juliens pornstache👌🏻😩💦💦daddy af👅
Claire Davy
I like how Jenna's new this is saying "Dawg"
Oreoball 360
Aaliyah Duran
Lol I love you Jenna your awesome!!!!
Julien's moustache gives me incredible 90s dad vibes
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