Nerf War: Killer Clown Attacks

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In this episode of Twin Toys, twin kids, Eli and Liam, Baby Camden and the rest of the PBT squad are faced with a very creepy situation in their neighborhood, there is a scary killer clown at their neighbors. After Daddy realizes that its not Mommy trying to pull a prank on their neighbors, the PBT squad has to use all of their PBT Nerf strategies to defend this very scary creepy killer clown after he finds a sneaky way to enter the house. Will the PBT Squad find out who this creepy scary killer clown is and will they finally stop all of his pranks?

Happy 2 Year Anniversary of Twin Toys.  The Nerf guns used in this video are the Rival Apollo, Rival Artemis, N Strike Dual Strike and many many more from the twins Nerf Arsenal.

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Epidemic Sound (

It's Jordan
Lejla Uzicanin
Lejla Uzicanin
lexie villa
Sorry to say this but this is fake I'm not hateing but it is true.btw you need to work on your editing skills and clearly somebody was recording the clown.and why did he not look the door 🎟🎟🎟🎟🥉third place for lying and when he ringed the door bell he did not have the gloves⚾️🎱I fell like throwing these ball at you⚡️and 1 day you will be popular as this🕷🕸🐜(ps spider spiderweb and ants) >:(hate you guys for doing this and it is never ever going to get my report this
4:36 lol the clown is playing Call Of Duty 😂
Emberlyn Kelley
Good job
Hero brine Master
Hero brine Master
There second part was fake this one is reql
nina natirboff dent
Deborah Voss
wasp my twins I'm the best fan of all y'all people never mess with the twin toys never ever
Naye Olvera
Severin Rüegg
Sehr coole videos
The world of YouTube
B. Bon v v
Now clown attack 3
Louis en audric declerck
Wie was de clown ?
Team fortress turd 52
Wow these kids are so gonna know what to do if that really happens step one get a toy gun step two shoot the gun step three scream yippi Kye ay at the intruder as u shoot them in the kidneys
NEON gamer
Paws Of Companions
Dat music is creepy!! Eek
احلا شباب
انعل أبوك
يا من ج
Ben B
Is this a freakin sponsored Video for Nerf? xD
Connor Peterke
Dümmstes Video ever
Sandra Martinez
Alicia Cardin
Roblox and Minecraft Gaming
Valentina Echeverrt
que. bobo. las. valas. son. de. mentira
J Dewey
Hey I'm the clown From you video
Beyblade Batters
fake clawn
Bendhy Aziz
Fuck to this stuped and facker video
crazy gamer101o
the jokes suck and a clown is not going to die from a nerf gun
haseeb ibrar
Carlos Saldarriaga
Rodolfo Flores
who was it
Amanda Ocsenas
Céline Deniz
Natasha Hammond
I Hi 👋
Diego Armando8
Todo es falso
Fiqri Zain Azmi
Ian Anderson
I was scared shitles
Isaac Maeli
Yeah I wonder who the clown is?
Mr gymnast
I have a tiny feeling this is fake
William Ortiz
i love your vids
call of dutie special plops
fake and stupid
amanda posuida
alguém Br nessa bagassa
Joao Victor
Joao Victor
sweetthc 2
anyone else have ranbow six siege
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Dianitha Marisol
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stupid vídeo
Rachet Nitro
ses une scène tourné sinon comment le caméra Man à t'il tourné la vidéo
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