Weird Cereal Challenge! (MattyBRaps vs Sarah Grace)

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This week MattyB faces off against one of his long time rivals (and little sister) Sarah Grace in a crazy Weird Cereal Challenge!  :)  Hope ya dig it!  :)

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Adaedra White
I would like to meet your sister but I live in Jamaica
Adaedra White
I am eight years old your sister is cute and funny
Philip Kennedy
da milk is dooooooodgey
Khadijah Robinson
Yesenia Herrera
that girl is so ugly and fat
Pásztor Teodóra Viktória
You are the best YouTuber in the world😀😀😀
khaziran lanya
l love mattyb raps
Iona Wilkins
sarah is soooooooooooo adorable and amazing
The Simpson Show
Everybody don't be mean to Sarah grace she was born with a disability it's not her fault she has downsydrome I love her so much I have autism and that's a dissability so Doesn't matter what look like what matters is being so special
Yaritza Bazua
Baby x hilaryy it sounded like when you said ughh you don't like her
Jack Joseph Murray
Why does she speak weird
Monkeymars mars
sarah you are the cutet
Alia Young
mattb you are cute
Abry Harrington
My neighbor has down sindrum and she is 7!!she looks like she is 4 pray for her and hope she gets better!!
Bronwyn Scott_
Anyone else wish Sarah was your sis😫❤️
Alesandra Tellez
when matt was slike I like that sound I dont know why it sounded like wind chimes so u should get some wind chimes matt.. lol
Karla Melo
sarah is so cute and Mattyb is so cute
Nga Lam
Matty b hot
Carlito Garley
your sister is ugly
Kiara Currey
My name kiara
Kiara Currey
Kiara Currey
I think you're cute and send picture to you later phone number, I make my phone a bit. 371-8044
Maria Gonzalez
Miriam MattyB Love You 😘❤❤ 💋💋 MattyB Love You 😘❤❤ Love You Love You MattyB Love You 😘❤❤ Love You 😘❤❤ 💋💋 MattyB
Mike E
i love your videos mattyb
Pásztor Teodóra Viktória
I am Hungarian but I like to watch yours videos.😀😀😀
smash bros
i fell so bad for sara
lisbeth Levine
who élse thinks matt is cute or hot depending on what u want to say 😚😚😚
Alyssa Gandy
Sarah is ugly and stupid
Tayla West
she is so Cute <3
tati O
hola sarah me encamtam tus bideos te guiero
Autumn D
she's not nice and no matter what she is still not nice
Айгерим Алтынбек
Sorry,but Who is Sarah?
Mia Campod
Marisa Enriquez Hernandez
he is cute and hot and also his sister ? I think is so adorable
Kitty Face1212
Matt is the nicest brother to sarah
Emily Alvey
I'm Emily Grace Alvey
Emily Alvey
I'm the only biggest FAN!
skittles are awesome
creepy dude The Creep boy
MattyB MattyB it's Charzanne my YouTube channel is called Tarzan and you guys doesn't rule I don't sometimes I like your video but sometimes I don't
Patricia Martínez
great video
Monique Garcia
I don't like Sarah she is really mean and Maddie B didn't do anything with you Sarah
Monique Garcia
I don't like Sarah she's about to hit Mattybeen face
Monique Garcia
I don't like Siri cause she's about to hit Matty B in the face
Kinsley Cline
I Don't
hnai iang
sarah why are you so bossy?
Jack Corda
Is Sarah mats sister
Myrna Camba
i dont like you sarra
Kenneth Johnson
Sarah is the cutest girl alive
no joke i hate the people who doesn't like her cause she is different
Fajer alkhelaifi
Denise Stolfa
matty your little sister is so cute how old is she
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