Bahubali 2 Trailer 2016 | Exclusive Interview With Prabhas,S.S. Rajamouli | Tamanna & Anushka

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Bahubali 2  Trailer 2016 | Exclusive Interview With Prabhas,S.S. Rajamouli | Tamanna & Anushka 
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Abhishek Mishra
That's what makes S.S.Rajamouli so special!!!!....
Giving respect to Ajay devgun as SIR!!!!....
for bahubali 1 , people start praising avanthika 1st.. after bahunali 2, u peoples started to praise this aunty anushka alot.. its weird n funny.. why u people likes to walk in the rope with waving mind??? For me, avanthika is the best.. even prabhas feel comfortable to act in romancimg scenes only with tamanah... in rebel n bahubali 1 they both lookng cute together. .. n this devsena hs actd in mny intimate scenes with other actors. ... n now she is flirting innocent prabhas..i feel pity fr prabhas..
Anushka aunty..better stay away from darling.. she hd many gossips with other actors..n now she is flirtng my innocent prabhas.. feel like wanna slap her
Thank GOD - NO Ugly, Talent-less Khans in this Epic Movie... Prabhas and Rana, Both are much Better than Talent-less Khans.
Amanpreet Suman
prabhas you r amazing
Ravana 13
bollywood press people 😨
mahesh fan
prabhas plz marry anushka ,,, her eyes sent u proposals through out this interview...
farah khalid
prabhas aap se ek request hai k aap Anushka se shadi karen.plzzzzz.aap dono ki jodi zabardast hai r Anushka bohat beautifull hain.kya aap ko nhi lagti.
Unlike our bollywood stars u can feel how calm n patient these guys, n the movies itself shows that they played the character, while in bollywood all the male actors are played by their character while it shud b vice versa
tanushree bhattacharyya
what's with these stupid reporters?
Kohin Bose
Khatta Pani log
badar uddin
anushka shetty and bahubali im love you so much your ceracter im from pakistan sindh we love you
Nandini Sharma
what is this ? they are asking questions or having fun with stars disgusting! I saw one of them reporters that they shout each other it ridicules
I thought people in Hyderabad all speaks Hindi and Urdu. Why can't Rajmoli speak Hindi? He is not from Tamil Nadu. So no excuse.
Tamannah is not the submissive accepting quiet and nice actresses of South. She is like Norther girl. Very bold rude.
Desh ka bhed
Anushka is damn tall
Aratrik Ghosh
everyone is talking about comparision both industries have good and bad films bollywood has bad films south has also has bad films like 20 people flying from one punch by hero thats utter nonsense so both industries are good don't compare
kudos to Prabhas sir for choosing tamil language to be the bilingual for his next movie . Respect you sir .
Sagar Doble
It's a great movie in the world awesome
Abhijeet Mandal
I love all time bahubali 1 2
Abhishek shrivastav
irritating reporters 😑
allah allah
Please dub all movies of Prabhas in chinese
Suman Roy
Hindi movies are shit except 1 or 2 in a year...dont work in Hindi..South Directors are better....
Remya Natarajan
wow Anushka's answer for that reporter... They are really big stars there and not dying to do hindi films...
Raj Kamal
Tamannah is real definition of beauty!
Power of Moria
tamannas voice is totally opposite to her face
Rayz productions
I have seen bahubali 2
Thanks goes to the technician and the teams
সাইড দে
Rajamouli Looks like Ajay Jadeja.. But Without shaved..
reporter are so rude and questions are so stupid
tamanah ka chutiya kaatha....part 2 me role hi nai hai kuch ......😂😂
krishna's view
All films are super hit Director by SS.Rajamouli in Telugu....

I Mean all FILMS....Block buster hits
smiley 1
worst reporters
ss malik
anushka is sooooo simple yet beautiful....graceful..
Raman poddar
Nobody loved avantika as she doesn't have anything to do in the movie. Most loved female character is devsena
manish verma
black dress girl is so beautiful
Rahul Devanda
prabhas is a legend
Venktesh Babu
Yes man
Sai ram
Anushka and Prabhas r looking nice
Venktesh Babu
super movie
kamlesh bhatt
Tammna not looking good
Hangu Tadu
indians start accepting different culture in its way it is becoz it not hindi always ,and about bollywood its all taken over my western culture,showing of indian culture in its most beauty way is what the strength of bahubali 1 and 2 will be 2
shyam Narsapur
y Hindi Wala always bark by not giving chance to others to bark
they don't want to do any direct film in Hindi.. tollywood heros like their mother language.. n god gifted to us such great heros in tollywood.. in future tollywood will be grow big...
G C Arunachalam
reporters were lost their sense
Mahesh Mane
mahesh babu zindabad ....
Sachin K
Idiot reporters.. jumping on like vultures for stupid questions
Raj Aryan
rajamouli is a living legend 😎
jyothi sapur
Arun Kumar
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