Black Women React To 90s Hair Products

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There's no place like the '90s. 

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Elaina Julia

Korqui p
How'd they forget Spritz and JAM? lol
Vanessa Harris
Does anyone remember Let's Jam! ?
Ari Saric
childhood? I still use a majority of these products now-a-days. I love how they make my hair look and feel so healthy.
Hogy Booboo
Hi everyone, please click here to support my GoFundMe campaign, Need to get home:
stilletopuppy21 21
All so true and I know this is what my grandma dose and I'm 11
Yoo This brought back soo many memories! I used to go through that black gel in a week. Thank God I’m natural. None of those things are going back in my beautiful hair 🙅🏽
Who here was waiting for them to bust out a bottle of Hawaiian Silky? 🙋😂😂 that blue magic and the pink lotion takes me way back....
Crystal O
As much as that hot comb is the devil, that had my hair straight like no other.
Chelsea Washington
I am the same way about the hot comb!!! My shoulders be up before she even touches me!!! The edges hurt the worst tho cause it would hurt,and burn ( the paper towel would be burnt too)
Brealaja Barber
I know about that hot comb my mom used to burn my ear all time trying to get my edges
Ariana Kazadi
I had a comb shaped scar on my neck all of 4th grade 😫
Twentyonepilotspanic atthechemicalromance
The girl with the polka dot dress has a really symmetrical face. It pleases me for some reason.
Tatelynn James
Destany Cole
I still use most of these
Tatelynn James
Kynn Edwards
I remember just for me and pro style that hot comb is still in my nightmares tho😂😂😂
ARiana Dawkins
It’s crazy because when you live in New York we use all of these products still😂😂😂💀
Dont play I still use pink every now and then lol . That hot comb my mom still has it but we dont use it anymore lol
hippity hopp
Never used a hot comb because im natural no chemical no relaxer no nothing, all of us have curly hair
Is Bored
Bruh Just For Me OML I remember that 😂
Kwana Brown
Lusters pink hair lotion was all my mom and Dad used on my hair and my Dad only trusts blue magic on his hair is kind of annoying cause I took him to the beauty supply store so I could get stuff to braid his hair and I told him I needed gel, oil and hair lotion he came back to the part of the store I was with 3 black magic products 😂😂
My waves be POPPIN'
0:20 Gurl we see your tan lines
Angela Annalese
A hot metal comb?? So not good for your hair 😧😧
Kiara Trejo
The lady in pink is soooo pretty!
Heather Strickland
all these products and more you can pick up at your neighborhood Walgreens
revjlbsr revjlbsr
I'm feeling really right proud now, seeing that when I took inventory, I already have the majority of the products, YEY! #keepingmyroots
chante B
Still use the just for me relaxer, my hair is so use to it. So if ! ever have a daughter ! will not ruin her life with the creamy crack the same way my mom did with mine at a young age
Wide Awake
They can’t speak for all black girls
Queen GrimmZin
I still use the hot comb & the pink lotion
Torianah Bias
Did yall see her Tanline 😩😂
Dinese K
I didn't know fear until I came home from school and smelled the metallic "hot comb on the stove" smell.
I still use all of those! Lol
I still use blue magic lmao 😂😂😂
Serae Haliburton
When watching this video I could just hear someone in the back of my mind saying "baby, just hold ya ear back nah"
Shay Ford
Holly Me
My momma swore by all that we still own a hot comb, my brother with dreads swear by blue majic, and i bought sum pink just beacuse a few weeks ago but it used to be much thicker.
x Courtney WPWW x
I always thought black females had pubic hair growing out their heads.
I can smell that pink oil moisturizer through the screen lol
Just for me is a damn scam in a box. NOBODIES hair came out looking like the girls on the box, even when styled.
Amari Loves U
Every time I see a hot comb I get these chilled and cringe my momma use to fuss and smack me on the back of my neck from me trying to run away omg
I still use the Luster's Pink Hair Lotion
What? I want that weird looking heated hair comb.
Gursimar Chehal
Am I the only one who noticed the girls tan and how the strap part is lighter 😂
That pressing comb is giving me war flashbacks lmao
I use blue magic and I’m 13 ,, I remember when I got “just for me” for the first time too! It’s cool to see that hair hasn’t change that much
Jenna gaaming !
Anyone use just for me relaxer & it hurts a lot?
Just me?
Edmund Plantagenet
I remember a product called Soul Glo, somewhat. Was it any good?
Plan With Ivey
Yo that hot comb was triggering!!😖
Don't look at my picture
How does a black person have tan lines? Are they drawn in?
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