My Boyfriend Does My Nails

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Here's a link to Simply Nailogical she is an internet gem hell yeah thank you for blessing the internet with yourself and you and your face and your funnies etc. also eh? because she's canadian eh you know what I'm talking aboooooot eh a boot 

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roma ortega
he looks like mario in this video.
Melody Blanco
I'm Sprinkles
I'm cringing
Petya Todorova
Jenna: we'll never get our security deposit back
Julien, mumbling: that ship has sailed
Emily Peraza
wait but marble is dead, not live
Lilly Howard
porn stash on fleek
very sparingly DOUSE
Lauren McGuire
Wheres moq
Lauren McGuire
pet peeve is ruining wet polish. this video HURTS
Sophie kane
Do a video with spimlynailoglial
Was Jenna deliberately being Your Annoying Girlfriend in this video? "Juliennnnn!" "Ew!" "Juliennnnnn!!" "Don't! Careful! Stahhhhhp! No!" Lol ;)
Why julian. Why would you do that to your face.
Boyfriend? So Jenna is dating a homeless dude named Julie-Ann?
Tigerlilygirl X
13:53 "We can find exchanges." How have I never noticed that before!
Jackson Memo a
Pedo lookin ass
julia patched201
I want to be Kermit in that dream corner right now
Kristine bb. ygurl
Lololol ur bf interrupting you at the beginning and saying hi hahahahhaa
jasmine gabrielle
juliens mustache kind of looks a little pervertic in this video
when Julian's mustache makes him look like anger from inside out
Shayla & Toto
Julien looked like a trucker with that mustache XD
do you think they knew they were supposed to use tape for the marbled nails? πŸ’€
Julien looks like the rapist in the lovely bones
Diamond Wolf
about to get my blood drawn. watching this is calming me down XD
JayJay Rose
Ben's bananas look better πŸ˜‚
kat cott
He reminds me sooo much of nick miller
Jasmine Justensen
He should try doing your nails with acrylic lol
Judson Putnii
how little juliens shorts are is important. i like his shorts
My videos paju
Swivle _
Welcome to the stache salon, where no women ever go.
Jessa Lehman
2:55 shoutout to Jenna's random floss
Jessa Lehman
Julien's facial hair is the reason we're supposed to be hiding our kids and wives.
cheyenne elkins
for some reason, Julien reminds me of a really gorgeous, hip Ned Flanders.
Tiziana Shea Manzo
This is so funny. You two are always lit ((:
Krista Johnson
omg i love julien
Julien's mustache looks like a SQUIRREL
Evelyn Hammersley
AHHH NO Julian had a mustache!!!
Alex Roasting
Julien looks like porn stash from orange is the new black
Savannah Lynn
Have Moq do your nails jenna oh my gosh that would be so iconic
Jay Clifford
Cristine is a rat
Joanna Brown
Why he look like hitler
Paul Rhodes
Yeah...your nails look good from a distance, I'm in North Carolina and they look great from here!! LOL!! :-)~
Chef Natalie
After the glitter, the marble ended up looking like spaceπŸ’–πŸ’™
vicky v
julian fucking funny
Anastaziia Clark
I worked in a restaurant for over a year so I wasn't allowed to have my nails done. I get told that my nails are ugly because they're bare but I don't care. Now I am being trained to be an insurance agent so I need to have pretty nails and I don't think I can handle that commitment.
Yvonne Munguia
the marble nails are super easy
Jenny Reardon
Ahhhhhhhhh don't let the nail polish dry it will look like crap
Melanie Panics at the TØP concert
Her discripiton of Cristine was on point πŸ˜‚
Cailyn Bren
Omg I love Jenna and Julien together I hope they stay together for a looooooooooooooooooooongg time there so funny and they make me laugh when I'm feeling down
Sharon Chavez
Mackenzie Eaton
What's with the mustache Julian?U look like marioπŸ˜‚πŸ€£
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