3 Women Missing For Nearly 10 Years Found Alive

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Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight have been found, Cleveland police say.

*More: http://abcn.ws/YrSYnQ

I feel lucky for their families
Risen Last
Thanks, police u saved the girl from walking home after ten years of being gone.
I was 13 when this happened, and I remember my parents being so excited.
Christina Aquino
we christians we must continue pray against predators and
god rescue children in prisons.
Christina Aquino
these stories encourages me to continue keep prayin
Barron VON
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Evan Heintzelman
so this is were charles Ramsey came to life
brad lafferty
I give these girls so much credit! No one figured this out...Ariel Castro retarded brothers kept wondering why my brother has chains and locks on half the doors IN the house when he's poor and has nothing to steal.
brad lafferty
I love the Police but the Cleveland Police did absolutely nothing but show up after it was all over. They dropped the ball and missed signs for 10 years...right under their noses. NOW they want credit.
Richelle Vaughn
She's in a movie I watched it, it's really good
Onestie Dunlap
Guys there's a movie
Alicia Olivas
This is a movie it is based on a true story
Sara Angel
there is no reason to kidnap. if u want kids then get married. if u are just crazy then go kys
Love Earth
Make a movie and make your self rich with castro
What kind of horrible, sick person does this shit? I just can't even imagine....
Calista Solo
"I was eatin ribs with this dude!"
The dispatcher that took that call needs to be fired.
jim mor
What a pity these girls! But it's good that they came back to the family! My mother was kidnapped as these poor girls. We are trying to find her still, I hope that she is alive. Rich drug dealer fell in love with our mother and he stole her , forcibly took her to wife, killing our father, ruined our lives forever. It was in Tajikistan , I was 6 years old and my brother 3 year. Our family went from there. My mother tried to escape , but she was caught and returned to new husband. Later we learned, that my mother had died in childbirth fourth child from kidnapper bastard. But we still hope to find my mother, we think that the rumors of her death, specifically distributed thief, so we were not looking for our unfortunate mother. God grant that all the missing were found!
Does he know that she id his mum?
xxdiamondgurl Aviles
yeah it's crazy though
Michelle's family didn't even file a missing persons because they thought she just ran away and I think it's really sad they didn't even look for her
Ellen VS
They said person or persons 😂 I thought they were suppose to have good grammar XD
BroitsCasper ?
amanda has a daughter now
Abeer alarawi Aljuhani
my 5 years brother is missing

i miss him
Armin Sohan
what is profit to kidnapped?
Isafox wetzel
That is such a sad story
Shalia Greene
they made a movie for this I watched it
Wyatt Johnson
I have no sound.Did Michelle get her son back?
my half brotherssister was kidnapped and then killed
Haylie Lee
Ignez Maciel
Horrible what happened to them !!!! I just don't understand why they don't have a relationship with Michel KNIGTH .....my hero !! 5 abortions ....
Amadeo Zelaya
Damn the news report is soo fine !!!
Tyler Stapleton
dead giveaway dead give away my neighbor got big testicles we see him do this shit er day
Laurin Sharpe
Ummm excuse me, why did almost 100 people dislike this video?
jack Lutolli
Esme Booth
poor girl
Omg the house had a puertorrican flag, and I live in Puerto Rico! 😓😱
Jenni Case
they alive damn it, it's a miracle
Richard Weed
The guy on the right at 1:20 wants to interview for your latex salesman position.
gamergirl 101
I am confused because in the book Amanda wrote she claimed he just stand there and told her to kick it and she was angrey (sorry for spelling) so its the real story?!?
I live in Cleveland well I'm paranoid now...
Colby Grant
For 10 years
Its funny how police take credit for stuff they never intended to either finish or do.
Stephanie Perkins
I am so sadden that a family wouldn't look or even believe their child was missing so yeah u hear about the three but most of the time they leave out Michelle and that's a very sad part of this......I'm glad the women r free don't get me wrong.
jessie s
I happy you ladies are free and now you can try put ur lives together. You have alot of strength to keep moving forward never give up. You didnt deserve what had happened to you now live your life to the fullest.
Lisa Lovelace
I agree the police had nothing to do with this rescues the family of all of three of these girls, The families tried to get a media coverage or Amber alerts, the police did nothing! The girls were considered runaways.
Sabrina Khan
How horrible; Michelle is barely even mentioned.
Jason Hernandez
Why are people giving credits to Amanda and not the Dead Giveaway guy cause he is the one that technology saved them
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