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Bluefin tuna is one of the most highly prized fish used in Japanese raw fish dishes. About 80% of the caught Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas are consumed in Japan. The fish is renowned for fetching high bids at the first auction of the year in Tokyo's Tsukiji Market. The world’s most expensive fish is the 222-kilogram bluefin tuna that sold for $1.8 Million (155.4 million yen) in January 2017.

In this video, a large tuna is separated into sections of differing grades and prepared into a delicious sushi meal.

Japanese began eating tuna sushi in the 1840s, when a large catch came into Edo [old Tokyo] one season. A chef marinated a few pieces in soy sauce and served it as nigiri sushi. At that time, these fish were nicknamed shibi — "four days" — because chefs would bury them for four days to mellow their bloody taste.

Tevin Henderson
Looks like the beef of the sea.
Christopher Hitchens
Probably be a good idea for people to LAY OFF the big boys for a while so they can get back up to speed as it takes years 40 - 60 years for them to get that big. I love eating that fish, but i havn;t had it for years. I do not wish to pay for something that is being raped. Anyway good video, no hard feelings.
Nimang Galuh
You indonesia
Master Gamer
Do you really need a 6 foot fucking "sword" to cut that? Come on.
Putting wasabi in with the soy sauce is a sign of bad manners when eating sushi in Japan
Alexis Rodriguez
Why is there a giant hole in its head
Melvin Castillejo
Thats a yellowfin tuna????
Would go to jail in the US.
Undersized ass baby bluefin tuna
Philippe Virgili
Watching this was a beautiful experience. Thank you
this fucking guys kills our mother Earth!
King Leung
omg.... so yummy
So are you not supposed to put wasabi in soy sauce??
ray putera
imagine if tuna did this to us.
Jahidul Islam
This guy is funny and really pleased
sophia carter
lol 2:18
joy santod
Tuna is expensive in Japan while in our country it only cost a few hundred dollars with that size. Third world country benefits.
Imagine a fish doing that to us
Kemal Hanoğlu
bu kazmanın dişini hangi doktor yaptı acaba
john smith
Damn i want sushi now..lol off to shikis
Ken Havens
massive amounts of mercury in fish like these. The world's seas are becoming more dangerous to use as a food source due to the pollution and heavy metals found in the oceans.
Great job japanese you eradicate everything on earth to feed yourselves, primitive people.
budh bahadur gurung
haa hahahah
Robuxian In Roblox
Wow u could kill somebody with the knifes they are using they are at least 30 feet T.T
Liam Nguyen
You don't mix wasabi in soy sauce. You don't dip rice into soy sauce.
제목은 한글인데 왜 댓글들이 다 영어냐 ㅋ
Chieu le hoan
Oh MG. The red shirt man hold the blade of sword by his hand and stretching with old man as sawing. Highly art-skill
Czeal Tamahawk
Why not just eat without them half-cooked rice? I'd be better.
Czeal Tamahawk
Instead of Sashimi, they should replace it with SaSpitty. This guy is spitting all over the fillet....lol!
Robicheaux 88
all blue
Satiline thejay
I wonder how much it cost
Cham Sem
The Last Samurai part time job :) , wow at the meat ! very interesting to see how it's cut , and damn those blade are huge , great video
Phillip Riddett
Hahaha he just put the fish head on as a mask
Neerih Mjaph
Rest in peace, tuna :(
Soopafly Gaming
yellow fin, not blue fin.
TYS Imposition
Typical Yakuza, cut off all his fingers and toes before they gave him an honorable sudoku and cut off his head.
The guy in the orange seems like such a swell guy. He's entertaining the crowd but he's also able to tone it down and settle down to get to work with the older guy. He seems like he loves what he does, that's the loife.
possibly here to kill myself .mp4
never seen a whale so small before
Arif Iftianto
This is nowaday modern samurai warior job...
Zack Spencer
When he cuts his head open is he slicing the brain or is that just more tuna meat?
Duh Sushi
whoever the fuck is filming doesnt even know how to properlly eat nigirizushi im so ma d
mitchell gudgeon
Blackfin tuna not bluefin
Joemar Sison
Heado meat
keith Aguilar
De ahí sale el atún para mi gata
Nont Nimityongskul
Where is this place?
By Paren
Herşey çok güzel )))
Ama bu amca niye üzgün duruyor ya ? )))
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