The Try Guys Try Distracted Driving // Presented By Kia Forte

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The Try Guys try to steer clear of distractions as they drive through a chaotic closed course. Presented by Kia Forte.

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chickret chickretz
ned just loves his wife
Lizzie The cat
Kittens are one of the worst things I get distracted by
Pwincess Justice
i need someone who loves me the way ned loves ariel
Caplunka Capa
Look at the dog at 6:26
Toxic Peach
6:44 OMG I can't stop laughing 😂
Kathryn Alegre
Zack picking up the hot construction workers 😂 I can't
Kathryn Alegre
Ned is actually the best husband in the world.
Barina K.
This is really fun to try. But if a clown gets in my car, I would faint because I have a huge fear of them 😂
Pummeluff Rules
Zac: you guys need a ride? What are you doing for living? loooool
Galaxy Cat
Went off road to save his wife.
"I got out of the car to remove the obstruction in the road way" Keith with food is literally me
Jasmin Gallegos
Amy Yee
How can you not get distracted in that mess
Kristiāns Viniarskis
Riley Roberts
Eileen Shmileen
The kitten Zach was holding was adorable!
strawberry unicorn
When zak said this is every video we've ever done ever I was waiting for Liza to go ohhh TRUE
Pentatonix_Lover 9806
Can u have the try guys doing a tickle test
Skittle Bean
Link Xotic
I would've died if they put, "hello darkness my old friend" at 1:55 😂😂
Irish Potato
where can you get ned ???
I've looked everywhere
Eloise Trevis
if a clown came in a car I was in I would punch it in the face and run away
Britt Groenewegen
It's kinda funny that while the other guys try to distract Keith, Zach is just eating his chicken
Logan TG
"There are too many happy things!"
KeyToAusteja 13
Keith was worst, not Ned
Nadir Munir
I can't stop watching it again and again
Arden Collins
Can I just say how much I love the complete lack of music for Eugene's segments with the clown
Playlist girl
I wanna have a husband like Ned
Gracie Smith
I wonder what they smell like..
Gracie Smith
Keith: looks at Eugene like he's about to kill him for laughing at his senpai
Eugene: laughing
Ned: thinking: it's ok buddy, I done bad tooXD
Zach: I'm a disappointment..
Savannah Meadows
i have ADHD and i lost it at the kitten
Elleanna Bondoc
Keith is so good at singing!
Paige Thomson
I wonder if the try guys have the biggest budget
I hate clowns too Eugene, you are not alone
Collin Dixon
Try guys are the good part of buzzfeed
Savannah Goodwin
Am I the only one who notices the music in all their episodes? March of the toreadors from Carmen!
Abbie Miller
This is what you need in a man

Eugene's looks

Ned's loyalty

Zach's kindness

Keith's funniness

That's all you need in a man😘😍😻😽♥️❤️💛💚💙💜❣💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟
kelly Martin
'You guys need a ride?' Zach and the sexy firemen.
Why did they play fnaf music out of nowhere?
whovian williams
i am so eugene
Vloggin' Vlogs
All of u talkin about the try guys, but damn that female brain doctor is so hot af.
Karen carmona
I died when the clown just randomly blew up a damn balloon and Eugene looks pissed
I hate clowns too! My god!!
hailey fowler
Because Eugene is scared of all things that bring others happiness. Like me!
Masta Cheese
SlothBerry Rainbows
I relate to Zach with the ocd part. And Yes i actually have ocd, extremely bad.
Twenty Øne Piløts Tomboy
I died when the clown came in the car. Then i came back alive to watch the rest of the video

I died again when Ned went off course to save his wife

Candace chow
Idc about Ned's win like that was a waste of freaking fried chicken 🍗 !!!
Sydney Isaacs
I wish they had taken the scoring system a little more seriously than they did. But whatever
Zach is so soft. I'm in tears.
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