Abby the gymnast
Lol I died when Keith said that’s like the gold of the chicken! Also the when he says it is 7:20
Meghan Baker
I hate clowns so much. And I felt Eugene pain so much.
TheAwesome GamerGirl
1:57 I feel so bad for zach
Ch3lc Do
I love Eugene in this haha!
Andrea Nicole
We need more Ned in this world 😂
Little Kitty
Kaitlin ng
whats the song in the final part of the video?
M&M girl
I love how on the dry one everyone’s like “got to be careful” and Keith just goes “wheeeeeeee oops there goes 5”
Everyone needs to find a significant other like Ned
Ry Rod
Ned and Ariel are the cutest
Ry Rod
“So I won that’s exciting”
“I don’t think anyone saw that coming”

“I did”
“I always have faith in me”

::: He’s so pure
Dreamy Milky
I liked Keith’s song
Alyssa Burdett
Poor Zach
Harsh Pandora
Other than Becky I had no idea how much Keith loves fried chicken 😂😂😂
Funks Felynes
Zach is my spirit animal. His love for kittens is actually ADORABLE.
Stormfly AA
If I was Eugene I would of taped everyone shut or throw everything they gave me out of th window
Fnaf lover
Ned likes his wife too much
Genevieve Davis
“I saw my wife in a cage...”
Emma Muller
6:18 I would run for my LIFE no clowns 🤡 NO
Stacie Slytherin
Still watching this over and over again 😂😂
tsniper 173821
9:06 did Eugene just quote Dude Perfect XD
tsniper 173821
9:09 did Eugene just quote Dude Perfect
Elisa Lara
Always slow down when you see handsome men
New favorite life tip 😂😂
Qurat-ul-Ain Durrani
That was amazing....
Ned must really love his wife.. <3
how can eugene see like that with that fringe lmao
Hobbyless _Human
TheLonelyRavenclaw YT
Ned and Ariel...
"I saw my wife in a cage and nothing else mattered"

I want someone as faithful as Ned, he cares about his loved ones. ❤💛💚💙💜
Unicorn Cupcake
Did you know 100% of the car crashes that occur involve a car?
Golden Gomer 101
This is a joke so try not to get offended

Feminist be like why is there not try girls
FlowerIris/ FlowerIrisGaming
Hannah Acker
Eugene get that lump of hair out of ur face oh lord
Taylor The equestrian
Yeah Jacksonville
Caitlin Lola
I’m sorry. If there was a clown in the backseat of my car i’d loss my mind
Boss 777
6:41 just casually pumping the balloon 😂
Boss 777
5:08 poor zach.
eliza k
i'd love to marry zach, mostly cause he's as obsessed with cats as i am
Anahy Velez
9:13 WTF
Haley Bear
If I had zachs distraction I would be in a ditch, I love cats so kuch if cats didn't exist I wouldn't exist everytime I see a cat I must hug it and love it i freaking love cats
Panda Bamboo
Am I the only one who thought that some distractions were not counted or counted wrongly?
Lilian Schneider
Await background long-term effort initiative solar mean
Sunset DIY'S
“Because of being an Asian in media I can’t be a bad driver@
Sunset DIY'S
Bell Potter
It’s funny that Zach had the worst attention span but he won and Ned had the best and he lost
Sara L
Anyone notice the hands at 6:49 in the back seat XD?
Okay, if I saw someone I loved in a cage, especially my (future) husband, I would be like Ned. I'd run over other people. Literally.
Sahara Jamal
Alisson Villeda
i love zach honestly
Veronica Garcia
Eugene I'm terrified of clowns too! 😭 I would've flipped and gotten out of the car and just kept walking away. Lol
Good job for sticking with it though. ✊👏👏👏
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