Does anyone know the type of jacket Daisy is wearing at 1:03-1:04?
Is this Guardians of the Galaxy 3 ?
Darth Cakes
I cannot wait for the release!!!! 😓
ridley put on some weight didn't she..
This better not be the last star wars movie. If it is I will be so mad. Maybe another 10 movies will be good
Randy Goodman
:40 Rey looks a bit puffy in the face. Wtf? Put down the fork, bottle or w/e.
The poor fishers they has so many losses recently 2
This is just behind the scenes
Rip Carrie fisher
Jesse Sloan
looks good
almightymonkey power
" to the FUTURE ! "
Mike Wazowski
is it goin fast and furios way now?
king dejong
Wow is Star Wars a British Film? LOL
WOW they got an actress to come back alive to film a movie!! Wow!!!
Why does she look weird in the thumbnail
Kvp Kvp
Subscribe me please i need 20 subscibe❤❤❤❤❤❤😘
Asterix Babado
tô esperando esse filme mais do que as festas natalinas.jedi forever
Soner özmen
Song Name please
The Great Batu
Well i'm super pumped for this one.
Lord Aussem
Daisy Ridley wearing a Canada Goose jacket. FUCK that shit, why in the fuck is it even trendy to pay a fortune for a company to torture, kill and skin animals for their jackets!?
RandomUploads Fan
I am excited. That music still gives me goosebumps. like if you agree
Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ
Rey put on a few pounds.
Pranav Raghavendra
Star wars fast and furious crossover confirmed
Captn Maico
Carrie fischer going full vin diesel
waqar khan
Are the Late Carrie Fishes will be missed the rebel will struggle to fight on for Carrie Fishes but we also will Provel for Princess Lay
Jose Acabal
Didn't Kylo Ren die in the force awakens
Simone Lucarini
Awesome O.o
Just because Luke dropped out of Jedi training, it doesn't mean he can decide to "end" the Jedi.
Fu Fulviarella & Custard Karim
I loved "It's a wrap!" At the end.
Jess Alva
watching this while drunk
Nick Knatterton
Never Forget: Mark Hamill already stated, that he is "very disappointed" in this movie
Sandra Psp
oh gooossshhh
The Jedi were evil !
King of Breasts
Rian Johnson is an impressive director, so I'd like to think we're in good hands. Trevorrow on the other hand...
who is here because of thumbnail ?!
Matt LeMasters
Luke better have a duel, if they can make a CGI old Yoda do flips, or get Harrison Ford to do some stunts they can make Mark Hamill do something, he clearly lost weight for the role and he looks the best he's looked in years because, no offense, he was just a voice actor and didn't have to rely on his look for the camera..they've already hinted that he can't die because him and Leia have a big part in 9, but he could be a force ghost like Obi-Wan I guess since they've already been copying the formulas of their old films, i.e., Force Awakens/A New Hope
Projective Darryl
reys gonna fight 3 people i see
ShoreLord 117
Carrie Fisher. 😢
daisy ridley got a little fat :x
Whens Rogue 2 coming out?
Naitch Boy
I think many hated the force awakens due to so many unanswered questions in a film we've been waiting so long for. Just a giant cock-tease. I really can't think of any other SW film that did anything like this.
Josh Whalen
Laura Dern improves everything.
john shah
Starwars episode 8the nerd was awaken
David Hernandez
hope star wars 8 isn't about family ive already seen a movie this year about family give me family betrayal oh wait same movie. fine give me stars wars where past villains are good guys dammit fate of the furious.
None of these characters are complex.
Roddy Edwards
I was sceptical about episode 7 and it was amazing cause of the story it told, I dont even know where they're taking it but I'm sure its going to be damn good and all true star wars fans will love it.
Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher and Star Wars Universe. May this millennial trilogy ruin everything. here comes people aiming their arrows at me
John Flanagan
The Princess/General has the last word; We will NEVER forget you Carrie Fisher, as you are now eternal like the stars.
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