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Omer Bosnjak
2:03 5:00 7:12 & 7:44 Are The Hottest Girls Ever
Savannah Felix
I loved the pug
A celloplayer
I just wanted to say that these people ( except for the ones that didn't do the challenge or made fun of it) made me feel really bad.

I have self-esteem issues and this video made my self-esteem drop a whole lot more. These people are narcissistic, selfish people who have nothing better to do than make people like me feel bad about themselves. Also, they just want to show off their abs or their beautiful qualities, but they're just showing off their bad qualities like being selfish and conceited. They're basically saying that people with glasses or pimples are ugly. I am so fed up with this generation already, I weep for the future and what it brings.
Imanol Aguero
2:00 WHO IS SHE!
Mafghdj Vsjfuy
Name of the girl at 3:02
Awesome Productions
0:45 is super funny 😄
Dane _12thman
Who is that at 7:33
probably the only person who has brains is the one at 0:45
Fahd Ben Slama
Yes Good video
Jaithra Chawla
Now iam gonna make new videos of roast ; stories and musically
branden evans
all of them looked better ugly
Rylee King
1:50 omlll🤤🤤🤤
Darsy Killer truck
The dog was so cute
Dejahneil Daley
A lot of them clean up well
logion BOSS
R.I.P in 10:23 - 10:30
Abode. Challenge
Vilmarie 〰
Good 😊
Antonio Urrutia
iolando piccirillo
Che belle ragazze
Frisk Dremmurr
0:56 is the best by far…
Alica Repaská
Wolf Queen
2:10 to 2:21 WTF
Sherita Morris
The boy part was funny
Anni Rintala
2.05 is the most beatufil woman in the world
angel discart
La fille 32 elle et waw
Bari Ashlyn
This world
كله بالمكياج
Maria Antonietta Ciliberti
Valerie_ xoxo
2017 ???
Gabriel Franco Fernandez
I Love your vid I sub
Kitty Kay
The first one look like aphmal
One Goofy Girl
3:05 that glo up tho
One Goofy Girl
Why do they pretend to put lotion on their face
One Goofy Girl
Omg ewww 1:25
Angelyn Lopez
2:18 me when i am fat
Now i am skinny
Angelyn Lopez
0:56 me taking a shower
Bills Sama
2:39es dios xD ok no :u
Olivia Znaniecki
OMG 0:54
Kawaii Kitty
But I wanted the soda 😭
Deysy Gama
Am ithe
Gisella Guerreiro
Idaly Martinez
Hottest boy at 1:48
ian longfield
7mins and 15 sec check it out
Veronica rodriguez
5:11 he fine
The True Devil
2:06 Made my day 🤣🤣
Greek Evangelist
0:54 the best one YASSSSSSS
Karla Verónica Gamarra Aguilar
Alguien sabe como se llaman todos los chicos ?? :v es para una tarea
Luna la reina del dibujo
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