Unicorn Fairy
I love cats so much
Adam Ashur
im 7 years old
Adam Ashur
im 7 years old
Paige Ann Laubheimer
Haha Ohioooooooooooooooooooooooooo😘
Leo Broqi
cole wroten
Rachel Hughes
I do swimming
Seran Humphreys
I am 10 from north wales and I am being bullied for about 4 years and since I started to watch your videos I am feeling very happy
Carrie Stevens
Jake I am using my mom's account and I have been using my sisters video camera but I don't know how to post the videos will you please show me how on a video please like this comment to get it to the top so Jake can see it and help me
Randee Tisdel
I'm your biggest fan, love Ceejay from Nebraska
Gail Ross
Jake you so 😎
Mia DeLeon
Jake the people on Tessa's channel said they are going to hack you.
Chloe Eadle
You should've got OFC OHIO FRIED CHICKEN
Araceli I. Ibanez
MyravsCody See
Jake you are the best YouTube or ever you're the only want to watch and I always have my post notifications on
кιиg ωσlf
GET THIS TO 10 likes XD
Chucky Finder
I am from ohio
Diana Vazques
Who is watching in 2017 ? Only me ok
Saif Jibrael
I am 12 years old
Blake Wood
Hi jake paul
Leonard Muro
you are my favorite Youtube and Erica is a pretty girl
Mandy Hart
I am from ohio
Jeanna Ortiz
Oh, oh, shit!
That doesn't work! 🤔
David Guajardo
Hi kassie
Rhica Ramos
Who know how to play table tennis
Stan Bingham
Jack you are the best youtobr ever
Some Body
you're the best at failing and being stupid
Kayleen Garza
I think that's very kind of u but my sister says that instead of helping them your changing them into jerks
MyName IsJaylyn
Who Else Loved It When Erika Said OHIO!
Odir Monterrosa
shane ellis
Jade Weber
Lmao so flippin funny!
Anna Little
When Emilio said OHIOO it was hilarious 😂
Rylee Clark
Ohhhiiiioooo fried chicken bitch
Emily paul
Katie Kaboom
I'm 12
Arletta Hilman
this is nicole
Arletta Hilman
hey jake i love your videos so much can i get a
James Agnew
lil Savage 21
youtubing is my best thing in my inam 13
Chris Doig
Jake im a girl im using my dads email but you make me smile and happy i watch your flogs everyday after school even at night you are so cute i wish i get to meet you later in the future
Gomes Natali
Love your videos
nerd boy 11 comic
it every day bro
nerd boy 11 comic
can i Joyne team 10
Katherine Perez
I like making videos and I'm 10 and I want to keep following my dream
Pablo Castillo
אורי קורדובה
David Schmitt
My mom surprised me with of merch
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