Trump Uses A Commencement Speech To Congratulate... Himself!

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The best part of Trump's commencement speech at Liberty University was, well, when it commenced.

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Dak Lamerbusch
And it pysically hurt me a bit when he said "Buffalo." Kinda like if an syphilis-riddled prostitute says your name with a mouthful of Don jr.'s semen.
Dak Lamerbusch
Also great advice from a guy who never worked an ounce for EVERY cent he has! When he did work for it he went bankrupt. Three times. Sad. I like how he convinces people that he's a great businessman!!! MUH-GAH!
J.T Houston TEXAS
This guy trump is really truly a dumb ass !!! 😂
This guy is like the greatest most iconic self-loving fucking nimrod to ever grace the face of the earth. I just watched Michael Burry's commencement, & following that with THIS is like following a meal of grilled mullet, crystallised ginger, & pumpkin seeds with a meal of fresh DOG SHIT.
ugh, liberals. Hell, this show was practically nothing before his big Trump-Segments and at this point, it's not even funny and he's just milking off Trump. When Trump did something actually bad (grab them by the pussy) and he talked about it and made fun of him that was funny, but now he's just making shit up smfh
David Olivier
Colbert is a twat
Ian Curtis
Steven Coldbeer
Foo Rankoo
What was that thing Trump did when he anonymously posted something about himself and gave himself a compliment? As in- an anonymous person was giving kudos to Trump yet it was Trump himself? What was that?
Trump Is fucking ivanka
Who tha fucks is jerry???
Egyptian Egyptian
Lol you gotta admit turning a million dollars in a billion is pretty impressive.
Guillermo St
Jerry was found later that day hanging from a tree with a note in his pocket that said: 'It's my fault: it was my idea to invite him to give a speech'.
Vana Phill
Trump is obsessed with size. I wonder why.
patrick young
Shameless Brown Nosing to one of America's only "Non-Universities"
June Kiborn
oh my god that was so awkward.... why did they invite him to speak? like... what did he have to provide these people with?
Sunshine Bee
it was not easy to become president.. I was a little overwhelmed as he had no chances. I had to listen to a couple of his speeches to really get behind him. oh and I have listened to his actual speech and it was good...
Keep going Mr. Colbert, maybe he'll have a stroke when he's watching! I think I hurt myself I was laughing so hard! Good show!
I think Trump must sometimes forget he's the President, otherwise his speeches don't make any sense half the time.
Jose Acradio Buendia
How about a joke about child-proofing our country for coming of the murderous, racist, extremist, Islamic xenophobes who want resurrect the Islamic Empire? No, no these intolerant christian, jew, american, gay, lesbian, transgender, Buddhist, western women who want to drive and work HATERS are MORE of a threat than Donald Joseph Trump.
Nicole M
Everyone who voted for that orange clown, can get fucked.
No jokes here,just liberal propaganda guised as comedy. sad people sat in audience here.
James Westhaver
So boring! It seems the comedy monologue is totally blah when it is not viciously trashing Trump ...! Might be helpful to turn off the laugh sound track too ...
David W.
Whenever Trump goes off script he sounds like an incoherent moron. He should stick to the teleprompter.
Jeremy MacDonald
Thank god im Australian
Gary Marshall
Disney Fanatic
Jerry 🤣🤣
Romeo Torres
All childrens should talk like Trump :) Trump has started the wars. Hypocrate
Lia London
"You're the opening act for a piece of paper." HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Dennis Bouma
Trump is a great leader!
too much sarcasm here
Freeride Forever
Complaining about people telling others how to live their lives while he stands front of a sign that says "Champions for Christ" LMFAO!!!!!
Hannah The Confetti Queen
Brigham Young?!
Vassilios Giavis
Colbert has a face I'd love to hit, and an ass old Jews love to fuck
why the microphone is too close to his mouth ?
Danny Brasil
Colbert is establishment it gets tiring
johanna hernandez
I can't believe that someone who is giving a commencement speech and who supposed to inspire the newly graduates is so EMPTY!!
Vivian Segovia-Boone
What a retard! Thanks Republican party for supporting this clown.
Arianna Smith
Yo Stephen, take a Halls fam. Honey or Cool Mint.
Esteban Carrizosa
WTF is wrong with DT?
LOL Trump is funny
Phil Robertson
Trump is such a narcissistic loser. And UMass is going to crush Liberty University.
''don't make my father's house into a market square!!!'' 100 pts to anyone who can name who said that.
Rienk Kroese
I feel sorry for Trump. He clearly doesn't know what to do. Poor guy.

Imagine you going to your job, but you have NO CLUE what to do and everybody was constantly looking at you for EVERYTHING.
God, what an asshole. If Trump came to my graduation I'm pretty sure I'd just walk out.
David Coupal
If it wasn't for TRUMP Colbert would be doing dinner theater
Isthe talking about sharia law
how could you misinterpret what Trump.said.about failed voices sure it is about the 13 Wise (White?) men telling women that they have a new plan to cover women's health's the "DIY home delivery kit"
I'm so glad my university has enough dignity to invite respected and prominent speakers for our commencement. I'd be so sad if my university invited someone like trump because that's an insult to all graduates. To confer an honorary degree to trump undermines the integrity of your own. My commencement will host the Dalai Lama and he will talk about peace and diversity and our roles in the world.
Jay C
Did anyone walked out of this and asked for their diploma to be sent to them?
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